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Moon Games Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Our Moon Games review team knows most online casino sites have a welcome promotion, and Moon Games are no different, but theirs only consists of a 100% bonus. However, they do redeem themselves by setting the ceiling to a whopping £500, and to qualify for the promotion you only need to deposit a minimum of £10, which as far as welcome promotions go, is quite low. This promotion is probably aimed at attracting the more hesitant online casino users, due to the low deposit.

But once you’re in, our Moon Games review notes that there are two more welcome deposits; the second and third deposits will get you a 50% bonus up to £500.

You can also get a £10 bonus for every friend you refer to Moon Games, which is great if your circle of friends are all into online casinos. They aren’t advertising a limit to how many friends you can invite to Moon Games, so you could rack up quite a bit of free credits if you’ve got enough friends.

Some of their other promotions aren’t that great, though; every week you can get 25 free spins but only if you deposit a minimum of £100, which seems a bit excessive. If you deposit £500 you’re entered into a Mystery Giveaway, where you can win free spins, coins, and vouchers.

Overall, the promotions, with the exception of the welcome ones, seem to be aimed at the big spenders rather than your average gamer, which could be a bit frustrating for those who don’t want to part with much cash.

Moon Games Casino Best Games To Play

Moon Games Casino reviews find the site has hundreds of games to choose from, including some themed games. With such a vast amount on offer, it’s doubtful that anyone who’s signed up with their decent welcome bonus will be disappointed by the choice.

Moon Games Casino reviews find that Moon Games use the same reliable software that all 888 Casino websites use. If themed games are what you are after then Moon Games will not disappoint, as there are still quite a few big names on the site’s roster. Although there aren’t as many branded games available as there are on other online casinos, some big names, such as popular TV show the X Factor and the cartoon South Park, can be found on the Moon Games website.

If branded games are your thing then you’re going to be sorely disappointed, as Moon Games is mainly home to themed games such as the Wizard of Oz. Our favourite is the Amazon Wild slots, which you can test for yourself without putting any money in.

Moon Games Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

Moon Games reviews also comment on how the graphics are pretty good across the site, whatever device you choose to play on. When accessing Moon Games on a mobile device, the graphics and experience don’t falter, as is the case with some other online casinos.

Moon Games reviews also comment on how the majority of the software used on the Moon Games casino site is from 888, known as Dragonfish; however, there are games on the site made by other providers, such as the aforementioned Amazon Wild slots game, which was created by Ash Gaming. Others include Cassava, Eyecon, Gamescale, IGT/Wagerworks and of course NetEnt. Collaboration with a number of providers creates a wide range of games with different graphics and experiences, providing the player with a rich and varied experience.

As previously mentioned, you can play on most devices including iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones and tablets, and even BlackBerry phones. Of course, the desktop version of the site can be accessed using either a Windows or an iOS device. So whatever you use, you’re pretty much covered with Moon Games.

Moon Games Casino Online Support

A Moon Games casino review doesn’t really find that Moon Games offers much online support in comparison with some of its competitors. Many online casinos we’ve reviewed offer some sort of live chat, which is quick and responsive, yet Moon Games do not offer this service, which does put players at a disadvantage if they require instant support.

This can be incredibly frustrating for the online casino user, especially when you are using the site and you have only got a quick question to ask. Their website claims they are there for their users 24/7 but their advertised phone numbers don’t confirm that. A plus side is that you can call for free if you’re in the United Kingdom, but nothing is mentioned about whether this is the case in Gibraltar. If you’re a VIP member you can access your own hotline, but only between the hours of 8:30-17:00, which is difficult if you work 9-5 and tend to play on Moon Games in the evening or later at night.

If you don’t want to speak on the phone, then you can submit a text inquiry; just provide your name, email address, a subject and your query to do so.

Moon Games Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

One of the great benefits of using Moon Games is that you can set a deposit limit for yourself. A daily, weekly or monthly limit can be set so that you don’t spend more than you can afford. It’s a great feature provided by Moon Games, as it benefits both them and you. It makes sure than you can afford to keep gambling regularly with Moon Games, and it ensures that you don’t go over what you can afford to spend. It’s a great policy that adheres to the gambling responsibly campaign in the United Kingdom. The site itself has a deposit limit: there is a daily limit of £5,000, a weekly limit of £10,000 and a monthly limit of £25,000.

