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NetBet Casino Promotions & Bonuses

NetBet casino reviews find this site to have a pretty standard welcome bonus for new customers, allowing you to double your initial bankroll by matching your first deposit at a value of 100% up to £200. So if you’re looking to start by depositing £50 of your own cash, you’ll get £100 to play with. The wagering requirements on this are pretty standard at 30 times, although this is just for the money won through the bonus, rather than a requirement for the whole bonus and/or the initial deposit, which makes it a reasonable deal, competing with many of the offers from much larger companies out there.



NetBet casino reviews  fin that you’ll also get 25 free spins to start you off, with a maximum win from that bonus set at £250 (although wagering requirements still apply here, too – up to 40 this time.) Overall, it’s a pretty decent opening bonus package on offer, if nothing outstanding. There are also regular promotions and special offers for any visitors, which help to boost the bankroll of loyal customers to make you feel like you’re not being left out in favour of new arrivals. These are pretty nice and can range from prize drops to free spins, and you’ll be informed by email (if you wish) of any new offers so you won’t miss out. Overall, the bonus package on offer is a decent one – there are no hidden rules or impossibly high wagering requirements, and it’s all pretty simple stuff. It’s not the greatest on offer out there, but it’s certainly competitive and it’s hard to really fault it.

NetBet Casino Best Games To Play

This NetBet casino review finds that NetBet casino uses a variety of third-party software developers to provide its games to customers, so you’re assured of a pretty extensive and high-quality library, with plenty of variety involved. While, as with most online casinos, the focus is on the slots, NetBet also comes with one of the largest collection of table games you can find, which is another nice addition. There are a huge number of varieties of roulette, video poker, and blackjack to get stuck into for players who prefer table games, and having used different sources, you can find plenty of ones that you won’t have seen on other online casinos. The use of so many providers can make them a bit of a mixed bag, but variety is the spice of life and the quality on offer is generally set at a high standard – there’s not too much filler despite the choice.

As for the slots, you’ll find a similar combination of choice and variety, with some great progressive jackpots if you’re feeling lucky enough to grab one of the massive prizes on offer. In general, it’s a really nice mix and certainly competes with the biggest online casinos out there.

NetBet Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

As we’ve mentioned, NetBet casino uses a wide range of third-party software developers, and while some of the choices they’ve opted for are relatively obscure, in general you won’t find that quality is compromised too much, with the games being of an excellent standard, for the most part. The graphics are impressive, while still very efficient to run, even on older devices. You’ll also find some good tech backing up live dealer games on NetBet, which is always a welcome and immersive experience – just like being in a real bricks-and-mortar casino.

Tying all this together is a very well-designed website which is easy to navigate around and usually shows all the information necessary within a single click. NetBet have also adapted their site for mobile viewing pretty adequately, although there’s no dedicated app for hardcore mobile gamblers. NetBet certainly isn’t another identikit casino taking all of its games from the same source and ending up indistinguishable from other sites out there – it definitely has a personality of its own, which is always great to see.

NetBet Casino Online Support

NetBet casino review finds that NetBet casino has the usual three most popular methods of contacting them for your customer support needs. You can reach their support staff by email, telephone, or a dedicated live chat system, and for the most part, their staff are helpful, knowledgeable and efficient in solving any problems you might have, with few NetBet customers reporting any major long-term problems.

The one problem is that, unlike many other major online casinos, NetBet’s support isn’t offered 24 hours a day. It’s only accessible from 8am to midnight UK time, which means that when it comes to opening hours, it’s lagging behind many of its competitors somewhat. While NetBet hasn’t had a particularly high number of problems reported by customer reviews of NetBet Casino , it’s frustrating not to have the support available around the clock, as is common for most large online casinos. It’s not exactly a deal-breaker, particularly with so few issues reported and the staff being very helpful when they are around but it would be better to have the option, as many of their competitors do. It’s even worse if you’re a player from outside Europe, where peak hours are far more likely to coincide with the downtime.

