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LuckyBalls Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Our Lucky Balls Casino Review finds that LuckyBalls offer a pretty simple bonus for any new customers – it’s a standard deposit boost, for the first two deposits made by players into their account. Both offer a 100% match, up to a maximum of £100 each, for a grand total of £200. The wagering requirements are pretty much industry-standard, at 30 times for both of the deposits, and it only applied to the bonus rather than both the bonus and the deposit, so overall it’s not too bad a deal.

Our Lucky Balls Casino Review finds that there’s more – both bonuses also come with 25 free spins each, the winnings from which have a lower wagering requirement at 20 times. New players will also be entered into a prize draw to win £25 of bonus money, which only needs to be wagered 15 times. The only downside is that there doesn’t appear to be too many regular promotions for new players, so most punters will be stuck with the opening offer for a while – the new offers don’t go up as regularly as on other sites, so if players are looking for somewhere to settle in for the long haul, there might be better alternatives out there. Overall though, the welcome bonus is pretty standard, but it does what it says on the tin and is a nice way to boost your bankroll.

LuckyBalls Casino Best Games To Play

Our Lucky Balls Casino Reviews finds that LuckyBalls uses a variety of content from the best third-party software developers in the industry, so there’s certainly plenty here to keep you occupied. Without relying on just one, you’ll get the best of all worlds – all of your favourite games will be here, you’ll be assured that the games are of a state of the art standard, but there’s also the option to look out some more obscure and less well-known titles among their extensive library of titles.

Our Lucky Balls Casino Reviews finds that the only problem is that while, as with most online casinos, the focus is definitely on slots, there’s a bit of a lack of table games or much else. The choice of roulette, blackjack and video poker is rather slim and could really do with a boost, although there is an option for LuckyBalls bingo to be played in the same place without having to register at a whole different site, as can often be the case with some online casinos. Overall though, it’s a nice collection for a small online casino, and you can even search by the theme of the slot available, if you’re looking for something specific. Pretty much everything you could imagine is covered, and if your preference is on the slots, then you’ll certainly be right at home here.

LuckyBalls Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

As we mentioned before, LuckyBalls Casino uses a variety of different third-party software developers, as its build off the B3W platform, which integrates them all pretty seamlessly. As a result, you’ll get a great selection of top of the range games that boast good-quality graphics and a lot of extra features. LuckyBalls may be small, but it’s certainly not an amateurish operation, and the slots are just as good as you’ll find at some of the biggest and most well-known brands out there in the online casino world.

Our Lucky Balls Review finds that tying all this in is a smooth and well-developed platform and website which allows you to move between those games with ease, and a good search function to let you find what you’re looking for quickly. The site is also optimised for mobile gaming if you prefer to gamble on the go, and while not all games are available, you can still get a good choice, and it shames some other larger casinos on the market which make little effort to adapt their websites towards mobile gaming. LuckyBalls ia a pretty forward-thinking site, and you’ll find that it’s all smooth, modern and well-run beneath the cheap and cheerful look. Overall, it’s a great package of software and design which makes for a pleasurable experience.

LuckyBalls Casino Online Support

Lucky Balls Review finds that many smaller online casinos can sometimes let themselves down when it comes to the nuts and bolts of running a casino, and customer support is often one of these ways. Unfortunately, LuckyBalls does this to some extent, as unlike many bigger online casinos out there on the market, it fails to offer a 24 hour customer support service. Their live chat and telephone lines are down between the hours of 7am and 11pm GMT, which could be particularly problematic for players from outside Europe, where time zones will mean that the downtime will coincide with peak hours.

Nonetheless, you can still access the customer support by the tried and trusted three methods of email, live chat and telephone support, and when they’re around, their staff are all helpful and efficient at dealing with any problems you might have. Most customer Luckyballs casino reviews have complimented the staff and few seem to outline many problems with the site to begin with – it just would have been nicer if staff were available at any hour. Although this is common for smaller casinos out there, customer support is certainly one area where the bigger boys definitely have a clear advantage over the likes of LuckyBalls.

