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Hello Casino Reviews Of Promotions & Bonuses

Our Hello Review found that the main thing new customers look for when they are looking at new online casinos to use is how they will be treated. They want to be welcomed with open arms filled with great welcome bonus packages and they want to make sure that the offers don’t just stop after the first deposit.



Our Hello Review found that the Hello Casino welcome bonus ad says: “Signing up only takes a moment and in just one step you’ll receive your amazing welcome bonus.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well not if you don’t know what the welcome bonus actually is, as they don’t clearly display it.

If you scroll to the bottom of the web page you will find the bonus terms link, which allows you to actually see what the welcome bonus is. You can get a bonus of up to £100, but it doesn’t tell you how you can receive that bonus, it could be 100%; it could be 200%. It doesn’t even say what the minimum deposit required is, although judging by the minimum deposit requirements it’s £10.

There are more bonuses promised – for example, you will get free cash and free spins for just no reason at all, or after you deposit. But it probably sounds too good to be true.

Hello Casino Review Best Games To Play

Our Hello Reviews found that when you use Hello Casino, you are able to access a huge catalogue of games, which does make up for its mysterious bonus policy. It has access to a lot of NetEnt games, but frustratingly it does not have a lot of the branded NetEnt games, which are on a lot of other online casino websites. They only seem to have the Aliens branded slots games, meaning they are missing loads of great ones such as Guns N’ Roses, South Park, Bridesmaids and many more. This is a huge disappointment if you are a fan of the NetEnt games, as you would expect any online casino website associated with the software provider to have a fantastic selection of games.

Hello Casino do, though, boast a great selection of table games, made even better by the option of a live casino. This is a great addition to the roster, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular way of online gambling, as it adds a real experience but you don’t have to leave your home. The live casino games are probably the best, as you can access pretty similar (slots) games on many other different casino websites.

Hello Reviews of Software & Gaming Graphics

Our Hello Reviews found that the gaming graphics of Hello Casino are nothing to shout about. Hello Casino uses NetEnt gaming, NYX gaming group, and White Hat gaming as their games providers, so you would expect the games to be of a high quality, but there’s nothing too groundbreaking about the games here. The games run smoothly, no matter what device you are using, whether that’s desktop or mobile.

Their website has two mobile app logos at the bottom of the webpage, both Apple and Android. Given this you’d think that they have both an Apple iOS app and an Android app. But this doesn’t seem to be the case at all. If you click on either of those logos, almost nothing happens, you are just returned to top of the page. Perhaps they are broken links? If you search the Apple or the Android app store for Hello Casino, nothing comes up except the apps for other online casino websites, with the top hit being the Prospect Hall app. When asked on the live chat they said the logos were there to signify the website was compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, which is a bit misleading.

Hello Review Of Online Support

Most reputable and good online casino websites will provide their customers with easy and efficient ways to contact them if their customers have a query or question that they want an answer to and, for the most part, this is a standard practice that Hello Casino adheres to.

An online live chat support system is one of the best ways that an online casino website can interact with their customers and Hello Casino has one, it’s a permanent logo displayed on every webpage that if you click on a chat box appears ready for you to use. Once you click on the live chat logo you are entered into a queue, with the wait time listed as one minute. The website suggests that support is available 24/7, which, in theory is brilliant, as queries can be answered whatever time of the day you log on to the site. However, in practice, it’s hard to know how responsive live chat is as certain times of the day. Should your enquiry be less urgent, you can always email Happy Casino. They promise to reply within 24 hours. The site also suggests that they can be contacted through phone or by Skype, although it’s not immediately obvious how players go about doing this, as there are no contact details listed on the support page.

Hello Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

You can find all the deposit information that Hello Casino has to offer under the ‘Banking’ section of their website. They have an extensive list of services you can use to deposit your money, which is always good. Only PayPal are excluded from list of ways you can deposit; Visa, MasterCard, iDeal, Trustly, GiroPay, PaySafe Card are all catered for. In total, there are 16 services, which are all displayed on the Hello Casino website. A minimum of €10 is required to deposit funds into your Hello Casino account.

