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100% up to £400

Average rating 4 out of 5 from 20 reviews

Gala Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Our Gala casino review found that the Gala Casino sign-up bonus is one of the very best around, giving new customers a 100% match on their first deposit up to a considerable £400, higher than the majority of other online casinos you’ll find out there. What’s more, the play limit to get your hands on the bonus for withdrawing is pretty good, too. You’ll only need to wager 20 times the amount to convert your bonus into real cash, which is lower than most other casinos. For a first-time bonus, it’s hard to get much better than this.



Our Gala casino review finds that the regular bonuses are also reasonably generous and plentiful too, so if you’re a long-term customer of Gala Casino, you won’t feel left out. Gala Casino also has a referral system that allows you to earn yet more bonus money and boost your bankroll by referring any friends to the site – always a welcome option. The Gala Casino VIP section is where it really comes into its own for high rollers, however, as priority withdrawals, special promotions, and even a personal account manager are all available for more dedicated gamblers. Yet even if you’re at the lower end of the market, you’ll still find plenty to like about the special offers in store at Gala Casino.

Gala Casino Best Games To Play

Being dedicated to the casino experience rather than the offshoot of a bookmaker, the game selection on Gala Casino takes some beating. Almost every conceivable game is here, such as table games like roulette and blackjack, video poker, Gala Casino bingo, Gala Casino poker, live dealer versions of games, as well as other, more obscure variants and games to add some variety into the mix. The providers for their games are varied too, so it’s not all the same type of games that are featured on other sites – there’s a lot of stuff here that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Gala offers many of its games through the website in a no-download version, with very little compromise on which varieties are available. This gives a slightly streamlined experience, which means that some features are missing, but this is done in order to achieve a smoother experience with fewer problems. You can always get the full versions via the download option – having the ability to play through the browser means you can flick easily between devices on the same account with a minimum of fuss. Some games are missing from the mobile section, but again, streamlining is the main reason, helping to keep the games that are there running smoothly on less powerful devices. There’s also a HD option available, however, if your mobile/tablet and internet connection are up to it.

Gala Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

As you might expect from a dedicated online casino using some of the best technology around, the graphics on Gala Casino’s games are of the highest possible standard, with specific download, browser and mobile versions to give the best experience possible at all times regardless of the device or platform. There are some very interesting innovations going on here, too – the ‘Macau’ part of the site even has a whole section dedicated to replicating the experience of being in China’s famous gambling resort, which offers something a little bit different from the norm and a unique experience to the site. Just because Gala Casino uses Playtech software, a popular choice for online casinos, doesn’t mean games are too ‘samey’ and like a lot of other sites out there. It’s full of interesting twists and modifications to really give it a personality of its own.

Our Gala reviews find that many, but not all, of the games come with a free play option so you can find out easily and first-hand what each individual game is like before risking your own money, which is always a positive. The combination of Playtech software backed up by other providers and customised for Gala Casino means that you can always be sure of an experience that is unique to the site but also of tried-and-trusted quality from the best providers around. It’s hard to fault Gala Casino for their software at all, really – it’s one of the areas where they stand out from the rest of the pack.

Gala Casino Online Support

One of the advantages of online casinos being associated with bricks-and-mortar establishments is that you can usually guarantee great customer support and reliability, and Gala Casino is certainly no different. As you would expect, they have a 24 hours a day, seven days a week operating policy and this includes both a live chat function on the website as well as a phone line which is completely free if you’re a resident of the United Kingdom. The support staff are well-trained and always available, with very little waiting involved, and almost all problems are resolved quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

The security systems on Gala are the absolute top of the range, and the site is well-designed and has few reported regular problems, so you’re unlikely to need the support in the first place. Gala Casino also seems to have one of the lowest reported rates of problems with withdrawals out there, which is a comfort for anyone who’s had a bad experience with other online casinos in the past. On the whole, you can rest assured that the support and professional service you’ll get from Gala Casino will satisfy you and put your mind at ease when it comes to letting them handle your money.

Gala Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Our Gala review found that Gala Casino has a pretty hassle-free system for depositing and withdrawing money, which is quickly available and also allows you to set limits in accordance with responsible gambling. A huge variety of methods are accepted, from the usual major brands of credit and debit cards to a host of e-wallets, and PayPal. The latter is a valuable method for some as it can be one of the fastest ways to withdraw money, and often is the only way of getting it the same day – it’s not offered by every online casino out there.