LuckyBalls Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Lucky Balls Reviews find that another area where smaller online casinos can have a hard time competing with the bigger and more well-established brands on the market is banking. When it comes to depositing and withdrawing, players want to be able to move money in and out of their accounts as quickly as possible, but things aren’t too bad on LuckyBalls. There’s certainly a wide range of payment options available, for a start. Major credit and debit cards can be used, and there’s the option to use a wide range of e-payment methods too, like Skrill and Neteller, which tend to be the fastest way of getting your hands on your cash. Unfortunately though, PayPal users will have to go elsewhere – that’s not an option here.

Lucky Balls Reviews find that the only frustrating part is that LuckyBalls add a two-day pending period onto all of their withdrawals, adding 48 hours to the usual time it’ll take you to get your hands on your cash. This is frustrating for players, and often pushes withdrawals for cards into taking a week or longer for no real reason. While this is far from an uncommon practice, there are plenty of online casinos out there that process things at their end virtually instantly, so if you’re looking for quick withdrawals, LuckyBalls isn’t for you. It’s another area where it lets itself down, even compared to some of its smaller rivals as well as the biggest names.

LuckyBalls Casino Payout Policy

Unfortunately, LuckyBalls fails somewhat in its player-oriented mission by not providing any RTP (return to player, or house edge) figures or payout rate statistics for its games. This is a little frustrating, as it gives you no way of knowing how good a deal you’re getting when you sit down and play, and although various associations and audits will assure you that you’re not being ripped off or treated too unfairly, it would be nice to have the figures to be able to see what rate was expected, even across the whole casino, but there’s no way to compare the individual games either. As many other companies are very forthcoming with this information, it’s another area where they fall behind many of their competitors, from both the smaller brands to the household names alike.

As an alternative, you can of course try the games out for free, which is always a nice bonus to get a feel for them, as well as the payouts, optimum strategy and rules, before you end up risking your own cash. You don’t even have to sign in to do so, so you can easily have a look around without signing up, putting in a deposit or gambling your money. Overall, it’s not a terrible system, but they could certainly do better.

LuckyBalls Casino Pros & Cons


  • Nice, fresh design providing a solid gaming platform and some great games from the biggest third party software developers
  • A great selection of slots available on a huge variety of different themes and playing styles
  • A variety of different third party software providers used to provide variety without sacrificing quality
  • Decent starting bonuses for new players making their first and second deposits
  • Part of a larger brand to provide a degree of security and trustworthiness
  • Play in-browser without having to download and install any extra software
  • A nice option to try all of the games out for free before you risk your own cash, or even have to register to the site
  • Fully-optimised for mobiles, a massive benefit for players who like to gamble on the go


  • No option to withdraw or deposit funds via PayPal
  • Frustrating two day pending period added onto all withdrawals, often pushing card transactions into over a week before players can get their hands on their own money
  • Very limited regular offers and promotions for existing loyal customers
  • Very limited selection of table games available
  • Lack of 24 hour customer support
  • Cheap and cheerful site design might put off some players
  • No VIP section for dedicated customers or high rollers

LuckyBalls Casino In Summary

In conclusion, LuckyBalls casino doesn’t try to be the biggest online casino out there, so any LuckyBalls review has to be judged by its own merits. The site clearly tries to provide something a little bit different and an alternative to the major established brands out there, and there’s certainly quite a lot to recommend about it. It has a really nice collection of games, with a very smooth and functional website and platform holding it all together, there’s a decent sign-up bonus for new players, as well as mobile optimisation to allow players on handheld devices to make the most of it. On all of those categories, they stand out as a decent option for all players, regardless of bankroll or playing preferences.