NetBet Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

NetBet reviews pick up on the fact the site has greatly improved their previously problematic payment system, so now you have a far wider range of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money to move it to and from your account. Most major credit and debit cards are accepted, as are a range of e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, although there’s no option to deposit or withdraw via PayPal, which is a minor annoyance, as along with other e-wallets, it usually proves the fastest way to get your hands on your winnings.

NetBet don’t state explicitly whether they add their own internal processing time, or ‘pending period’ on to transfers, although it appears as though they do. Most of the withdrawal times for payment methods listed on the NetBet website are extended by one to three days longer than they take at their quickest, extending even e-wallets beyond the usual 24 hour withdrawal time. This is frustrating, as it’s a needless amount of time added for players to be able to get their hands on their own cash – it’s hardly unknown for online casinos to do this, but there are certainly plenty that don’t, and that banking system may put some players off gaming at NetBet Casino.

NetBet Casino Payout Policy

NetBet reviews  often seem to mention that NetBet Casino no longer appear to publish the RTP (return to player, or house edge) rates of their games, which is a bit frustrating. It’s particularly annoying for high rollers, or players who like to sit down at one game for a long period of time, as there’s no way of knowing which game is going to give you the best chance of minimising your losses over the long haul, and as a service freely offered by many other online casinos, it might be another way where some customers perceive NetBet as falling behind their competitors.

On the plus side, NetBet do publish, at the bottom of their site, their overall payout rate for the past calendar year, and it’s pretty high, at over 96%. So customers can at least be assured that NetBet aren’t ripping them off with their games – it’s just that it would be nice to be able to compare them. Despite that, the option exists to try all the games out for free without risking your cash, so you can get a feel for them, although it still would’ve been preferable to have the full return-to-player tables available to compare the different individual games against one another.

NetBet Casino Pros & Cons


  • Well-designed website backed up by some of the latest technology delivering a suite of great games
  • Excellent choice of both slots and table games to balance things out
  • A wide range of providers used to deliver plenty of less well-known and more unique games and give the site a personality of its own
  • Great options for live dealer games to deliver an immersive experience, like being in a real casino
  • Some competitive bonuses for new players and loyal customers alike
  • Some huge progressive jackpots available to won for players who like to chase the very biggest prizes
  • Generally huge choice of games available to provide one of the most extensive libraries in the online casino world
  •  High payout rates for their casino overall at over 96% for 2015
  • Site also optimised for mobile gaming


  • Customer support not available 24 hours a day, particularly problematic for players outside Europe
  • Added period for withdrawals, meaning it takes longer to get your hands on your money than at many other online casinos
  • No published Return-to-Player rates for individual games, leaving customers with no way to compare them against one another
  • No option to deposit or withdraw cash via PayPal on the cashier section
  • Many games are unavailable for players on mobile devices

NetBet Casino In Summary

In summary, this NetBet review finds the site is far from a tacked-on casino addition to a sports gambling website. NetBet have clearly made the effort to put out a great product, and you can see the fruits of their labour in many sections of the site. The sheer choice on offer is genuinely staggering, and table games certainly haven’t been neglected. What’s more, the games are cherry-picked from the best third-party providers out there – it’s not simply a case of a casino signing up to one developer and dumping their entire back catalogue on the site. With competitive bonuses too, it all adds up to what looks like a very good package indeed.

Despite that, this NetBet review finds customers might feel there are a few areas where NetBet falls short of the biggest competitors in the industry. Their lack of 24 hour customer support is bettered by a wide variety of other online casinos out there, while their withdrawal speed isn’t the quickest either. The lack of Return-to-Player rates might frustrate other players, although with the overall payout rate published it’s not a cause for suspicion – just a minor annoyance.

Overall, NetBet can be let down by the view that it doesn’t really do anything spectacular or unique, and falls behind other online casinos in some areas. Many players might not be too worried, but while the bonuses are decent, they might not be reason to sign up alone if the rest of the site isn’t what you’re after. NetBet can be tried out completely free though, and it’s definitely worth checking out to see if it’s for you – there are a lot of good things about it. Have a look at

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Rate & Comment
  • I really hate it when there are no return-to-player rates published. It’s so frustrating because it makes me wonder whether there is actually any point in playing some of the games. There’s nothing really unique about NetBet and I think it just isn’t up to the standard of other online sites, in terms of bonuses and offers as well as what it can offer game wise.

