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Genting Casino Promotions & Bonuses


Our Genting Review found that due to the size of the Genting online casino, they have multiple promotions and bonuses running at any one time, so many, in fact, that it can be hard for the casual gamer to keep up. A stunning first bonus offer is the 100% bonus that is running until the 30th May 2016 on first deposits up to £1,000. That’s a remarkable amount, so if you’re looking to invest heavily into your gaming upon your first deposit, it may be hard to find such a bonus amount elsewhere. However it is a lot to initially divulge in any one place, so while the potential figures at the higher end of investment are larger, at the lower levels of initial deposit (say at figures around 50-100) the 100% bonus is met very often, it’s just that Genting aren’t offering free spins as an addition.

Genting Reviews often mention the fact that there are slots promotions but they are not specifically aimed at new customers. In fact, new customers aren’t really enticed at all, at least in comparison to other more spectacular offers available at other online casinos. This isn’t to say Genting online casino have bad offers online, but it’s fair to say they’re also focused on UK customers coming in through the door of their physical casinos. In fairness, when Genting do bonuses, they do them big. For example, the Mega Jackpot’s ‘Isle o’ Plenty’ game, at the time of writing, has a jackpot of over £500,000. That’s an enticing sum for a single spin. What’s more, you can earn 24 free spins from the game.

Genting Casino Best Games To Play

Genting Casino reviews find that the games are typical for an online casino as big as Genting, it’s hard to know where to begin. The scope of this casino is immense and in this Genting online casino review, it’ll be hard to cover the sheer volume of possibilities on offer. Immediately the prospective gamer is hit with several options to peruse, including live casino, casino, slots, sports and poker. With over 300 titles available, it’s fair to say as a gamer you will never feel bored!

Furthermore, the amount of new games added is high, so this means that the content is refreshed, adding a further level of enjoyment for any gamer and further delaying that which feels inevitable at other, smaller online casinos – boredom.

In part, the quality of the games at Genting online casino is because of Playtech, the world’s most popular online casino gaming software. Playtech is a guarantee of quality slot gaming, with an arsenal of features at hand and an unsurpassed ability to garner the biggest deals in the industry to deliver top quality branded games. Some online casinos let you play games for free, without registering. This is not the case for Genting, but with the assurance of Playtech games this perceived problem is rendered obsolete. Initial slot games on offer at Genting include Family Guy-themed slots and Sherlock Holmes-inspired games.

In games such as poker, where Genting really, really shine, the graphics are superb and gamers across platforms and mediums shouldn’t struggle at all. Genting roulette, poker and baccarat and more besides are also playable live for an incredibly exciting casino gaming experience.

Genting Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

Genting Reviews found that through using Playtech software Genting are able to stream their vast selection of games directly to your mobile, desktop and tablet hardware. As mentioned previously, Playtech are perhaps the very largest software provider in the industry, this is good for gamers who value high quality games which are fully supported and in this sense, future-proofed, meaning you shouldn’t find your favourite games disappearing any time soon, if ever.

Genting casino reviews also note the site also has a software download which is handy for gamers who wish to play outside of their browser on their desktop. The download is very easy and the install is lightning fast, even on this reviewer’s modestly powered computer. While installing, a handy note informs you that once it is complete you can open a real money account, buy chips and begin playing with your unspecified bonus. Once inside the game console you can play for money or simply for fun – the games download quickly but internet speeds will, of course, affect this.

Featured games include an official Gladiator (the DreamWorks film) slots game and, while the graphics aren’t spectacular, they are functional, the theme is befitting of the casino and features fun in game conditions, such as the Colosseum bonus. The slots themselves feature images of the major characters and the Playtech software includes a ton of features to play as manually as you wish or as automated as you desire.

Genting Casino Online Support

The bigger and better online casinos tend to feature excellent customer support online and Genting casino, frankly, are no different. They have a comprehensive site map which is the first port of call when trying to find exactly what it is you need and as well as a detailed and easy to navigate frequently asked questions, they also have a very good getting started guide.

Should you find yourself in want of further support and assistance you should look no further than the incredible 24/7 live support, based in the UK. Should you wish to phone them they generously offer to call you back, sparing you the expense. Little touches like this should reassure any prospective new Genting casino gamer of their absolute commitment to a quality online casino experience.

If this isn’t enough, they also offer you the ability to email. Online support, frankly, does not get more comprehensive than this. Other lesser online casinos often do not feature 24/7 support and if they do not in so many ways as Genting, furthermore, with the support being UK-based you can be assured of not having a problematic language barrier.

Genting Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

As befitting Genting’s wonderful online support methods, Genting casino also features an incredibly handy depositing tutorial, replete with screenshots, so every step of the process is covered in fine detail. This is a massive plus, especially for new gamers who want their first depositing process to go smoothly and without worry, as we at best deal casinos understand the importance of feeling secure when transferring or depositing funds into your account.



