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100% up to £100 & 50 free spins

Average rating 4 out of 5 from 30 reviews

FoxyCasino Promotions & Bonuses

FoxyCasino reviews find that Foxy Casino have an eye-catching bonus available to new customers that certainly seems appealing, with a £400 bonus promised. This is a maximum, and operates in stages with bonuses made for each deposit. Customers will get 100% on their first deposit, up to £100; 50% on their second deposit, up to £50; 25% on their third deposit, up to £100; and £150 on their fourth deposit up to £150. To get the whole £400 bonus, the player would have to deposit £700 in total, in four instalments. This deal also includes 40 free spins on one of FoxyCasino slots, although any winnings have to be wagered 40 times before they can be collected, and the maximum winnings are capped at a very miserly £25. Most bafflingly of all, there’s no information on the site for how many times you need to wager the bigger opening bonus, so customers are left totally in the dark.

Our FoxyCasino review found that the regular promotions are somewhat better, with some nice offers on from week to week for loyal customers and regular gamblers, and you can sign up to make sure you don’t miss out on the special promotions by receiving them in your email inbox. Overall, though, the opening offer is really a poor deal that is badly (and partly not at all) explained, with many online casinos offering a much better deal for new customers.

FoxyCasino Best Games To Play

FoxyCasino have a decent selection of games from Net Entertainment leading the pack with their Foxy slots and some of their table games, which are very enjoyable and good fun for players. The others are in-house productions, and while it’s good that FoxyCasino has some unique games that aren’t the same ones available on every other online casino, ultimately the quality doesn’t stand up to the more tried-and-trusted providers.

Our Foxy review found that the table games which are available are also a bit on the limited side. There are only two versions of blackjack, for instance, and two versions of video poker, which is a very limited choice by the standards of most online casinos out there on the market, although through the company and its sister sites, there’s plenty of Foxy roulette, Foxy poker and Foxy bingo. This is a site that is definitely about the slots, and there are some great ones on there, but there just aren’t too many of them.

In short, Foxy matches up to the standard of most online casinos with its very best slots, but the rest of the games on there, while providing some quantity, aren’t really up to scratch. For the most part, you can find a lot better choice on other websites, particularly when it comes to table games – the selection on FoxyCasino really is quite small.

FoxyCasino Software & Gaming Graphics

Our FoxyCasino review discovered that FoxyCasino is backed up by two kinds of software, the first from NetEnt and the rest from their own in-house production. The standard of the former is considerably higher than the latter, unfortunately, and you’ll notice poorer graphics and production values on their own games. One advantage, however, is that the NetEnt games also provide an excellent live casino for a really immersive experience which is just like being at a real, bricks-and-mortar casino – these are always welcome and are a great way to really have fun in online casinos.

Foxy reviews mention that a recent redesign of the site has made it much more steamlined too, which helps out with the games, meaning they tend to load more quickly and lag a lot less – the minimalist design of the site generally makes it easy to get around, and it’s certainly very nice to be able to compare RTP rates in one place to be able to check out the different games all at one glance. Overall though, the better games are certainly up there with the best around, and have some great graphics and inventive themes that make for a very enjoyable experience gaming at FoxyCasino. You also won’t need to download any software – you can play with your browser and many of the games are available on mobile too.

FoxyCasino Online Support

This Foxy review found that another area where FoxyCasino is let down is in its online support. You can contact them in one of two ways, by email or by telephone. For the former, they’ll try to get back to you within 48 hours, and for the latter, while they have a Freephone line for customers calling from the United Kingdom, it’s only open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Compare this with most other big online casinos, which have a 24/7 phone and trained advisors on live chat, and respond to emails far more quickly, and FoxyCasino is really lagging behind many of its competitors when it comes to customer support.

It should be stressed that FoxyCasino’s site has had a redesign and is very easy to use, and there aren’t many issues raised by customers regarding the site itself. It tends to work well and the technology backing it all up is solid. But if you do have a problem, on most other sites you can get it sorted out within minutes – 48 hours is a very long time to wait, particularly since many of the FoxyCasino bonuses are time-sensitive. The landline not being open on weekends – the peak hours for online casinos – is really pretty poor.