  • I really like NetBet. It isn’t perfect, especially for people like me who would want to deposit via Paypal but it’s better than some of the other smaller casino sites that are available. There are a lot of smaller, less-known games which really get my attention, as I’m more of an indie-game player anyway. There is an absolutely massive range of games which is brilliant and the live dealer games really create a real life experience.

  • I really like to chase big prizes so the fact that there are huge progressive jackpots to win on some of the slots really interests me. There’s definitely a decent balance in terms of table games and slots which is quite hard for some sites to do – they usually focus on one more than the other. I like the look of this site, but customer service isn’t available 24/7 which worries me a lot as I’m sure I’m going to need a lot of help when it comes to setting up my account.

  • As a new player to NetBet casino I am actually pretty happy with my experience so far. When I first signed up I received plenty of free spins as well as many other generous welcome bonuses. I’m a fan of slots games and they do not disappoint with their variety or quality.

  • As a keen slots player who likes to win big I am really happy that there are huge progressive jackpots to win. I am really happy that their site caters for mobile gambling too as I can play on my commute to work as well as at home. NetBet are really hot on security so I know I can trust them with my details which puts my mind at complete ease.

  • I have mixed feelings about NetBet. I like their site as it’s easy to use and they offer a great range of games. The only problem is when I needed help with my account although they offer a live chat it can take ages for them to reply which has left me feeling very disappointed with their services.

  • NetBet casino has a strong classic look to their site, it’s easy on the eyes and even easier to use and navigate. With plenty of great games to choose from and good promotions for new and existing customers why go anywhere else. I can also easily access their site on my phone so I’m entertained on my commute to work, all in all I think NetBet is a great online casino.

  • This is my first week on NetBet casino, so far I have really enjoyed playing their live dealer games. The winning ratio is quite good as I have already made some fair winnings. Their customer service is also exceptional. I had an issue with one of my deposits so I contacted them and they seem to really generally care about my problem and resolved as quickly as possible.

  • I either have the worst luck going or it’s just the worst casino. I feel really let down by NetBet casino, I have had virtually no pay-outs whatsoever. The few times that I did win anything when I placed my withdrawal request it seemed to take ages to finally get my winnings, bitterly disappointed in the site and the service.

  • I think the casino is really well designed and I thoroughly enjoy the number of great games that are extremely smooth running. There are loads of slots and table games and I think the site is quite balanced when it comes to what they offer. It’s hard to find a well balanced site as most of them are completely dominated by slots, or alternatively have no slots at all. In addition to this the live dealer games are completely immersive which makes you feel like you are in a real casino.

  • NetBet casino gave me exceptional customer service, when I had a problem with one of my deposits I was trying to make I contact Netbet’s customer service team. Even the operator who connected me seemed to care about my problem. Cannot fault Netbet casino for anything, great games, amazing customer service and very speedy withdrawals.

  • I think this site is really well balanced out compared to most other sites in terms of what types of games they offer. It’s a great site to play on, with some really good games available. The website looks really great and is super easy to use. The live casino with the live dealers is really great, I look forward to continuing to play here. The customer service is superb and I haven’t found a site that beats this one yet!

  • Exceptional customer service! I had an issue with one of my deposits so I contacted Netbet casinos customer service team. Even the operator really seemed to care about my problem, less than 30 minutes later, the same operator called me, explained me exactly what happened and confirmed that everything was now fine. What a great follow-up, very impressed.

  • I joined NetBet casino only a week ago and I can’t believe how amazing everything is, why a great change to my previous online casino experience. Their live dealer games are just wicked, and in my opinion have a really good winning ratio. Overall good amount of games, friendly live support and great bonuses.

  • NetBet has a great customer service. I had to contact them because of a small issue and their team was lovely: friendly, polite, and very efficient!

  • The best part of NetBet casino is the excellent bonuses and the chat are helpful and will give free bonuses if you are not having much luck and contact them. I have withdrawn a few times and had no problems at all, overall I think its a fantastic casino.

  • I love NetBet caisno they have everything i like to play. I play on this casino nearly every week to improve my blackjack skills, cannot fault it at all.