Handily, Genting give you the option of having several ways to deposit money into your account. You can, of course, play for fun (and therefore for free), as mentioned previously regarding the games within the software download. In addition to this, while within the software download you can also deposit funds, this is made clearer in Genting’s depositing tutorial but this is handy for a gamer who doesn’t want to re-open their browser, especially if having both open at once is taxing on your hardware.

Minimum deposits for both credit and debit cards are £10/€10 and using this process means you have an instant amount in your account ready to begin immediately gaming on Genting casino. This can only be a plus for gamers, withdrawals are equally hassle-free, with no specified limit on the amount you can withdraw but they do make it clear it will take three to four working days, which is usual. It goes without saying that Genting have a modern and secure website, ensuring your financial security and personal privacy are safe, so any potential new gamer should have no qualms or fears in this respect when considering Genting online casino.

Genting Casino Payout Policy

There are certain things we would like to point out in this Genting casino review. For example, Genting make it clear you will not be able to make withdrawals on to MasterCard or Maestro cards, so it’s worthwhile bearing that in mind when using this online casino. Also as mentioned above, three to four working days applies to gamers within the UK, so for those overseas it will take five to seven days for the payout transaction to complete.

More excellent news for the gamer is that Genting charge no fee for withdrawals, which is sadly not an industry standard. Free withdrawals from the casinos end, to this reviewer, seem only fair outside of where bank charges may apply.

Using a system called Genting pay, you can withdraw winnings from cash desks inside Genting casinos; you will need photographic ID to do so, as well as a residential UK address. A minimum of £50 must be withdrawn with a maximum withdrawal amount of £10,000. This is an advantage Genting have over other online casinos who do not operate physical establishments. This service is of course instant, and once again it is totally devoid of charges.

Genting Casino Pros & Cons

In this section of the Genting Casino review we’ll be providing a brief lowdown of this Genting review in clear and concise bullet points of pros and cons, we think this is a speedy way to reiterate the best and worst elements of any online casino:


  • Genting casinos are a prestigious, respected and vastly experienced casino operator
  • Incredible range of games, from slots through table games and even sports
  • Fantastic guides to help gamers of any and all experience
  • Excellent mobile website
  • Excellent software download for desktops removing the need to have a browser open
  • Playtech software usage
  • Huge jackpots


  • New customer bonuses could be better or at least clearer
  • Website on first glance appears busy
  • Blink and you’ll miss them bonuses
  • No dedicated mobile app

Genting Casino In Summary

Hopefully in this look at Genting casino it has been made clear that they are offering a supreme online casino experience. This reviewer found it difficult to find any solid cons but as with everywhere else no online casino is perfect but Genting are giving it a good go. The website is a little busy on the homepage but some would argue this is simply a show of strength in terms of volume of games, many of which are offered live.

Genting, as mentioned, offer a wide range of games, incredible gamer support through several different channels of 24/7 customer support and for those gamers based in the UK the chance to withdraw money from their physical casinos. Genting are a fully established and well respected casino chain who operate globally, so security for your money couldn’t be higher. Gamers looking for incredible sign up offers may look elsewhere and some rewards are fleeting and may only apply to certain games but the counter-argument to this is that rewards and bonuses will have a higher turnover, which, in turn, should keep any potential new gamer entertained for longer.

Genting online casino sadly have no dedicated mobile app but they do however have one of the better mobile ready websites so this partly makes up for the lack of any app. Their software is very quick to download and install and means for desktop gamers that you don’t need to have an open browser to game and or even deposit funds. While all this is impressive, the graphics sometimes are not especially on the slots games. It would appear Genting favour game-play rather than flashy effects and this is understandable.

In short Genting operate an online casino for serious gamers but this shouldn’t throw off potential new gamers, even though other casinos may have juicier welcome offers, it’s doubtful many offer the reliability and experience of Genting. It is an excellent choice for gamers of all means.

Rate & Comment
  • I love this casino for its live casino games. They’re a lot of fun and it feels pretty similar to a real casino. I haven’t tried their other games just yet, but I know they do video poker and some other stuff. I’ll be coming back to try these other games in the future.

    Would recommend

  • Genting casino has really classic casino feel and as an avid gambler I really like this. I don’t like sites that are too in your face and flashy. Not only do they have an incredible website, their mobile website is just as good. They have a great range of games and they are of a really high quality, which I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  • Great casino, had a real good time playing blackjack here last night! It works great on mobile too, and I finally got the chance to sit down and play sic bo. It wasn’t as good as blackjack, but it was definitely worth a try! I’d recommend this casino to a friend.

  • I have nothing but good words for Genting casino, as a regular and loyal customer they are always rewarding me with great promotions and offers which I really appreciate as most sites don’t. I have always got some pretty big winnings from Genting, there is nothing bad I can say about their site or service.

  • Genting Casino offers such huge jackpots which are so fun to play for. Can you imagine winning that amount of money? It would be incredible. I can even focus on trying to get the jackpots on my mobile which is usually really hard to do but Gentings is so smooth. It would be even better if they had a dedicated app as well.

