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Up To £500 Welcome Bonus

Average rating 4 out of 5 from 30 reviews

Paddy Power Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Paddy Power Casino offers a very generous welcoming bonus to any new customers, which comes in two parts. The first is a simple £5 to try out the site for free – not much, but it requires no deposit at all, and no-deposit bonuses are proving increasingly rare across the online casino world at the moment, so it’s a good start. The second is a more standard deposit bonus which goes up to a very generous £500, at a rate not too far below 100%. Customers will get a 100% bonus on their first deposit up to £200, 50% on their second up to £100, and another 100% on their third deposit up to another £200. Even better, you’ll only have to play through this bonus 20 times to be able to withdraw it – one of the lowest numbers around. That means customers only need to deposit £600 to get the full £500 bonus, which is one of the best offers you’re likely to find.



Paddy Power reviews find that the regular promotions and special offers for existing customers, these aren’t as frequent as some other sites, but nonetheless there’s still plenty of good offers coming up and usually one running at any specific time, from free spins to cashback bonuses on losses. They’re not the best, but certainly not the worst either. Overall, with the excellent welcome bonus, it all adds up to a very nice package that will be hugely enticing to any potential customers.

Paddy Power Casino Best Games To Play

Paddy Power Casino’s selection of games is pretty outstanding and certainly up there with the very best around. There are 177 slots available at the time of writing, with new ones available on a regular basis, and there are plenty of table games to get around to, with Paddy Power Poker as a separate site but the casino featuring various dealer and video versions of it. There aren’t any live dealer table games, although these are featured on a separate sister site, Paddy Power Live Casino, but you’ll have to sign up for another account if you want to play them (though the site does offer separate bonuses too, albeit not as much as the ones for the main casino.) There is also a huge selection of progressive slots and jackpot games – over 50 at the time of writing, although you may have to cross over into different sites to take advantage of Paddy Power Poker or Paddy Power Bingo.

Overall, using a variety of different providers, the quality and quantity of games on offer is really up there with the very best, as you’d expect from a company like Paddy Power Casino. The choice of Paddy Power Games isn’t quite as wide as certain other sites out there on the market in the online casino world, but the variety and quality can’t be doubted.

Paddy Power Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

With a variety of providers used for the software backing up the extensive selection of games in the PaddyPower library, you can be sure of plenty of variety within both the slots and the table games. These include games from the likes of IGT and Playtech, top-of-the-range brands that provide some of the best games online, so you can be sure that the standards are up there with almost any other casino on the internet. Mixing up the providers also allows a bit of variety, so not all of the games are the same ones you’ll find on many other online casinos – there’s a lot of games here, catering to almost every style and theme imaginable.

Paddy Power reviews find that the graphics on most of the games are all of a high standard, yet despite that, the Paddy Power Casino website doesn’t look too cluttered, either – it’s a simple, smoothly laid-out affair that’s simple to use and reduces lag to a minimum. It’s a well-designed site that you should have no trouble making your way around. Not all of their games are available on mobile, but you’ll find a good degree of cross-platform capability in general, with pretty much every device covered by the site.

Paddy Power Casino Online Support

This Paddy Power review finds that Paddy Power as a company have a bit of a reputation for joking around with many of their marketing plots and social media presence, but they’re professional when it comes to customer support, where they have an excellent system. You can access live chat, telephone and email support staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even get in touch on their dedicated ‘Ask Paddy Power’ Twitter account, where they’ll respond to any queries you might have.

This Paddy Power review finds that as you’d expect, one of the benefits of Paddy Power Casino being associated with a large, professional company with a bricks-and-mortar presence in gambling is that the level of customer support available is top-notch and their trained staff generally reply in a matter of minutes and are well-equipped and knowledgeable. There aren’t too many reports of problems when using the Paddy Power Casino website – it’s well-designed and has good technology backing it up – but in the event that you do run into any issues, you can rest assured that their staff are always available to take care of you and get things running smoothly again. Overall, it’s another area where Paddy Power Casino really shines and sets a high standard for the competition.