One other feature of Gala Casino that will please high rollers is that anyone gaining access to the VIP section by the amount they wager will be eligible for speedier withdrawals to get their cash even faster. For players in the standard section, processing takes about three to five working days – not too bad, but certainly not the best out there. Yet what Gala Casino lacks in speed, it makes up for in reliability, with very few problems reported from players trying to get their hands on their winnings after striking it lucky. Combined with the added option of PayPal if you really must get your cash quickly, there’s a lot to recommend here.

Gala Casino Payout Policy

Gala reviews always note that Gala Casino have the big advantage for customers that they publish the RTP (Return to Player, or house edge) values of all of their games online, so you can see what the expected results for each game will be if you’re planning on settling down for the long haul. This is a great feature that not all casinos will provide, and will be very useful for regular gamblers. What’s more, most of these rates are pretty good – the majority are around the 94 – 96% mark, with some even over 99%. You won’t find too many better deals than that around on the internet, and you can ensure that over the long term, your losses will be pretty small.

Our Gala review found that although some of the individual games will have pretty low rates of return in the low 90s, if you check before you play, you’ll be able to find out the best available offer, comparing it with the payout table and seeing which game suits you before you dive in. Even if you’re still not convinced, of course, there’s an option to play the game for free before you risk your cash. With plenty of fair play checks independently verified in the background to ensure you get the right deal, Gala Casino have a solid payout policy that means you can be sure you’ll be playing with fair odds.

Gala Casino Pros & Cons


  • Dedicated casino website run by a well-established company with a bricks-and-mortar presence ensures a thoroughly smooth, professional site guaranteed to provide a great online casino experience
  • Great variety of games from different providers featuring top-of-the-range graphics and some inventive and immersive themes
  • An excellent welcome bonus backed up with regular special offers and promotions for existing users
  • Top-class customer support to deal with any issues from customers
  • Very few reported problems with withdrawals
  • Freephone customer support for Gala Casino UK players
  • Fully-published Return-to-Player listings for all games, allowing you to see exactly which slots and table games are giving you the best offer over the long haul
  • Free play option allowing you to try before you buy, so you can find the games perfect for you and learn the best rules and strategies
  • A wide variety of ways to withdraw your cash including PayPal for a same-day service
  • Streamlined games for download, browser and mobile, providing a lag-free and smooth experience


  • Withdrawal times for credit and debit cards aren’t as fast as some other online casinos on the market
  • Some games not available on mobile version due to streamlining
  • Some games with pretty poor payout rates in the low 90% region
  • A lack of no-deposit bonuses available for new sign-ups

Gala Casino in Summary

In short, Gala Casino reviews show that this online casino offers one of the best services around, and it’s hard to find too much fault with it. It does almost everything well. Owned by a huge company, and being a dedicated casino website run by experts in the field, it offers solid efficiency in all important areas with added know-how and glamour. The basics and details are very good indeed – the customer support is excellent, the site and games work brilliantly, and the software is sourced from a variety of companies and modified specifically for both Gala Casino and your device and platform to give you the best experience possible. The Return to Player rates all being fully published and the special VIP section are also great benefits for high rollers and regular gamblers.

With Gala casino reviews picking up on some pretty unique features and a very immersive experience – from the live dealers to the Macau section – there’s also plenty of unique stuff going on here. There are minor issues over the longer withdrawal times for card payments and the lack of availability for some games over mobile, but these aren’t major problems. Few players playing Gala have many problems with the site, particularly when it comes to the finer details, so if you like the look of the place and it appeals to you after you try, it’s a great choice to sign up, particularly when you consider the generous bonuses for new customers.

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Rate & Comment
  • Some of the games have a really poor payout which is really disappointing. When I’m playing games I expect to be in with a decent chance of winning and if there is a poor payout then I’m just not interested. The speed of withdrawals is also pretty poor so I’m not hugely interested in the site.

  • I quite enjoy playing on Gala. The site runs really smoothly and I’ve never had problems with lag or anything like that. There is also a really good free play option which really helps when it comes to trying games that I’ve never played before so I can learn the rules and build up strategies before I start throwing money at it. I really enjoy the site and will continue to come back.

  • The website is so smooth and professional it is really great to go onto. I love the unique sections such as the Macau section which is awesome. The welcome bonus is also really good and this is backed up by regular offers and promotions too which makes me want to keep playing. There are a few obscure versions of different casino games which are really interesting to see and are definitely something I will have a go at in the future.

  • The online casino is run really well, and there are a great lot of games which I love. There’s so many ways to withdraw your cash too especially with PayPal which offers you a same-day service which I think is pretty incredible. I’ve never played at a site that does PayPal (surprisingly bearing in mind it’s one of the biggest ways to pay online now!!!) or one that gives you your withdrawal money within the day. Big thumbs up for Gala!