When depositing money into your Hello Casino account, you must use the currency of the country you are registered in. This could be a bit annoying if you don’t use euros as that is the currency Hello Casino use as a default. If the currency you have deposited with isn’t available to withdraw, you will have to use US dollars.

If you want to deposit more than £2,000 in any 24 hour period, you will probably be asked for verification, so if you are an online casino player that plays with a lot of money, this might be a problem for you.

Only a quarter of the accepted deposit methods can be used to withdraw funding. These are bank wire, Neteller, Skrill and Visa. Read on to the payout policy section of this Hello Casino review to see the restrictions.

Hello Casino Payout Policy

You can only use four out of the 16 ways of depositing your money to withdraw your winnings, which can be quite frustrating. The minimum withdrawal fee is also over double the deposit fee of €10. You have to request a withdrawal of at least €25, which isn’t bad, but it definitely isn’t the best minimum available.

When withdrawing money from your Hello Casino account, you may be asked for some verification of identification, however the terms and conditions are not clear on when this would apply. However, you may be asked for proof of your debit or credit card, if you’ve used that to deposit and withdraw money. In addition to a copy of a photographic identification such as a passport or driving license, and a document that confirms your living address for the past three months which may be a bank statement or a utility bill, in this increasingly paperless age that could be a problem.

To withdraw money, you must have made a minimum of one purchase on the Hello Casino website.

Frustratingly the website doesn’t have any clear information on how long it takes the money to reach your account after you have requested a withdrawal. Quite a lot of sites usually give at least an estimation of how long it takes, so this could put players looking for quick winnings off from signing up to Hello Casino.

Hello Reviews of Pros & Cons

With Hello Casino, there are very few pros in comparison to cons. One of the biggest drawbacks of using the Hello Casino website is the complete lack of information easily available. Much is hidden, which could easily put off those browsing for casino sites to use. At least they have a responsive online live chat, which is helpful, because you could easily get lost using this site.

Hello Casino could offer the best welcome bonuses and promotions on the web, but if they did, you wouldn’t have a clue about it, because there is simply nowhere to find out about the exact details of promotions without venturing to terms and conditions or live chat and support.

The catalogue of games is poor as well. Considering Hello Casino has access to NetEnt’s – one of the most trusted and prolific casino software developers in the world – back catalogue, you have to wonder why they don’t have all of the other branded games that competing online casinos boast.

Hello Casino In Summary

We regretfully say that Hello Casino is quite a disappointing experience and, as far as online casinos go, they really are lagging behind their competitors. Hello Casino don’t have a unique selling point at all, which isn’t such a big deal in the online casino market as long as you can offer something to take the mind away from the superficial elements.

One of the biggest disappointments of the Hello Casino website has been mentioned quite a lot in this Hello Casino review, and it has probably been mentioned in other Hello Casino reviews too, because the lack of NetEnt branded games is shocking, especially when they are missing out on such cool brands and games, such as Guns n Roses and South Park.

Hello Casino reviews are quick to note that Hello Casino is not an online casino that instils confidence in you, especially when there are so many better options out there. Hello Casino has a lot of improving to do if they want to become a popular online casino website. One of the easiest ways to do that is to offer good welcome bonuses and great promotional offers, something Hello Casino fail to do. If they fix that, add more NetEnt branded games, and improve the amount and access to information of their website, they could start to compete with their peers. If, after reading this review, you’d still like to see what Hello Casino has to offer, by all means click on the affiliate links above and give them a try.

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Rate & Comment
  • It’s really hard to see if Hello offers any welcome bonuses. It is a shame really as there is so much that they could offer which they just don’t – or if they do you can’t even see it. I was really disappointed when I came onto the Hello website and I was hoping for so much more.

  • Hello really isn’t for me. It’s pretty poor in terms of offers and I just don’t particularly like the fact that they have nothing special to offer. There are so many games missing that other casinos have, it’s surprising that they even exist. It might seem harsh but there’s just nothing really there for people to enjoy.

  • It is really easy to sign up for Hello, and there are loads of bonuses that are promised. It’s just a shame that there isn’t a huge catalogue of games to play. The games that are there as well are pretty basic. It’s not great for an online casino and there is a lot to work on to get to a decent standard.