Paddy Power Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Paddy Power Casino’s deposits and withdrawals system is generally solid, and there can be few real complaints about it – it’s simple and hassle-free, which is what you want when it comes to moving money in and out of your account on the site. A wide range of payment options are accepted, including most major credit and debit cards, as well as a host of e-payment systems like Neteller and PayPal if you want to use those or get access to your money quicker. Unlike some other online casinos, there’s no dedicated ‘pending period’ on top of the processing time it takes to get through a withdrawal. Two to three working days is the norm for card payments, which is quite good, while e-payment systems should be considerably quicker. The withdrawal limit is quite low too, at just £5, which will be of some benefit if you’re not exactly a high roller.

Paddy Power Casino reviews note that few customers reporting any problems withdrawing their cash from Paddy Power Casino, and of course the dedicated customer support team ready to resolve any issues, it’s another area where Paddy Power Casino handle the nuts and bolts of the site well, so you can focus on winning money on the games.

Paddy Power Casino Payout Policy

Paddy Power Casino has the immensely useful addition of publishing all of their RTP (Return to Player, or house edge) percentages for each game, which you can easily find by clicking on the help tab while playing. It would’ve been nicer to see all of these in one list so that games could be easily compared against each other though; you’ll have to click through to each individual game, so it’s difficult and time-consuming to see which game is giving you the best rate overall. Nonetheless, the information is useful, as many online casinos don’t publish the information or make it difficult to access.

What’s more, Paddy Power Casino reviews find the return to player rates in general are pretty high across the board, mostly set around the 95% mark with a few outliers above and below. You’ll also be able to try each game for free without risking any money to really get a feel for it outside a raw number too, so there’s not much risk here – you’ll know what you’re doing when you’re going in, and will be able to see which games are offering the best rates and which, along with the pay table, suits your style of play and your bankroll before you risk your own hard-earned money to find out the hard way.

Paddy Power Casino Pros & Cons


  • Excellent casino experience with a well-designed site backed up by high-quality games from the best providers with great graphics
  • A well-established and professional company in the online gambling world that you can trust to look after your money
  • Excellent, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week customer support through a variety of methods
  • A smooth and simple withdrawals system, offering a variety of payment methods, which doesn’t add on needless waiting time
  • Free-to-play option to allow you to test out games and learn the rules before you risk your own money
  • Fully-published RTP rates to help you find out exactly what each game is offering
  • A great welcome bonus for new customers, also featuring a no-deposit bonus in addition
  • Dedicated mobile casino and the option to download software or play in-browser for the best and most streamlined experience possible when playing
  • A wide variety of different software providers used to keep things interesting rather than just sticking to one


  • Promotions and special offers for regular customers aren’t quite as good as some other casinos out there on the market
  • Many games are specific to the downloaded software or unavailable on mobile
  • No easy way to find out all of the RTP rates in one place to be able to compare the games against each other or find the best deals
  • Live dealer games hosted on a separate site that uses a different account
  • A fair few territorial restrictions in place for many customers

Paddy Power Casino In Summary

In conclusion, Paddy Power Casino is pretty much a solid choice in every area imaginable for players. The company has a reputation for being ‘punter-friendly’, and with few complaints and no real areas where Paddy Power Casino lets itself down, it’s hard not to recommend it. The nuts and bolts of the site are excellent – it’s well-designed, the software backing it up is of a top quality standard, the customer support is excellent, and the deposits and withdrawals are simple and hassle-free. That leaves you to focus on the more fun side, and there’s no doubt Paddy Power Casino excels here too, offering great games and some solid rates of return.

This Paddy Power Casino Review shows there are some minor problems: the country restrictions will obviously make it impossible for some players to get in on the action, while the regular bonuses aren’t as high as those offered elsewhere, and the lack of live dealer games on the same site may put off those who prefer a more realistic casino experience. Yet with all the positives, plus a really good welcoming bonus for new players, it’s easy to see why Paddy Power Casino is so popular. As with many online casinos run by established, large companies, there’s very little they get wrong, and the end result is a really great online casino experience that will work for almost everyone, whether you’re a casual gambler or a high roller. Many Paddy Power Casino review put them among the very best, and it’s hard to disagree with that opinion.