  • Customer service at online casinos is usually pretty sketchy with people getting their money blocked or taken away, but with Gala Casino, everything is done professionally and in a very friendly manner. The customer service is absolutely top-notch and they solved my issues straight away. The only thing that lets this site down is the poor payout rates that some of the games have. If they sorted that out then they’d get a 5/5 from me.

  • There is such a great variety of games on Gala Casino which is really great. I can’t find fault in the graphics and there are some really inventive themes which makes the site relatively unique compared to the other big online casinos that are available. In addition to this, there are some really good offers and promotions particularly for those who are loyal to the site. I thoroughly enjoy playing on Gala Casino and the fact that they publish the return to player listings is really good. It is such a great site.

  • The look of the site is really smart and sophisticated. It is super easy to navigate around it and there’s a huge range of games. The fact that they have a whole section dedicated to macau and there’s a whole tab on promos too which is really great. The live dealer is so much fun and it’s really interactive.

  • The site is very reputable from what I can tell and I know many people who play on it. There’s a load of games that you don’t really see anywhere else which is really fun as I always seem to be discovering games that I don’t see elsewhere. There’s a decent selection of WMS slots which is always good and I think the bonuses are decent too.

  • This casino is so so so much fun to play on I don’t even know where to begin! There are a load of games on here and a huge range of welcome bonuses and regular promotions after you’ve signed up which is easily some of the best I’ve ever seen. On top of this, they actually publish their RTPs which is amazing and so truthful, and you can even try before you buy with their freeplay options!

  • This site is absolutely fantastic. I haven’t been playing on Gala for very long, but every experience I have ever had on this site has been fantastic. Gala casino is very reputable and it’s easy to see why. I definitely trust my money when it comes to this site, and I love the fact that there’s a huge number of games.

  • when it comes to Gala Casino review you know you are going to get a great experience each and every time. As there are a lot of games that you don’t see elsewhere quick and easy to access.

  • Genting casinos are a highly prestigious and respected online casino and vastly experienced. Genting reviews an incredible range of games, from slots through table games and even sports. Genting casino offer fantastic guides to help gamers of any and all experience. Plus their mobile website is excellent and great for on the go gaming.

  • I quite enjoy playing on Gala Casino. The site runs really well and I’ve never had problems with lag or anything like that. Gala casino has a really good free play option which really helps when it comes to trying games that I’ve never played before so I can learn the rules and build up strategies before I spend any real money. I really enjoy the site and will definitely come back again.

  • Gala casino runs really smoothly and I’ve never had problems with lag or anything like that. Gala casino has a really good free play option which really helps when it comes to trying games that I’ve never played before so I can learn the rules and build up strategies before playing for real. I really enjoy Gala casino and will keep coming back.

  • Being well known and being a Bingo lover I thought I’d try out Gala Bingo. So far I’m quite peased with it so I wanted to review and recommend! They are constantly updating their games so it always runs smoothly and ensures it’s new and exciting. I’m a big fan of the different themes linked to their games like Lucky Numbers and Deal or No deal. The only down side would be that the joining bonus isn’t particularly generous.

  • Gala Casino review is very smooth and great fun to play on. I love the unique sections such as the Macau section which is awesome. The welcome bonus is also really good and this is backed up by regular offers and promotions too which makes me want to keep playing. Gala casino has many different casino games which are really interesting to see and are definitely something I will have a go at in the future.

  • I didn’t even know Gala had a casino. They don’t advertise as much as their bingo site and after playing some of their casino games I honestly don’t know why. Everything about Gala casino is perfect for me! Good games, good bonuses, good welcome package. I honestly couldn’t expect anymore from them.

  • Gala Casino is such a professional online casino experience. I really don’t rate many online casinos because they can look quite tacky, which Gala Casino certainly doesn’t. I’ve never experienced problems with money withdrawals either- they have PayPal which makes me feel more secure with my money. An all-round great service.

  • The Gala Casino sign up bonus gives new customers a 100% match on their first deposit up to a considerable 400, and play limit to get your hands on the bonus for withdrawing is pretty good too. Overall review great games to play easy to use site and some good graphics smart and sophisticated.

  • i just have to make a review for Gala casino as they have so many promotions to praise about. You can Bonus your way around, choose the bonus you want, get the bonus you want, your bonus your way and pin the games you want!!! And with so many great games to choose from Gala casino is one of best online casino website out there in my experience.

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