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MegaCasino Promotions & Bonuses

This Mega Casino review found that this is one of the areas in which MegaCasino performs very well, offering comparatively high incentives through its promotion and bonus schemes. It gives the player plenty of carrots to sign up, and then keep on playing! The ‘200 Spins’ campaign marketed by MegaCasino provides ten free spins to new members.



This Mega Casino review found that increases to 30 spins after the first deposit, 40 after the second, 50 after the third, and 70 after the fourth, totting up topa grand total of 200 spins. Other promotions include Autocash, which gives you a cash return for reaching certain wagering milestones, VIPKick, which sees VIP members compete for a twice weekly slice of £1,000, and Weekend Race, which rewards the weekend’s highest wagerers on MegaCasino’s slots with a share of £1,500.

Another welcome promotion for new players is a 100% bonus of up to £2,000 which is split over players’ first five deposits.

All Mega Casino reviews find that many of the promotions on MegaCasino are only available to members of their loyalty schemes, such as platinum, diamond and red diamond players.

As always, you should read the terms and conditions of each promotion thoroughly before you play, checking the dates on which they are valid and the other stipulations before you play.

MegaCasino Best Games To Play

MegaCasino reviews will always note how the areas of MegaCasino that interests you the most will come down to personal preference. For the slot machine fans, there are approaching 100 different titles to choose from, with themes ranging from the infamous wrestler Andre the Giant to film classics, such as Forrest Gump, and historical characters, such as Cleopatra’s Secrets. All come with their own variety of multipliers and reel combinations, but the sheer variety offered is certainly a plus point for MegaCasino.

All Mega Casino reviews find that as far as the more traditional options go, there is a solid selection of standard casino games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat, and the good thing is many of them are live, with dealers visible and audible on camera. Aside from that, there is a split between both European and American roulette, catering for players on both sides of the pond, as well as card games and fun arcades.

There is definitely more than enough choice within MegaCasino to make it equally popular with experienced players as it is with those dipping their toes into the online casino waters. The range of loyalty schemes mean it is always tempting to stay within the platform, whether you are enjoying the slots or engaged in a live casino games, as you will build up your bonus opportunities as you go.

MegaCasino Software & Gaming Graphics

MegaCasino reviews found out that this company works with the Both Sheriff Gaming and NextGen developers, which offer a consistently high level of graphics on a variety of games. This is especially evident in the huge range of slots mentioned above, where the developers can show off their skills in the themes they base the game around, with exciting effects and impressive detail.

The two developers mentioned are not typically used by many of MegaCasino’s rival platforms, meaning if you are searching for a fresh look and feel in your online casino platform, you may have come to the right place.

An overwhelming percentage of reviewers recommend downloading the MegaCasino on to your desktop, as this opens up the vast array of game playing options available. There are a limited number of ‘tempter’ games that are available to play in browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer, but if you restrict yourself to this selection, you certainly aren’t enjoying MegaCasino on ‘full power’, and might also be at the mercy of your browser speed.

If you do choose to play one of the in-browser games, you will need to have an updated version of Flash, as this is the software that the ‘instant-play’ games use.

MegaCasino also has an agreement to use themes from DC Comics, which lets them use attractive, well known graphics from famous cartoon and film characters such as Captain America, Superman and Batman; some firm favourites for many who were brought up in the era of those films.

MegaCasino Online Support

As with any of the platforms we offer access to on, MegaCasino offers a dedicated support service for all kinds of issues, from players that might be starting out and in need of some guidance, to more experienced participants that have queries relating to promotions and bonuses, and winners that are keen to track the progress of their payouts.



Aside from a contact email for more complex, less urgent enquiries, there is also a 24 hour a day hotline for members to take advantage of. This is a UK landline number, so if you are based in the British Isles, there is a good chance you will be paying less than players based abroad.

There is also a ‘Lobby Options’ facts page which runs through the different settings that are available to you once you have downloaded the game on to your desktop. This guide takes you through the different features you will see as you enter the lobby area, which is the first thing you will encounter when you click on the icon for MegaCasino that lies on your desktop. The guide talks about the ‘Sound’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Cashier’ features which contain important information and change the way you experience the game.