  • I love the fact that this site actually greets you when you visit them. How clever! It looks great too and really I have no complaints. Withdrawals and verification is really fast – I’ve only withdrawn once and it took less than 12 hours to get into my Skrill account. Why can’t all casinos be like this?

  • I only opened my account on Hello Casino sixth months or so ago. I’ve deposited a lot and withdrawn too and never had any issues whatsoever. It looks really modern and it’s a really fun site to play on. I will definitely keep returning to this site and recommending it to all of my friends.

  • I didn’t like the fact that they don’t have a search bar for games. I’m a pretty experienced gambler and I know exactly what games I’m looking for, and having to trail through hundreds of games to find the right one is pretty unappealing. Other than this though, I really enjoy the site and I think this is a casino you can really trust.

  • I really don’t like the fact that on the website it makes it look like they have an app for both Apple & Android when as far as I’ve been able to find, they don’t. This is a shame really as I quite like playing online casinos through apps. Other than that I think the site is okay. They just seem a little bit incomplete, as they say you can have a welcome bonus when you sign up but don’t tell you what it actually is. Very weird. Maybe their website just needs a little bit of proofing. There is a huge catalogues of games but not a lot of the branded ones despite using all the right software. I find this site very odd, but everything I’ve played so far has been fine.

  • Their website is just to my taste. It’s clean and there’s not too much overcrowding and I really enjoyed the easy navigation. The wagering requirements aren’t too high and they offer games from the leading software providers, but somehow don’t have a lot of the really well known games. That isn’t a problem though as everywhere else seems to have these games, so not having them makes them a little unique. It’s a good casino and so far I have enjoyed playing here.

  • I think Hello looks really great. It’s really easy to move around and find exactly what they want. They upgraded their website from the last time I came on here and it is SO much better. There are loads of games, a good welcome bonus, some really fun games, decent promotions and mega jackpots. This is definitely the right casino for me, and I really love playing on it!

  • Hello casino is really great. It has a decent load of slots and doesn’t have the same as every other casino sites and while people might think this is a bad thing, I definitely think this is a really great aspect to the site because it makes it more unique. There’s a huge collection of games and a few different ways to deposit and withdraw too which is really important to me.

  • Hello casino is the only online casino that greets you whenever you visit them. Pretty smart name in my personal opinion. Whenever new casino arrives I always google them first and if you are lucky you will find a great exclusive regarding welcome bonuses. For instant I found this casino’s exclusive somewhere. They were and still are offering 100% deposit bonus plus 100 free spins on NetEnt game of your choice.

  • The only casino that actually greets you when you visit them which is really good. The name is really smart too and really coincides with the family feel and the welcoming tone that you get with the site. If you are lucky you get a great exclusive regarding welcome bonus which is fantastic.

  • Overall my experience from Hello casino is really good with a big selection of games, they have fast and friendly chat and I will deposit again here hoping to have better luck next time. Five stars from me.

  • On hello casino there’s a huge range f thing to do. The website looks fantastic and it’s quite easy to navigate. They have some good welcome bonuses from what I’ve seen and I’ve never had a problem with it.

  • I really enjoy playing on Hello casino. even though some of the best games aren’t featured, I find that they have a lot more to offer under the surface than it looks when you first join the site. Overall I regularly have a really fun time that can’t be replicated very much on other sites and I really enjoy it!

  • in my opinion Hello Casino is great! They have a great website with good games! Easy to find games what you want to play. Customer support replies in short time.

  • Really like Guts casino so will give them a great casino review! They have a very good website with good games! Easy to find games what you want to play.

  • I decided to write a review on Hello Casino because I love the live casino games on their site, they offer the real experience but I don’t have to leave my home. Hello casinos website looks really nice and is easy to navigate around and the fact that the website welcomes you as you visit them is a plus as well.

  • I found the online support at Hello Casino outstanding. I had an issue depositing my money and through the 24/7 live chat option it was resolved in minutes. After reading some of the negative reviews I couldn’t disagree more, Hello Casino is a respectable company with a range of great games who are motivated in keeping their customers happy.

  • Hello Casino is a great website, I joined a few months ago. In my time on Hello review I have deposited and withdrawn without had any issues whatsoever. My Hello casino review is that is really modern and it’s a really fun site to play on. I will definitely keep returning to this site and recommending it to all of my friends.