There are variety of ways to deposit your cash to your Moon Games account; popular methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro are joined by Neteller, Entropay, and Paysafe card.

Moongames Casino Reviews find that before you can withdraw any money you need to have deposited a minimum of £30, and you must verify your identity. There are further restrictions on the withdrawal process; you can only use UK Visa cards, MasterCard cards, Maestro cards, a Neteller account, or a PayPal account. Read on to find out more.

Moon Games Casino Payout Policy

As previously mentioned, to withdraw your money you need to verify that you are who you say you are in order to prevent fraud. To prove your identity, you must be able to provide a form of photographic identification in the form of a passport, a driving licence or a National ID card. You also have to provide a copy of your debit or credit card, but you are allowed to withhold the security number on the back and the middle eight digits on the front.

A Moon Games casino review finds this tedious process can get even more frustrating, as you may be required to prove where you live in order to access your winnings. If you’re attempting to withdraw a large amount of cash then you will need to provide a notarised document.

Moongames Casino Reviews find that if you are on a hot streak then it would be best to withdraw that amount at the end of the day, as Moon Games sets a limit of three withdrawals a day. In addition, the minimum withdrawal amount is £30, which isn’t the best but it’s certainly not the worst. The payout policy is slightly frustrating, especially if you’ve won big, but at least it demonstrates that Moon Games are thorough by trying to eliminate fraudulent activity. This shows they are an online casino to be trusted.

Moon Games Casino Pros & Cons

One of the biggest pros of using Moon Games is that you have access to a large and varied catalogue of games compared to a lot of online casino sites that use Playtech software. This means you’ve got a lot of different games to choose from, which adds to the playing experience by keeping it fresh, and gives you access to a number of alternatives if you get tired of playing the same game.

The biggest pro has got to be the welcome deposit; Moon Games have a minimum deposit of only £10, which is great as not all the games on the Moon Games website are available in the demonstration mode. But this welcome deposit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; a 100% bonus is not fantastic, but Moon Games do make up for it with the £500 ceiling.

Nevertheless, Moon Games don’t offer the best support network for customers, as the lack of a live chat function puts players at a disadvantage. Adding this would greatly benefit all players, from those who play early in the morning to those who game late at night. However, your own VIP hotline can be accessed between 8:30-17:00, and calls from the UK are free, but as this method of support is only available during office hours, many players who work regular hours will not be able to benefit from the service if they only play in the evening.

This Moongames Casino Review finds that a lengthy process and a lot of restrictions on the withdrawal process is another frustrating con, especially when you’ve won a big amount of money and you want to withdraw it quickly.

Moon Games Casino In Summary

Moon Games is arguably not the best online casino site available when you compare it to some of its competitors; while the graphics are of good quality, they are pretty much the standard for any reputable online casino site. While you can try a few games for free before creating an account, your options are rather restricted. This is why a £10 welcome deposit is such a great thing for the casino to offer, as it means you don’t put a lot into your account for your first play.

However, while the welcome bonus may be good and the bonus ceiling is high, it doesn’t really benefit the customer as much as some other welcome offers. Shopping around for the best deal is definitely recommended.

Furthermore, the withdrawal process is not efficient enough and it’s very restrictive, especially with a minimum withdrawal of £30. This can prove very frustrating, especially when you have won a big prize and you want to withdraw it quickly.

This Moongames Casino Review finds that overall, there are other casinos that offer better welcome bonuses and easier, more straightforward withdrawal processes. Moon Games needs to change a few things if they want to compete with the best online casinos in the United Kingdom, yet they do offer a wide selection of games from a multitude of providers. Click on the links above to find out more about Moon Games.

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  • I really like the fact that Moongames has a wide selection of different casino games to choose from, with the slots being my favourite as it’s so easy. The other thing that I really like about this site is that I can play on most devices from my phone to my tablet, so it’s a great source of entertainment when I’m travelling which is a lot in my line of work.