The Support team will typically be able to run you through the payment process from top to bottom, if you haven’t been able to understand it from the text-based help pages on the website. They can also assist with any queries you might have relating to particular games, as they are trained to provide helpful information relating to game playing experience, as well as administrative elements.

MegaCasino Deposits & Withdrawals

There are a long list of different payment methods you can use to make deposits on MegaCasino, and as with all the affiliates we work with at, a secure and transparent policy is evident for withdrawals and deposits. Whether you are using credit cards, or wish to direct funds into your account using PayPal, you will be able to top up your account balance using a safe online system which won’t put your personal details at risk.

The maximum amount you can deposit varies according to the type of card or payment method used, and it is recommended that you check the list of limits on the MegaCasino platform’s homepage. When you make a deposit using a credit card, the transfer is usually instant, whereas other payment methods such as Western Union or bank transfer can take longer.

Credit and bank cards can also be used to withdraw money when you want to bag your winnings! These withdrawals are usually completed in a matter of hours or days, and you can always cancel the transfer in order to top your account back up, if you want to.

MegaCasino may sometimes ask you to provide suitable identification when it comes to requesting a payout. You should not be alarmed in this scenario, as ID checks are a normal part of the transaction process for many online casino platforms. The platform should let you know all the information you are required to provide, if and when they wish to carry out a check ahead of a transaction.

MegaCasino Payout Policy

Mega Reviews find that MegaCasino, as with most of the affiliate platforms we offer access to, has terms and conditions you should bear in mind. One of these is a maximum winnings policy, the details of which can be seen on the MegaCasino site. This should not trouble most players, but it is always worth reading up on such policies. This maximum winnings cap can vary according to which game you are playing, and more information can be found in the Help section.

Withdrawing your winnings should be conducted as explained in the above section. If the funds don’t appear in your account as quickly as you had expected them to, you can go down a number of different paths. The first course of action, if you have not seen the transfer come through after 10 days, should be to make contact with your bank, and request that they track the transaction using an ARN.

Our Mega Review found that it is possible to make a withdrawal using bank transfer by completing a series of forms on the platform. You will be asked for the withdrawal amount, your ID information and your bank details in order to complete this process. There are extensive FAQs on the MegaCasino site if you would like to learn more about the withdrawals policy. And, of course, there is always the 24/7 support line that is available for customers, as well as an email address for questions and queries.

MegaCasino Pros & Cons

Like any online platform, MegaCasino has its strengths and weak spots. Here we run through some of the pros and cons we found in this MegaCasino Review:


  • Popular platform run by trusted and respected company.
  • Huge range of Mega Slots, and solid range of traditional casino games such as Mega Poker.
  • Good range of welcome bonuses, as well as ongoing promotions.
  • Plenty of enjoyable live casino options.
  • Flexible and secure payment methods.
  •  A number of different loyalty and VIP schemes rewards loyalty for frequent players.
  •  Assistance at any time of night or day from a 24/7 support team.


  • Mobile app version has limited game choice compared to desktop version.
  • Countries outside the UK might be subject to different wagering requirements.
  • Huge number of slot machines mean new players can be overwhelmed by the choice.
  • Withdrawals can take time depending on method.

MegaCasino In Summary

To wrap up this MegaCasino review, the platform is suitable for those who are seeking a place for most of their online casino needs, be it slot machines, arcade games and casino games such as Mega Roulette, be they live or automated. While it does not offer the most choice of any live casino platform on the world wide web, the range of options is more than enough for a beginner starting out on their online casino journey.

Our Mega Review found the site takes ‘customer first’ approach is taken by MegaCasino, meaning they are always happy to point their players in the right direction in terms of enquiries. They also offer a bonus scheme which is not only attractive to first time players, but also rewards those making their first few deposits, giving an incentive to members to stay on the platform and develop their understanding of it.

MegaCasino’s link up with Both Sheriff Gaming and NextGen as a game provider, along with its licence to use DC Comics themes, provides an attractive collection of recognisable slot machines, which are very playable. As slot machines are one of the great strengths MegaCasino has over its competitors, the ability to offer a number of different themes is another notch in its belt.

