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Up To £1,000 First Deposit Bonus

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EuroGrand Casino Promotions & Bonuses

Our EuroGrand Casino Reviews found that EuroGrand Casino’s sign-up bonus for new players seems good but not great at first glance. EuroGrand Casino will match your first deposit at 100%, which is pretty standard, although only up to a limit of £100, which is one of the lowest around. On the plus side, you’ll only have to wager 25 times the amount to be able to withdraw the bonus, which is lower than average, and you’ll also receive 25 free spins on a variety of slots (although winnings will be credited to your bonuses, and will require wagering 40 times the amount before you’ll be able to withdraw them).



Our EuroGrand Casino Review found that for most players, that adds up to a pretty mediocre welcoming bonus. For high rollers, however, there’s an additional option of a £1,000 bonus if you deposit £2,000, with an additional 25 free spins. This deal isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking to deposit a serious amount of cash, it’s certainly well worth considering, as most sites will set their bonus limit well below £1,000 (although normally at a rate of 100% rather than the 50% that works out at here) .

Overall, it’s a decent welcoming package, certainly better if you’re a high roller, but not one of the very best around. Instead, where EuroGrand Casino really comes into its own is the more regular bonuses. You can get a 10% or 15% bonus on any deposit with certain methods, including major cards and PayPal, which only needs to be wagered 12 times to be received. You can also get a 60% bonus on your second deposit up to £500 for an 18x wager limit, while there’s a loyalty points system and a referral system in place too. All in all, the promotions for regular customers add up to one of the best packages around.

EuroGrand Casino Best Games To Play


Our EuroGrand Casino Review found that EuroGrand Casino offers a reasonable selection of games, but for sheer choice there are many better options out there. The site boasts around 70 games in total, from table games to slots, which isn’t the most, although they are of a very high standard with some live dealer versions available for an immersive experience akin to being in a real casino. There are also a fair number of progressive slots, which can give out colossal jackpots to lucky players who manage to win them. You’ll have to download the casino program to use them, however, as there’s no option to play the games in-browser as with many other online casinos out there on the market.

Nonetheless, despite the lack of choice, there is still an awful lot of games here covering most variants of the table games you’ll enjoy and a few slots too. The graphics and usability of all of them, most importantly, are also of a great standard and really help to deliver an engaging experience while using the games. What EuroGrand Casino lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up for in quality. If you’re a fan of progressive slots or table games, you’re sure to find plenty to satisfy you here.

EuroGrand Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

With EuroGrand Casino backed up by Playtech as their software provider, you can rest assured that you’re getting some of the very best, top-of-the-range games available in the online casino world, with one of the biggest and most trusted providers supplying the technology. The result is games with excellent graphics which all run well on a variety of platforms and devices; although, of course, a downside is that you’ll need to download the casino before you can play them, which can make switching between devices on one user account something of a hassle.

Although the quality of Playtech games is indisputable, they are the only provider used by EuroGrand Casino – some other online casinos make use of several different providers to mix the game up a bit, and this probably explains why EuroGrand’s library of available games isn’t as large as some of their competitors out there. Despite that, there’s no doubting the quality of what they do have, and the games on offer here are definitely up to the standard that you’ll find on some of the very best casinos available, particularly with the table games and progressive slots which seem to be the areas the site is built around.

EuroGrand Casino Online Support

As EuroGrand Casino is owned and run by such a major name in the online gambling world, you can be assured of a great customer support service with dedicated, trained advisors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact them by email, telephone (with a Freephone number if you’re a resident of the United Kingdom) and a live chat service. There is one slight issue here, however; you’ll need to download the casino software in order to use the live chat, which is a strange system which can be a bit frustrating. Particularly if, for example, you prefer to game on mobile or tablet and just want to access the live chat on your other device to ask a question, you’ll be forced to download the software even if you don’t want to play on that device just to speak to their advisors.

That minor problem aside, the customer support at EuroGrand Casino comes with the good reputation and good service you’d expect from such a major company. You shouldn’t have any worries about dealing with them or having them look after your hard-earned cash, as they’re some of the best around when it comes to support.