FoxyCasino Deposits & Withdrawals

Foxy reviews find that if there’s one area where FoxyCasino really suffers, it’s probably in their deposits and withdrawals. In short, there are a lot of problems here compared to the bigger online casinos, and almost nothing here is good. Firstly, the withdrawal process is needlessly complicated – you can’t choose where you’ll be paid to, the site will simply try and work it out by the last method you used to deposit, or your most frequently used. Which is a problem, because not all methods you can deposit cash with on FoxyCasino can also be used to withdraw it. There are some pretty severe examples of this: you can’t withdraw to any MasterCard debit or credit card, or a Visa Debit or Credit card if you’re in certain countries. There’s also some fairly big payment options missing, such as PayPal.

This problem is then exacerbated by FoxyCasino adding a two to three day pending period to the time taken to withdraw money, meaning that pretty much every transaction will take a week to process, at least, which is far longer than many of the larger online casinos available. Overall, the whole system is a bit of a mess, and one of the worst out there. You’ll still reliably get your money of course, but something that should be quick and easy (and indeed is on most online casinos) is made a lengthy and complicated process on FoxyCasino. If there’s one major problem about using FoxyCasino as your main gambling site, this is it. You won’t have to look far at all to find a much better service.

FoxyCasino Payout Policy

FoxyCasino publishes all of the RTP (Return-to-Player) rates of its games on the site as one handy list, which is great for giving players information about the particular game they’re playing, and makes it easy to compare them at a glance. What’s more, the rates on offer are generally pretty good – there are a couple which are very low (below 90%) but the vast majority are comfortably higher. You can check before you play, so you can see what games are offering the best deals and which will minimise your losses over the long-run. Not every online casino does this, so it’s a definite positive that FoxyCasino freely gives out the information.



Overall, with mostly good payout rates across the board and some games offering excellent value at over 98%, it’s hard to fault FoxyCasino’s payout policy. You can be sure that you’re getting a fair deal and can click through to find the game, find the rate, compare it to the payout table and find out which one suits your style and your bankroll best before making a decision about where to risk your hard-earned money. No matter what level you’re playing at, that’s invaluable.

FoxyCasino Pros & Cons


  • Some very high quality games available using the latest Net Entertainment technology
  • Published and comprehensive return-to-player rate lists to allow you to see exactly how much you should get from each game – all available as one list for easy comparison
  • Good bonuses for regular customers, updated frequently, with a mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out
  • No need to download any software, simply play in-browser
  • Decent mobile support for cross-platform gaming
  • Good payout rates for most of their games available
  • An easy-to-use and well-designed website which loads quickly and causes few problems


  • Major restrictions on withdrawals, such as not allowing money to be withdrawn using a MasterCard Debit or Credit card, and using a convoluted system to choose payment methods
  • Needless time added on to withdrawals, pushing the time it’ll take you to get your hands on your money to over a week
  • Poor availability of customer support, with no live chat function and a phone service only open from 10am to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays
  • A poor selection of table games on offer
  • Quality of many of the slots and table games isn’t quite up to the standard
  • New customer offer is pretty miserly and isn’t fully explained, with no mention for the wager requirement on the bonus

FoxyCasino In Summary

In conclusion, then, while there are certainly a lot of good things to recommend about FoxyCasino, there are nonetheless real issues here. Some of the games are genuinely great, they offer excellent payout rates, and the site is clean and easy to use, while the bonuses for existing customers are solid.

Looking at FoxyCasino reviews, this online casino should be a great choice. Unfortunately, it lets itself down in a lot of key areas – the system for withdrawing money is seriously poor, with restrictions over major methods of payment like MasterCard, no option for popular methods like PayPal, and even the normally fast Neteller payments taking almost a week to process.

There is hugely limited customer support which lags behind many of their rival online casinos out there on the market, a mediocre welcome bonus which doesn’t give you the details you need to actually claim it, and some poor quality games making up the numbers (which in themselves aren’t that impressive, not offering a great deal of choice). It’s not hard to think that you might get a better deal elsewhere. FoxyCasino has a lot of potential, and could be one of the better online casinos around, but anyone looking to sign up should be aware that there are big issues here, and take note of them before they decide to take the plunge and sign up.