The range of slots, combined with the live casino options like Mega Bingo, mean there really is something for everyone on MegaCasino, and the varying difficulty and intensity of the options it offers allows it to be just as viable a platform for seasoned players as it is for beginners and intermediate participants.

Mega Reviews always mention the straightforward Help section and FAQs are always welcome, but for those stuck on problem posed by a particular game, or with payment and withdrawal queries, the provision of a support team is an important service on the platform.

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Rate & Comment
  • MegaCasino has plenty to do which keeps me really entertained both at home and on the go. It is just a shame that the mobile version isn’t quite as extensive as the desktop version. Nevertheless, the ongoing promotions are a great incentive for me to keep playing with MegaCasino, and I will continue to take advantage of all of the great offers. I love playing Live Dealer Roulette and Aces & Faces, which are of the highest quality on this site.

  • There are so many slot machine games that I found it really difficult to find which ones I wanted to use, which put me off of the site. I think for these sites to be successful there should be a balanced number so as not to overwhelm their users which is exactly what it did for me. I think I will go back to using something I know and am used to.

  • MegaCasino looks really attractive to use and there a loads of slots as well as plenty of traditional games. Being a frequent player, I have managed to take advantage of the really good VIP and loyalty bonuses which have boosted my funds considerably. I really enjoy playing MegaCasino on a daily basis and it is one of my top 3 sites which I play on.

  • With so many slots games at MegaCasino it is difficult not to be impressed on their site. I only wish they had a bigger selection of live casino games, but that doesn’t bother me too much. I am very much a dedicated loyal customer, and I am glad that there is finally an online casino that rewards their customers. I cannot praise Megacasino enough for their VIP lounge as I have received some brilliant offers and benefits being a part of it.

  • Too overwhelming. I don’t mind MegaCasino, it’s a decent site but their list of slots games is just too much. I really don’t like slots games even at the best of times, if they had more variety of other games I wouldn’t mind too much but they don’t. They only have 3 different live games which I think it’s rather disappointing for a site that is as big as theirs.

  • Wow just wow. Since joining MegaCasino I haven’t had to turn to any other site. Not only do they have an amazing range of slots games, which I know I will never get bored of. They have the biggest and best selection of promotions and offers on all of the time. My biggest regret is that I didn’t join their site sooner.

  • I love the fact that there is a calendar that tells you when all the promotions are. I think that’s really great as it shows just how many promotions and offers there are on the site making it easily one of the best I’ve played. The site features all of the best slots games and there’s even a bunch of exclusive slots which I think are amazing.

  • The only downside to MegaCasino is the fact that the mobile app version is quite limited, but they should over time improve this so it’s not a big worry. There are a huge number of slot machines, a fantastic live casino which I thoroughly enjoy and a decent welcome bonus as well as so many ongoing promotions too. Deposit and withdrawal methods are plentiful and it looks really nice on the eye too. Really happy I discovered MegaCasino and I will definitely continue to play here for a long time to come.

  • The video slots on this site are really good and it’s really easy to navigate around. I think everything is laid out really well and there’s a load of pictures which makes the site really enticing. The welcome bonus isn’t huge – you get 100% bonus on up to £500 and 200 free spins, but although it isn’t the best I think the quality of the site more than makes up for it.

  • Mega Casino has a classic Vegas style vibe to it and I really like the style of the site. It’s modern and sleek and really easy to use. I used a promotion offer that they were giving away and I ended up having plenty of fun just on 5 euros and I was able to nearly triple that when they gave it away for free. It’s fun and it’s an easy way to make a little extra cash.

  • Having a good welcome bonus is really important to me and is one of the main things that attracted me to this site. Personally, I love the fact that there is a great welcome bonus as well as really fantastic ongoing promotions which are extremely enjoyable. On top of all of this, there is also a great VIP system set up which you can take advantage of too. All of this plus a huge variety of games makes mega casino a winner for me.