  • I don’t mind this site, but I find myself being constantly frustrated by it. I’ve played on other sites that offer a much better welcome deposit. Also if I’ve won big it’s so annoying that I can’t withdraw a lot of the money I have at won at once. It makes me feel really reluctant to use this site when there are other sites that have better deals.
    If you want to withdraw your money you have to verify who you are and it seems such a lengthy process. It’s the money I have won, and I know it is a good thing because they are an online casino that can be trusted it is just so annoying at times.

  • I liked this site but I’m only able to play really late at night because I work such long hours. So whenever I’ve had a problem I’ve had to use the text inquiry when I would rather just talk to someone and get the problem sorted straight away. I’m a loyal customer so this can be really frustrating, if only they would extend their phone line hours it would be perfect for me!

  • Whenever I get the chance I am constantly using this site on my laptop and on my phone! There are so many different themed games to choose from and I think most of the games graphics are really quite good. Most of the time I get bored really easily when it comes to some games, but because this site has so many different games to choose from I never get bored of it! Some games also have demo’s, so you can play a few games for free and see if you like it first, another feature that I really like.

  • MoonGames casino is wacky and out of this world. I think it’s a great online casino site not only is it easy to use and navigate but it’s fun and filled with colour. Although there isn’t much in the way of promotions I’m quite happy with the free spins that I get as I love playing on their slots games.

  • I really liked MoonGames online casino before I had a problem with my account. I often stay up until the early hours of the morning playing on MoonGames and when I had a problem with my account no one answered my call. They claim to have support available 24/7 but the real nature of this just isn’t true unfortunately. Since then I have been really put off their site and I choose other online casinos over theirs.

  • Moongames is a fun site; it doesn’t offer anything exactly out of this world. But it has some of my favourite slots games including Starburst and Cleopatra Slots so I am pretty happy to continue to carry on playing on their site. Every time I have withdrawn my winnings the process is simple and I have access to them within a few days so there really isn’t that much to complain about on Moongames casino.

  • As a new player to Moongames I am really happy with my experience so far, not only have I received a few great offers, I was very happy with their initial promotions that were available to me. They have one of the best high quality game selections I have seen on any online casino site. When I had a problem with my opening my account I was pleasantly surprised that Moongames casino staff got back to me almost instantly and resolved my problem. Very happy.

  • At first I really liked The Moongames online casinos site but not I’m just frustrated. I like the selection of games it has as they are really good and fun. Yet the withdrawal process is so complicated and restrictive. They are my winnings I have won and I feel Ii just have to jump through hoops to get access to it, it’s so annoying.

  • They use PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method which is massive! It’s so hard to find casinos that use paypal which I don’t understand at all but there you go. There’s some decent big name slots too like X Factor and South Park but there’s not an overload of themed games which I think is important. I personally really like this site and I will persevere until I get first big win!

  • Moon Games has so many games on there and it is really varied and the welcome deposit is really great as you only have to put down a £10 deposit. This is really important to me as I can’t always put down the bigger deposits that some people demand which means I miss out on a good month or two of gambling. The VIP section is also pretty good too.

  • Been playing on Moon Games Casino for a few years now and I have never had any issues whatsoever. Very happy and impressed with their site and service, great range of some of the best slots, really fast withdrawals and their live help is always friendly.

  • There’s a large catalogue of games that I really like and that’s really important to me. There’s a demonstration part of the site where you can play some of the games for free so you can work your way around some of the new games, and although this doesn’t cover all of the games it’s more than enough for me. Plus the deposit is a mere £10 and the welcome bonus is also really great so I look forward to continuing to play on this site to discover more hidden gems.

  • Been playing here on Moongames casino for a good few years now and I have never had an issue. I feel like this online casino offers a great selection of quality slots, their withdrawal system is always fast and any time I have had a silly little problem the live help is incredibly friendly.

  • Been playing on MoonGames casino for a good few years now and I am happy to say that I have never had an issue. Great slots, fast withdrawals and friendly live help. Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes sci-fi and games.

  • MoonGames casino is a great place to play lots of different games and the bonus is you can win money, I always seem to make the best winnings on this site. so I would highly praise it!

  • In my personal opinion I think MoonGames Casino is the best online casino. Not only do they have the best games but they have the fastest withdrawal system too.