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Rate & Comment
  • Foxy casino is one of the biggest names when it comes to gambling and I can honestly say they do not disappoint. Their site is bright and full of life and colour. From when I first joined they had great promotions and since then they have only gotten better. Now as a loyal and regular customer they have great bonuses on offer at all times.

  • Foxy casino’s site has a really easy to use lay out which no one should have a problem with. I quite like websites that are big and vibrant and this is exactly what Foxy Casino is. They have a good range of slots games which I’m happy with, as I prefer to play on slots rather than anything else.

  • I’m not a fan of slots and I’m rather happy that Foxy casino has much more to offer then slots. They have a wide selection of table games and also offer live table games which makes the online gambling experience so much better.

    The quality of their games isn’t that bad, but I have experience better. The only problem with Foxy casino is whenever I want to withdraw my winnings it seems to be such a long process. I feel so frustrated with their withdrawal system that I end up turning to different online casinos.

  • I’m not much of a hard-core gambler myself, but I continuously return to Foxy casino as I like how much fun their games and their site is. When I first joined Foxy Casino, their welcoming offers weren’t as good as other sites I had looked at.

    The more I play on their site the better promotions I get, I don’t play often but when I do I seem to get a good few winnings which I’m rather happy with. I only wish their withdrawals were a lot simpler and quicker.

  • FoxyCasino has a name for a reason and I think that they truly deserve the recognition they get. It’s easily one of my favourite sites. There is a huge range of games as you would expect and they run really smoothly, quite frankly I’ve never had a problem. The site always loads really quickly and it is easy to navigate. The withdrawals are pretty good and payout rates are good for most of the games too. I’ve been a loyal player with FoxyCasino for a long time now, and I don’t plan on ever going anywhere else.

  • The only criticism I have with foxycasino is that they don’t have as many table games as I would like. Other than that, the site is really diverse, the game selection is pretty good and the fact that I don’t have to download anything makes it even better. Hopefully foxycasino keep at the good work and don’t change a thing (unless they’re going to bring in more table games!).

  • I think it’s really good that they publish the return-to-player rates so you know how much you get all the time. So many sites don’t do this which I think causes them to cheat the players a little bit. There are good bonuses and promotions all the way through on this site and the best part is the fact that I can play it on the go, without any problems whatsoever.

  • There are some really great high quality games on this site, with some really amazing bonuses and a good range of deposit and withdrawal options which is really good. There’s a good range of games, and although the selection of table games isn’t massive I think there’s enough there to suit everyone’s taste. Really fantastic site that I will continue to use for the foreseeable future.

  • Lots of high quality games on Foxy casino, they also publish their RTP rates so you get to see exactly how much you should get from each game. They have a wide selection of bonuses and I feel like a very valued customer. Would definitely recommend.

  • I love the fact that the site is completely instant-play which makes it available on the web and on mobile. The site also has a real life dealer casino which is really fun. There’s also been loads of audits which has proven just how fair the site which I think is really important on online casinos.

  • I don’t like sites that you have to download so foxy really suits me and the way I like to play. The game selection is really good and I really like the fact that they have a comprehensive return to player stats which is fantastic. The website is also extremely easy to navigate around and there’s more than enough to keep everyone busy.

  • Foxy casino has a great layout to their website, and unsurprisingly it has all of the best games you could ever want to play and more. All in all my experience with Foxy casino has been nothing but positive from the contact support staff to the super fast withdrawal system. Would recommend for sure.

  • My review for Foxy Casino is that it provides a clear, easy to use online casino which is also full of colour and fun to look at. There are a variety of slot games from the well-known games which frequent most online casinos, to Foxy Casino’s own in house games which I think really give them an edge in offering something different and refreshing to online gaming.

  • Net Ent games are by far my favourite on this site, and I have such a great time playing on there. I adore the atmosphere that Foxy casino provides, and there’s a great selection of games across the casino from table games to slot machines. I have recommended this site to all of my friends, and now we meet up once a week to play – promoting some healthy competition!