  • Mega Casino is really great in my opinion I had so much fun off a £5 welcome bonus as I turned it a lot more I couldn’t believe it. They have a very user friendly site especially for those who are new to online casinos like myself, overall very impressed with their services and their customer support.

  • Amazing casino. I had so much fun on such little money, and I managed to triple my winnings, did not expect that and was very pleasantly surprised. Thanks for the fun Mega casino, would highly recommend.

  • I do think the support team is a little slow in responding but then again the site is so user friendly that you genuinely would not need to get in touch with them and I did not have to except for this one time. Other than that it is a great casino.

  • It is such a competitive site that I feel it does really well against the market. It has some really great games on the site and the promotions are fantastic. I really like the fact that they have keno because for some reason it’s a really hard game to find on most other sites!

  • Mega Casino is by far my favourite online casino to play on. In my personal opinion they have the best selection of games from the latest slots to the best live blackjack games. On top of that the promotions are very generous!

  • Absolutely fabulous casino, well i had the best time ever playing on Mega Casino. So much choice in games, bonuses, and offers. And well if you ever need help all you need to do is contact a member of their lovely team who is more than help you with anything should you need it.

  • Mega Casino is a very popular platform run by trusted and respected company. They have a huge range of Mega Slots, as well as a solid range of traditional casino games such as Mega Poker. Mega Casino reviews a good range of welcome bonuses, as well as ongoing promotions with plenty of enjoyable live casino options plus flexible and secure payment methods. They offer a number of different loyalty and VIP schemes rewards loyalty for frequent players. What’s more Mega Casino has assistance at any time of night or day from a 24/7 support team. Mega is the casino for me.

  • I don’t normally write reviews but this time I had to. I prefer playing traditional casino games and they have a very good range of those games on the MegaCasino website. The games on there have a consistent high level of graphics and it’s nice knowing that I have a selection of different secure payment methods. Even though MegaCasino hasn’t been around for as long as some other online casinos, it is the best online casino I have ever tried.

  • MegaCasino casino review, so many great thing about this online casino, They have a fantastic range of games, promotions and the customer support is ace, if you pardon the pun. I had so much fun playing with very little money and then i started earning more and more money.

  • I’m quite new to online gambling and was overwhelmed by the amount of online casinos available, however my favourite has to be MegaCasino. The fact that Megacasino is run by such a well-established and respected company made me feel a lot less anxious depositing my money online. There are also loads of slots and classic casino games to catch everyone’s attention.

  • MegaCasino has plenty of games that keep me entertained when I’m at home or on the go. MegaCasino has loads of slot games as well as traditional table games so there is something for everybody. There is also a big range of promotions and offers for anybody who is a member of MegaCasino.

  • MegaCasino is a great online casino, easy to use site, lots of variety with the games and slots machines. Real professional feel to using this site and i have had some good winnings which is why i keep to using MegaCasino.

  • My review for Mega Casino, I think they are the best casino online site. They are trusted and respected company, although they have a massive range of welcome bonuses as well as ongoing promotions, plenty of enjoyable live casino options.

  • I’m out and about a lot so I love the fact that many of Mega Casino games are mobile compatible. I always use it on my phone and rarely ever on my laptop. Some people might think it’s impractical, but the app is modern, fast and easy to use! Plenty of games on there and it’s a unique design. I highly recommend Mega to all Casino enthusiasts.

  • The variety of Mega Casino is incredible. Rather than having tons of similar games they give you a whole load of options of different games with different themes. I prefer the poker to the slots, but that’s just me. Both types are brilliant quality. Their loyalty scheme also gives you brilliant payback for playing.

  • After 4 smooth withdrawals on this casino, I can honestly say Mega Casino is one of the best online casinos I have joined. They offer a smooth and swift withdrawal system which is perfect for me as I have had such trouble in the past. They also have a brilliant live chat support and they really are a casino you can trust.

  • My review for Mega Casino gives you the thrill of experiencing live casino games in the comfort of your own living room. £50 + 25 spins welcome bonus is a good start, plenty of enjoyable games such as slots, table games, roulette and live games, and with a bonus code: Mega although is valid for new players via terms and conditions. Mega Casino is a trusted and respected company which always make you feel safe to play.

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