Rate & Comment
  • As a regular customer I feel quite disappointed with Paddy Power casino. When I first joined I had lots of promotions and special offers but now they are few and far between. As a loyal customer I expect a lot more from a big brand and I just feel frustrated if anything.

  • I really like Paddy Power casino but compared to other sites I feel that their website may be a little bit dated? Other than that I have no complaints, they offer a wide selection of games and I’m really happy with their services, whenever I have had any problems they have gotten back to me really quickly. No complaints here.

  • Great graphics and a really well designed site. Paddy Power is one of the biggest names when it comes to casinos, and they offer some really great high quality games. They also have an option so you can test out the games and learn the rules before risking your money which I think more sites should adapt.

  • As a new customer I am quite content with Paddy Power casino and the services they offer. I received a great welcome bonus that I thought was very generous compared to other online casino sites I have previously played on. The withdrawal systems is simple and really easy to use which I’m happy with because some sites have such a complicated system it can seem impossible to get hold of your winnings.

  • Paddypower online casino is fantastic! I have played other online casino games with other casinos which us different software and in my honest opinion none of them match up to paddy powers online casino. I think one of the reasons i always come back to paddy power is because the online games are great on the paddy power site, and i also always seem to have a lot of like when i play on the paddy power casino too. I will still try playing the other online casinos, but for now paddy power gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me!

  • Paddy Power casino defiantly has my vote for one of the best online casinos. Not only do they have my favourite slots games available I really like their reward scheme they have. I think it’s a great idea and it makes me feel very valued as a loyal customer.

  • I am really happy playing on Paddy Power casino as I like the range of slots and classic table game they offer. I only wish they did some live casino games as that can really make the online casino experience in my opinion.

    The only other thing is that whenever I have had some problems whether that be with my account or trying to withdraw my winnings their contact time is so inconsistent. There have been times when they get back to me instantly and other time they can take a few days it can be very confusing and frustrating.

  • I like to know the RTP rates before I play a game to find out what the game offers and I’m really glad that PaddyPower publish them as most casinos don’t. Honest, reliable and completely trustworthy site they also have exceptional customer support as when I had a problem with depositing money they were available and resolved the issue on the spot.

  • Good pay-out rates, good promotions and a range of fantastic games. Paddy Power casino has to be one of the best casinos out there.

    Most casinos only focus on slot games which really annoys me as I don’t really like those games. But with Paddy Power they have a great range of even the most classical casino table games like blackjack and poker. Top marks for Paddy Power!

  • After having an account with another casino for many years, I thought I would take advantage of Paddy Power casino’s start up promotions. Since then I haven’t looked back, and am now part of their VIP lounge which is amazing in my opinion as you really do get 5 star treatment. They have a very easy to use website which I can access on all of my devices not just my laptop. very happy with the service and games they provide.

  • Paddypower casino is very easy to use with lots of different games to choose from. The gameplay is quick and simple.

    I would recommend the paddypower online casino to anyone looking for quick, smooth gameplay.

  • I cannot fault Paddy Power. Their customer service support is exceptional and available 24/7 and the fact that they have a free play option on almost all of their games is really good for people like me who like to try out new sites before I play them. All of the games I’ve played have really high quality graphics and run exceptionally smoothly. To me this is a site I will play on for a very long time to come and I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know.

  • For me no other casino compares to Paddy Power casino. I just think that the site is obviously really stylish and has a really easy to use layout. The nest thing I noticed is the great selection and variety of games it’s so refreshing to see an online casino with so much to choose from.

    All the games I have played on this site has been fun to play even when I haven’t won.

  • I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with this site. I got a really decent free voucher for roulette which was great fun to play. The staff are really great and their customer service skills are second to none. I really like this site and it is a top bookies too.