  • NetBet offers a huge amount of games to play with top notch graphics to keep you entertained. My favourite thing to take part in is the live dealer games which aren’t frequent in other online casinos. There are also loads of slots and table games on offer too. Overall my review for NetBet is a positive one; I’ve already recommended it to all of my friends.

  • I was really impressed by NetBet Casino’s welcome bonuses and I have not been let down since. NetBet boasts an extensive games library with tons of slots and table games to enjoy. The website is well designed and easy to use, and so far I haven’t experienced any issues. In my review I reward NetBet with 5 stars.

  • Netbet casino review: one of my recent favourite casinos. They have a great variety of games with very good odds too! Always seem to be winning which is a plus for me!

  • NetBet casino is very welcoming to new customers and draws you in with the special offers such as receiving 25 free spins when you sign up. It is very well designed and is easy to use which is a huge bonus as a lot of other sites are very confusing regarding finding different games. It has plenty to offer to the public including lesser-known games and huge progressive jackpots to win. Another positive to NetBet casino is that you can ty all the games out for free without risking your cash!

  • NetBet Casino is an impressive site with a number of progressive jackpots for players who love to play for big wins. I am a passionate slots player and that is where NetBet never disappoints. In my opinion NetBet Casino is an instant classic.

  • Net Bet casino has definitely won me over, with everything it has to offer. Top drawer graphics, impressive RTP rates, easy withdrawal. Sign up was a really easy process too!

  • On this site, they allowing you to double your initial bankroll by matching your first deposit at a value of 100% up to £200. So if you’re looking to start by depositing £50 of your own cash, you will get £100 to play with, easy way to get money! I love it

  • Whether you’re new or a long term fan of NetBet, there are some great bonuses to choose from to keep you keen. I play on my mobile and I think it’s so much better to use than most other mobile gaming sites. NetBet is ideal for slot and table users which got me interested in slots because I only played table games beforehand!

  • The quality of Netbet casino is fantastic! It can’t be beaten. The games are really unique and the site is well designed. The general bonuses and promotions are pretty standard, if not slightly better than most other online casinos. It’s easy to use and great fun!

  • NetBet Casino is an impressive site with a number of progressive jackpots for players who love to play for big wins. I am a passionate slots player and that is where NetBet never disappoints. In my opinion NetBet Casino is fantastic.

  • NetBet is super underrated in my opinion! They have everything from really high pay-outs to sites perfect for playing on your mobile so you don’t have to be strapped to your computer playing them. They have really competitive bonuses for newer players and reward those who play for bigger prizes- what’s not to love?

  • NetBet is perfect for me as it has enough sporty betting options that I love and also has a lot of other interesting games to play in between. From bingo to roulette there is something for everyone. They’re really secure and easy to navigate too.

  • If you want unique games then try NetBet- they have a massive selection of great games that will have you hooked in no time! They are quite new but really do deserve some recognition!

  • Net Bet is always seeking to find ways to improve the gaming experience for their customers and often ask for feedback when it comes to their games. They offer some great bonuses and have a very wide range of games too- what more could we want?

  • Netbet is great if you are like me and want to play on a well-designed website that offers top of the range games and has loads of variety. It has competitive bonuses, so you will be hard pressed to find a competitor that is better. Why not see what Netbet is all about for yourself?

  • Netbet Casino offers you to double your money by matching your first deposit at a value of 100% up to 200%. So if you start off with a deposit of £50 you will get giving £100 to play with and so on. This gives a great chance to check out as many games as you like with a great huge selection to choose from your guarantee hours of fun. Love it!!!

  • NetBet offers unique games for all player, Casino is my favourite game i recommend this to my all friends

  • NetBet has a really great Christmas promotion offer with the 12 days of Christmas – £5,000 cash under the tree would be nice Christmas bonus from Santa!!!! Or enjoy your chance to win some daily gifts with just 5 days to go till the man in red comes down the chimney, sit back and relax and enjoy all the Holiday Season of games, my fave is Scrooge Jackpot, not that i’m Scrooge but i think the animation like is really awesome and quirky!!! Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!

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