But undoubtedly, there are some areas where their inability to compete with the biggest names on the market hold them back. Their customer support not being available 24 hours a day will frustrate some players, as will the needless added time on withdrawals, often pushing card transactions over a week. All in all, LuckyBalls is a nice little casino where it’s fine to spend a bit of time and take advantage of the bonuses, but unlike other smaller operations, there’s nothing they really do that’s outstanding to make you want to pick them ahead of the more tried-and-trusted brands out there. Nonetheless, if you are tempted to give them a go – and they do still deserve to be checked out, as it’ll undoubtedly be exactly what some players are looking for – click the links above.

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Rate & Comment
  • The fact that there is no VIP area is really disappointing. I like to get the best out of a website when I play on it by becoming a VIP and remaining loyal but as there is no option to do this, then it puts me off. The absolute worst part of Lucky Balls is the fact that there is a 2 day pending time before any money can begin to be processed for withdrawal. This is awful!

  • There is a really nice collection of games on this site. Although it’s quite small, the games are really tempting to play and it’s great to spend some time in there, rather than flicking around different games. The problem with them is that there’s just nothing that makes them stand out from the crowd.

  • Lucky Balls was exactly the site I was looking for. There is such a great selection of slots, so if slots are your thing like it is mine, then this is the place to go. The website is pretty solid and it’s got a cheerful design. I really enjoy playing on this site and it makes a change from some of the big brands that are dominating everything.

  • Luckyballs casino has a good selection of games to choose from and you can even try out some of the games before risking you own money. The only thing that disappoints me is their lack of promotions. I feel a site as big as there should offer their customers a bit more.

  • As a loyal customer to Lucky balls I feel a bit frustrated and disappointed that they don’t offer a VIP section. When I first joined up they had great welcome bonuses but now I feel other sites offer their customers more. Their site design is ok but it just isn’t for me any more I’m afraid.

  • I really like Lucky balls although their site isn’t anything special or something to brag about. It is simple and easy to use and they have a good range of different games to play which always keeps me entertained. I particularly like playing slots games and they have some of the best so I’m a very happy customer.

  • Frustrated and so dissatisfied with LuckyBalls casino, every time I try and access their site it is ever so slow or crashes. I use to always play on their website as they have all my favourite games on there. But now I have had to move away and find other casinos to play on, which is such a shame, just wish they would sort it out.

  • LuckyBalls was the first online casino I signed up to and I couldn’t be happier I choose them. They have a great range of games, which can be played for free to work out whether you enjoy the game or not. If more casinos followed suit like LuckyBalls there would be some big competition but I would still be loyal to LuckyBalls casino as I think they have a great range of games as well as promotions.

  • On LuckyBalls casino what you see is what you get. I’m not a massive gambler but I will quite happily play on their site to pass a few hours here and there. I really like the fact that I can access their site on my phone too, it means I am occupied on my long commute to work. Although the wins aren’t big they are decent enough.

  • I really like the design of Lucky Balls. It’s not unique but it’s quite fresh which is great and they use one of the best gaming software providers that I know. I just really wish more casinos would use PayPal as it’s easily my preferred method! There are loads of slots on the site but there are just not enough table games to keep me occupied here for longer than an hour.

  • LuckyBalls is a nice little casino that provides you with a bit of fun. It’s nothing outstanding or exceptionally eye-catching but it’s quaint and the games do run quite well. There’s a nice little collection of games, although there’s not a lot of table games, but the slots are fun. I quite like the site and I don’t see why everyone gets so pent up about the fact that it isn’t extensive. It’s a small site, it’s not going to be!

  • I like the design of lucky balls but think that they could make it a little more enticing for players – however it does the job so I can’t complain. The game selection is good and there seems to be a little bit of everything although adding a few more table games would make it even better. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that there is no VIP area. I’d really like it if there was more rewards for being a loyal customer. Overall though I think it’s a really interesting site to play on that offers plenty of fun slots games and gives me something to do in the evening.

  • I really like LuckyBalls Casino I think they offer a great variety in games and their website has a really unique design. Their site is also fully optimised for mobiles, so I often play on my way to work. Would definitely recommend.