  • Well i have been playing on Moon Games Casino for some time now and i couldn’t be happier with my experience, they have everything i could ever want on their site from fantastic range of high quality games the most generous promotions- top marks indeed!

  • Moon Games Casino gives me unlimited access to a large and varied catalogue of games compared to a lot of online casinos. Moon Games review a lot of different games to choose from, which adds to the playing experience by always keeping it fresh so I have many alternatives if I ever get tired of playing the same game. The biggest pro has got to be the welcome deposit as Moon Games Casino review have a minimum deposit of only £10, which is great as not all the games on the Moon Games website are available in the demonstration mode.

  • For my moon games casino review, i just want to let other players know that i have been playing on this website for years now and for very good reason too. They have a great collection of all the bets casino games, and the staff are so incredibly friendly and nice! Worth signing up too!

  • The first thing that appeals to you when visit Moon Games website is that you only have to deposit £10 in order to qualify for the promotion. You are able to choose from a wide selection of different casino games especially themed games. The fact that you can play from the site at any time and on any device has a huge impact on customers.

  • I only recently begun playing with Moon Games and I’ve found out that The Moon Games Casino reviews find that Moon Games use the same reliable software that all 888 Casino websites use which themed games are what you are after then Moon Games will not disappoint you!

  • I wanted to review this online casino site, I would definitely recommend The Moon Games Casino because they got over 200 casino games such as slots, scratch cards and instant win games. The Moon Games is the right for me! Also the customer support team are really friendly and helpful they are there for 24hrs to help me with any problems I have.

  • As my experience on this casino online, I would like to say I’m really impressed how much offer they give you. I never get bored of it! Some games also have demo’s, so you can play a few games for free and see if you like it first, another feature that I really like. You can also get a £10 bonus for every friend you refer to Moon Games, which is great if your circle of friends is all into online casinos.

  • Moongames Casino is a nice site with good promotions and a good selection of games, the thing that i don’t really like is the amount of time it takes to withdraw my winnings, other sites i use are much quicker at processing.

  • I only recently begun playing with Moon Games and I’ve found out that Moon Games Casino reviews find that Moon Games use the same reliable software that all 888 Casino websites use which themed games are what you are after then Moon Games will not disappoint you!

  • Moon games casino haven’t got a lot of fun game on here, I’ve found it hard to to understand how the game work, also is not a lot of offer at all compere to another site.

  • At first I was impressed with Moongames Casino with the fantastic joining bonus, but there doesn’t seem to be many promotions going anymore, which I usually like to take advantage of. Some of the games I really enjoy aren’t available on mobile, which is a shame. However, their games in general do make up for this due to the variety and the impressive graphics!

  • Moongames has lots of great games and a really generous welcome bonus. I was hooked almost right away. It’s a little weird that you can only call during office hours when most players are online at night, but I guess everyone has a home they want to get back to at the end of the day. Still a really great casino.

  • I am very impressed with Moon Games and surprised they don’t have a higher rating on this site! They have some free games to get you going and you get bonuses for referring friends, which is fab as I have lots of friends who love to play casino games online.

  • As with all reviews we start with Moon Games promotions with a 100% bonus and with a whopping £500 to qualify for this all you need to deposit a minimum of £10. Moon Games has hundreds of games to choose from like Superman Last Son of Krypton is a great play if your are a superhero fan, or even Ghostbusters or Nightmare on Elm Street slots for the movie buff. There are even some great games for the kids to enjoy. Overall review awesome gaming experience.

  • Moongames has to be one of those incredibly underrated online casino sites as they offer so much but don’t often get a mention! I think Moon Games offers so much in the way of interesting and themed games that you do end up losing track of time as you have so much fun! Give Moongames a go and tell your friends…

  • My review for Moon games i was first impressed how easy it its to navigate your around. You will be over the moon as far touching it with the welcome bonus on offer a whopping £500 and what more get a 100% bonus on your first deposit. My fave to play is Moon Wheel they have loads more games to choose for all ages to enjoy. Whats great is if have inquires for any reason you can contact Moon games between 9am to 1am which is useful to know.

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