  • Genting Casino looks really smart when you first go onto the page but I think it just lacks a bit of personality. It seems very serious so this could be the type of site for veteran casino players who want to play some serious poker or blackjack, but not really for us newbies.

  • Genting casino is easily the best site I have ever played on. It looks professional and really smart which I think is important for people like me who take gambling seriously. It is a very authentic site too which makes you feel like you have genuinely jumped straight into a real life casino. I was really impressed as soon as I found the site and will continue to play here for a while.

  • One of the largest real life casinos in the UK and other parts of the world I knew the site had to be just as good. It’s powered by Playtech so the games a really good quality and the payout rates are usually pretty good too. I love playing Gladiator which is always a really fun game and moved onto blackjack and roulette which were equally as fun.

  • I joined this site because a friend had recommended it to me and so I gave it a go. I do really like the Playtech platform and all of the really cool slots games. My verification took quite a while which was a shame but other than that I’ve had a really good experience playing on Genting Casino. It’s definitely one I would recommend to people who like an authentic experience.

  • Genting casino is smart, sleek and sophisticated to look at. It’s very live dealer focussed which I love as when I play at a casino I really like it to feel like I’m in a real life casino and have it authentic. The 100% welcome bonus isn’t the best out there but it is certainly more than welcoming enough to me.

  • I am a huge fan of Playtech software so I’m always eager to try their casinos. I signed up at Genting casino about two weeks ago. I had trouble depositing money yet the staff on live chat was very nice and assisted me with the registering process. After that everything seem to run smoothly and I am a happy customer as all of the games are of a very high quality.

  • This site are extremely respected and they have an exceptional number of games on the site, from slots through table games and even some sports which is absolutely amazing. I’ve played, won and lost and this site makes all of those things really exciting and engaging. I’m extremely happy with this site and will continue to play here.

  • In my personal opinion Genting Casino is a great online casino. It has everything you could want in a casino and more. The deposit and withdrawal system is the fastest I have ever experienced, so i am very happy indeed.

  • Genting casinos are extremely a prestigious casino which makes it hugely trustworthy in my eyes. On top of this they have some really in depth guides which really help when it comes to learning how to play some of the games I’ve never played before. On top of that, their mobile website is also really great and runs exceptionally smoothly.

  • I’ve been playing on Genting casino for a while, and it is easily one of my favourite casino sites of all time. There is an incredible range of games on this site, and I genuinely think that this could be the best site I’ve ever played on.

  • Genting Casino is an online casino powered by Playtech, so it has quality slot games and usually a good payout rate.

  • Genting casino is a great online website they have a variety of different games and most of them are powered by Playtech which means they are to a very high level. Overall I really liked this casino and will definitely come back.

  • Genting Casino really spoils you for choice. There are so many games available from slots to table games, live casino, sports and more! Coupled with this the generous bonuses and promotions that Genting Casino provide results in you being overwhelmed by what’s on offer. Genting Casino deserve the 5 stars they’ve been given in reviews.

  • Genting casinos are a highly prestigious and respected online casino and vastly experienced. Genting reviews an incredible range of games, from slots through table games and even sports. Genting casino offer fantastic guides to help gamers of any and all experience. Plus their mobile website is excellent and great for on the go gaming.

  • Genting casino has really classic casino feel that I really like. Gala casino is an incredible website and their mobile website is just as good. They have a great range of games and they are of a really high quality.

  • Genting casino lives up to all my expectations of an online casino, playtech software is always a bonus when online gaming and adds to the gaming experience. Genting casino is especially good for the seasoned players, i don’t use any other site since joining Genting.

  • I have nothing but good review for this site, amazing range of game, from slots through table games and even sports. What an excellent mobile website!

  • Genting casinos are a highly prestigious and respected online casino and vastly experienced. Genting reviews an incredible range of games, from slots through table games and even sports. Genting casino have fantastic guides to help gamers of any and all experience. Plus their mobile website is excellent and great for on the go gaming.

  • i thought Genting Casino was really sophisticated when I first found it. I was kind of overwhelmed. But, I quickly got into the swing of things and now I am absolutely hooked. Everything runs really smoothly, the games have a good pace and high stakes and the graphics are very impressive.

  • Genting has to be the most fascinating online gaming site on this website. They have a great reputation when it comes to being reliable and offering sumptuous bonuses and promotions that just always keep me coming back for more! The slots and game varieties are awesome too! What’s not to love?!

  • My review on Genting Casino it has an amazing bonus up to £1000 for new players on your first deposit. With a great range of games to play, from slots through to table games and even sport games. Excellent mobile website for those who like to play on the go. Some very good high stakes to be won!!!

  • Genting Casino has a all new Live Roulette streamed live from the flagship it itself Genting international Casino so you can get that buzz of being in the casino in the comfort of your own home. Love it !!! and Roulette is not the only live game you can play. I love Genting casino as listed A to Z games so you can easily find all your faves straightaway. Overall review Genting casino is a excellent gaming experience for live games, the graphics are very impressive !!!!!

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