  • Paddy Power casino allows you to play instant or download the mobile app. In this casino you can find all sorts of games, including the standard slots,blackjack, roulette, casino holdem, and then there are also sports bets, keno and lotteries. I’m sure if you sign up you will find everything to fulfil your needs. So I signed up in the evening, and as the sign up takes few hours, visited the page again in the morning. I didn’t see many bonuses I would be interested in, so I just deposited £20 from my skrill account. The deposit transferred really quickly and I started to play.

  • The best thing about PaddyPower casino is that it offers games from a few software providers. What I noticed straighawat is that most of the games they have to offer are Playtech slots. That’s perfect for me because Playtech slot games are my favourite.

  • Great casino! Everything works fine on Paddypower casino they also have a huge games selection. If you use card they have super easy withdrawals. Every game you click it opens without hassle or hanging up. Super fast withdrawals in less than an hour in most cases!

  • At Paddy Power casino you can play instant play or download mobile app. In this casino you can find all sorts of games, the standard-slots, blackjack, roulette, casino holdem, and then there are also sports bets, keno and lotteries. For me this is perfect as I get quality and variety.

  • I really like Paddy Power Casino i think that they have a great range of games and some of the bets promotional offers. Nevertheless, all things considered, Paddy Power is a good casino and certainly better than a lot of Playtech outfits out there!

  • Paddy Power Casino offers a very generous welcoming bonus to any customer, an excellent casino experience with a good designed site with high quality games from the best providers with great graphics. Paddy Power also has free to play option to allow you to test out the game and learn rules before risk your own money. For my review on this I would have to give a thumb up to Paddy Power.

  • When playing you can really tell that the site is backed up by high-quality games from really good providers. They have great graphics and always run smoothly. I feel like Paddy Power is a solid choice when choosing an online casino. I’ve never had any issues but from what I’ve read in the reviews their customer service seem to be helpful as well.

  • Paddy Power Casino has a great range of classic games with a modern spin that sets them apart from many of the others. Paddy Power casino is definitely my pick for the best online casinos. Paddy power has my favourite slots games available and I really like their reward scheme.

  • Paddy Power Casino hasn’t lived up to my expectations, i honestly thought that as one of the big branded names they would’ve had a lot more to offer, the promotions and bonuses aren’t very good for loyal, regular players but i do like the fact i can bet on the sports at the same time as playing video poker.

  • At first I was impressed with Paddy Power with the fantastic joining bonus, but there doesn’t seem to be many promotions going anymore, which I usually like to take advantage of. Some of the games I really enjoy aren’t available on mobile, which is a shame. However, their games in general do make up for this due to the variety and the impressive graphics!

  • Paddy Power Casino- as I have been reading bad and good review on this site, my personal option. I think Paddy Power casino is the right one for me, not because of the promotions or offers they give you, is because the site has professional company in the online gambling that you can trust and look after your money.

  • Anyone that’s not a big gambler or is new to online casinos should use Paddy Power. A lot of their features are perfect for the novice player and they certainly helped me get to grips with everything. The free to play option helped me when I just started playing. I got the hang of things really quickly. The RTP rates also helped me pick my favourite games. Their mobile casino is also really great quality. Everything looks great and it is so easy to use. A top quality casino

  • I chose Paddy Power because they were always mentioned as being one of the best online casino gaming sites around and are trustworthy with your money. I’ve never has any issues with their site but I know if I did they offer 24 hour customer support. I also like that you can try games out for free before playing with actual money as you can really test out if you enjoy the game and understand the rules.

  • Paddy Power casino has my vote for one of the best online casinos. Not only do they have my favourite slots games available I really like their reward scheme they have. I think it’s a great idea and it makes me feel very valued as a loyal customer.

  • Paddy Power will be my top choice when it comes to picking one out of the many online casinos on this site as they are sophisticated and professional (as well as being trustworthy). I love how they have the best variety of games that always keep me engaged and willing to play more.

  • My first review for Paddypower I have to say is one of the best online betting sites i have played. If you are a lover of sport then this is one for you., with an A to Z of sports to play. The site has a professional company within the online gambling and that you can trust and play safe. With some great promotions on offer to entice you into some serious game play, and its always a good thing to know the customer service is always on hand if you ever need it.

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