  • Foxy casino has all the games you would want to play more. My Foxy Casino review is completely honestly and usually i am very difficult to please however i was nothing but impressed.

  • After reading the reviews I thought I’d try Foxy Casino for myself. They provide a multitude of games from the popular ones you can find on most online casinos, to their own games offering a unique experience for the gamer. I personally love the slots which are well catered. I would definitely recommend Foxy Casino to others.

  • Foxy casino boasts some very high quality games available. Foxy casino review comprehensive return-to-player rate lists to allow you to see exactly how much you should get from each game. Foxy casino has some great bonuses for regular customers, updated frequently, with a mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out.

  • Foxy casino is one of the best when it comes to gambling and I can honestly say they do not disappoint. Foxy casino review site is bright and full of life and colour. From when I first joined they had great promotions and since then they have only gotten better. Now as a loyal and regular customer they have great bonuses on offer at all times.

  • Foxy casino is one of the biggest names when it comes to gambling and they do not disappoint. Foxy casino is a bright website full of life and colour. Foxy casino can count me as a loyal and regular customer they have great bonuses on offer at all times.

  • My review on FoxyCasino is very positive. It is definitely the casino for me. They have the best selection and quality of games, from bingo to blackjack games, which are all extremely high quality. I am very happy that I signed up to this casino as it’s the best. The website is easy to use and not at all confusing and complicated like some other casinos websites can be. It is also updated frequently which has a huge impact on the overall quality of the website.

  • My review for Foxy casino is very positive. It has many different varieties of slot machines, arcade and a casino for everyone to enjoy. These games are all extremely high quality because of Foxy using the latest Net Entertainment technology, I think the quality of the games has a huge impact of whether or not you will stay a customer to the casino so this is very important. The website is easy to navigate around but it also stands out and draws people in.

  • I have to say Foxy Casino is the one for me, I love their layout and colour on the website, really colourful. One of my favourite game is Amazon Queen because you can win up to 100 free spin and so easy to play.

  • Foxy casino is very easy to use and the lay out is very attractive. I love websites that are vibrant and this is exactly what Foxy Casino is. They have a great range of slots games which I’m happy with, as I prefer to play on slots much more than anything else.

  • I can see why Foxy Casino is known as one of the best. there is no doubting how brilliant the games and prizes are. I can play them anywhere at any time and have receive lots of great bonuses!

  • There’s a reason why Foxy casino has managed to get a review out of me, and that’s because it is such an immersive site. I’d never realised that they had a casino as well as their bingo site, but I was really surprised at just how good it was. Okay, there are a few minor faults here and there which is why this reviews isn’t a five star, but this is to be expected with any online gambling site. At the end of the day, I feel like my money is always safe and there is a great selection of games for me to enjoy. because of this, you can be sure that there is no better option than Foxy Casino

  • I am always seeing Foxy Bingo on the T.V and the foxy character just makes me laugh, so I had to give Foxy Bingo a go. My review on the first time play you get a nice welcome bonus, also a loyalty scheme with a lot more bonus which changes all the time. And what’s more if you become a VIP and move into the Elite program there are lots more bonus. This is one the most generous offers on the market. 5 star review

  • I think FoxyBingo really deserves its high ratings and good reviews as they always try to push the boundaries of the user experience. Their interface is cool and always runs smoothly so I have no complaints!

  • My review on Foxy Casino it has an eye catching bonus available to new customers that seem very appealing with a £400 bonus promised. Foxy Casino site is bright and full of colour and of course the cute Mr Foxy himself. Foxy also has a good range of slot games and live table games, which makes the online gambling experience more fun…

  • Who doesn’t love a bit of Foxy Bingo every now and again? They have super cool bonuses and all the games you could ever wish for! I would certainly recommend them for their exceptional customer service and reliability.

  • I must just first say i love Foxy adverts, always put a smile on my face, and not a lot of adverts can do that!!! My review on Foxy Casino is awesome, i love the the layout and the colours of website it is very enticing to make just want to play with an amazing bonus of up to £400 you could just play around all day!!! Overall review i just love love love MR FOXY

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