  • Hello casino is really great site with a great range of slots and table games. Hello has a huge collection of games and a few different ways to deposit and withdraw.

  • Slot machines are my favourite, and Hello provides so many that I just never know where to begin (or stop) when I play on this site. The fact that the minimum deposit (€10) is so low really helps with everything, and I really enjoy playing on their site. Without a doubt, Hello is my favourite site to play on for so many reasons including welcome bonus and promotions, fantastic slots, low deposit and easy navigation around the site. 5 out of 5 stars from me!

  • Not the biggest fan of Hello. The promotions aren’t clear and if I hear about any it either takes me a while to find them or I can’t find them at all. It just puts me off how hidden everything seems to be. It’s a shame really because I like their selection of table games and live casino, but they don’t offer much in terms of slot games, so if you love slots I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

  • My review for this site, I think it’s really good! A lot of information provide, loads of different games for you to choose from. Encase for anyone does know If you want to deposit more than £2,000 in any 24 hour period, you will probably be asked for verification, so if you are an online casino player that plays with a lot of money, this might be a problem for you.

  • I opened my account on Hello Casino sixth months or so ago. I’ve deposited a lot and withdrawn too and never had any issues whatsoever. It looks really modern and it’s a really fun site to play on. I will definitely keep returning to this site and recommending it to all of my friends.

  • Hello is a really simple kind of casino. Easy to use and easy to get absorbed in. It isn’t as impressive as the bigger ones, but I like it. The Hello casino review might be a bit harsh, but you should seriously check it out before you judge. The games are pretty good, too.

  • I loved that you could sign up to Hello Casino super quickly and then star playing straight away! They have loads of games and something for every ability so be sure to give something new a try- I’ve discovered so many new games this way.

  • Hello… this IS a good casino! Hello Casino is an online casino that is easy to start up and get underway. They have a host of games and is perfect for beginners or the more advanced players. Because of their range of games and the bonuses on offer, I give Hello Casino 5 stars.

  • Hello Casino has been my go-to for a while now and I am so happy that my friends told me about it. It’s easy to use and you can get a lot of bang for your buck on here. Hello Casino needs to become more popular- they have so much to offer that people don’t know about. Give it a go!

  • Hello Casino has given me the chance to really become a pro at online casino games. I now practice every week and manage to win lots of money to fund my habit. Hello Casino has loads of games for people of all skill levels and tastes so be sure to give their games a try.

  • I really think this is a casino you can really invest your time and money in and get a lot for what you put in. I recommend my friends too as I’ve had experiences with dodgy sites in the past, which is not something you would ever experienced here at Hello Casino!

  • If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable site to play your favourite online casino games then Hello casino is one of the best. They have great jackpots which also mean you are treated better here than some other mediocre sites. It’s unique layout makes it my top pick when it comes to ease of play too.

  • My review for Hello Casino is really impressive site, a good variety of games to choose from and lot of promotions going on. Such as a great welcome package with triple the points offer up to £1,100 bonus on your first three deposits and earn double the points. Of course you can deposit more of up to £2,000 in any 24 hour period for the high big spenders!!!! Overall review on Hello Casino i give it a thumbs up!!!!

  • Hello casino has some great promotions going on at the moment, as it’s Christmas receive daily gifts until end of December and if that is not enough to entice you, the welcome package offers a pretty impressive £1,100 in bonus and up to 150 bonus spins on your first 3 deposits. Still want more have fun with Tuesday Bonus or Weekend Celebrations. Join the VIP club and get rewarded with points for every bet you place. Overall review i love everything about Hello casino especially all the fun and quirky Christmas games!!!

  • My review for Hello in my opinion is a really good online casino site with fantastic welcome bonus package offering a triple welcome offer up to £1,100 bonus on your first 3 deposits. and triple offer 150 bonus spins on your 3 deposits. Pretty neat.!!! Hello Casino got load more promotions up for grabs on certain days of the week you just got to join in to play and enjoy. What i also like Hello is the amount of information it has on the banking options for deposits and withdrawls,and lot of information on support if you need advise or help on something.

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