  • The design is really nice on then site. it’s sleek and smooth and runs really well and the gaming platform is really great. I love the fact that I can play all of the games on the site for free without having to risk my own money first. This is really important to me as I don’t always have the money to put down straight away.

  • LuckyBalls casino offers excellent customer service on live chat and email, although live chat closes around 11pm. Good variety of slots to play. I didn’t try anything else as I am a slots fan. I was lucky to be able to withdraw some winnings after taking advantage of the bonus on offer. My documents were verified, withdrawal requested on a Sunday evening, and the money was in my bank account by Friday morning, so not too shabby at all.

  • Wow, just amazing with so many different slot games to choose from it is difficult not to be impressed with Lucky Balls casino. At first I had a problem depositing money but after help from the customer service team it was all sorted. Very happy with my choice of playing on this site.

  • Great site really cheeky and cheerful which is great and there’s always something alittle different on this site which is fun. It’s a really great, fun site to play on and there are some really good looking games on here to. The site is super easy to navigate around and it’s my favourite out of all of them.

  • My review on LuckyBalls casino focusses mainly on the slots provided. I only really play the slot games and LuckyBalls casino did not let me down. They provide a variety of themed slot games with great graphics from well-known games to more indie slots. I also recommend LuckyBalls casino for their mobile gaming ability which allows me to play on the train into work.

  • Lucky Balls Casino is one of my favourite reviews by far, the games are good and I am even more happy that the promotions match the quality games. The customer service is also top notch!

  • Luckyballs casino review, they have so many great games to offer their customers. They also offer a great customer service in my personal opinion.

  • LuckyBalls casino is a very nice and fresh design that provides a solid gaming platform and some great games. LuckyBalls review a great selection of slots available on a huge variety of different themes and playing styles. LuckyBalls casino review a variety of different third party software providers used to provide variety without sacrificing quality.

  • I don’t normally write reviews but this time I had to. I prefer playing slot games and they have a very good range of those on the LuckyBalls website. The games on there have a consistent high level of graphics and it’s nice knowing that I have a selection of different secure payment methods. It’s great that they have the option of trying out games for free before you have to use your own money or even sign up to the website.

  • Lucky Balls casino has a really nice collection of games on this site, especially when it comes to slots, with are my favourite. Lucky Balls Casino always keeps me entertained.

  • Lucky Balls casino in my opinion is not competitive enough with the promotions and table games they have to offer, I would say that this online casino is for players that just play occasionally, it doesn’t match up to any of the big casino sites but okay for an hour or so fun.

  • I enjoy the games on Lucky Balls. I have to give it to them, there are some interesting ones to choose from and you can try them out before getting your money involved. However, I’m disappointed in other ways. The design is quite bland and my money always takes time to come through. Sometimes, it doesn’t come through until the following week. I hope they improve this.

  • luckyBalls might have a cheeky name and a cheerful look, but they offer some deals and a pretty good online casino for new players looking to try something a little bit different.

  • LuckyBalls is a great online casino that provides you with a bit of fun. It’s nothing outstanding or exceptionally eye-catching but it’s quaint and the games do run quite well. There’s a nice little collection of games, although there’s not a lot of table games, but the slots are fun. I quite like the site and I don’t see why everyone gets so pent up about the fact that it isn’t extensive. It’s a small site now, but it’s going to be BIG!

  • Lucky Balls is a pretty great casino. It’s not the best, but for what it is you couldn’t ask for anything else. It’s laid back and mobile with a good design and free games. As long as you’re not obsessed with the classic games, you’ll probably like this casino a lot.

  • Lucky Balls is great if you play casino games every now and again as they are quite different to other sites and offer a bit of fun. I find that some online casino sites can be stuffy, which is why this one is like a breath of fresh air!

  • Lucky Balls sounds very cheeky but with its cheerful look i could not resists a play, so my review on Luckyballs it offers some great deals and offers a little something different of gaming fun for all people of ages so much fun for all.

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