EuroGrand Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

When it comes to deposits, EuroGrand reviews show this casino is one of the best around. You can get your money into your account by a variety of different methods, and all of them offer a 10-15% bonus on your deposit that only needs to be wagered 12 times to get the rewards. That’s one of the best offers around, and understandably attracts many players to EuroGrand Casino.

Unfortunately, the same isn’t true when it comes to withdrawing your cash. Our EuroGrand review discovered that EuroGrand Casino adds a rather needless ‘pending period’ to every single withdrawal method of a flat four days. Even worse, that doesn’t just mean it’ll take four days to get your money – this pending period is in addition to the time taken to process your withdrawal at the site and for the payment method itself, which means it will usually be adding up to over a week before you’ll actually see your money. Even for payment methods that are usually very fast, such as PayPal, the pending option remains the same and pushes it into the next week. Quite simply, this can be a serious annoyance, and many other online casinos don’t operate with this policy, or if they do, they have a much shorter period.

Overall, the big deposit bonuses are certainly one of the best offers around, but just be aware that it will take quite a while, in relative terms, to get your hands on your winnings when you want to cash out.

EuroGrand Casino Payout Policy

EuroGrand reviews always mention that the payout policy is rather difficult to surmise – RTP (Return-to-Player, or house edge) numbers aren’t published by the company. It is variously reported at figures in the high 90s percentage range, however, which is certainly up there with the best of them, although this is an overall figure rather than for each individual game. This can make it a bit difficult to compare one game to another without playing it, particularly since there’s no option to try the games out for free either. The only way to test the payout is to make a rough estimate while gambling with your own money, and that’s far from an ideal system for most players, regardless of your level.

Not every online casino publishes Return-to-Player figures, of course. Actually, most of them don’t. EuroGrand Casino is at least run by the William Hill group, which are usually good when it comes to payout rates, and Playtech games tend to have high rates too. With the overall rate pretty high, it’s unlikely there are too many games with very low rates. Nonetheless, regular gamblers and more seasoned veterans may prefer to try other places where they can see exactly what they’re getting for their money.

EuroGrand Casino Review Of Pros & Cons


  • Our EuroGrand review discovered that some of the best promotions for regular customers anywhere in the online casino world, featuring bonuses on every single deposit you make with low wagering requirements, a good referral system, a loyalty system and more
  • Benefits for high rollers with an additional welcome bonus and a VIP section where you can gain access to a personal account manager, faster withdrawals, new promotions and a variety of other bonuses
  • Good selection of progressive slot games to give you a chance of winning a huge jackpot
  • Very high quality of games backed up by the latest, state-of-the-art Playtech software


  • A fairly mediocre welcoming bonus, particularly for players who aren’t high rollers and can’t or don’t wish to deposit a huge amount when they first sign up
  • A frustrating withdrawal system which adds a pending period of four days to all withdrawal methods, meaning that it will take over a week to get your money out of your account
  • Not the same range of choice offered by other casinos, particularly when it comes to slots
  • No in-browser option to play – customers must download the software to use the casino
  • Customers must also download the software if they want to access the customer support live chat option

EuroGrand Casino Reviews In Summary

In general, it’s hard to really summarise EuroGrand Casino after considering all the EuroGrand Casino reviews. It really is a mixed bag of the great, the mediocre, and the downright ugly when it comes to the various facets of their casino. The bonuses for deposits and continuing customers represent some stunning value for money and will probably be seen by many potential customers as worth signing up for alone, particularly if you’re in it for the long haul, and especially when the reasonably high payout rates and low wagering requirements for these bonuses are factored in. Added on to a professionally-run casino with great games and good customer support, it looks like a winning formula.

Unfortunately, things aren’t perfect. The welcome bonus is pretty miserly by comparison, and the choice available for players, particularly when it comes to non-progressive slots, isn’t the best out there. The need to download the software to play the games is one thing, but needing to download it to access live chat is downright mystifying. And then, sadly, there are a few areas where EuroGrand Casino really lets it customers down. The addition of a four-day pending period for all withdrawals is really one of the worst around, and if you want to get your hands on your cash quickly then it quickly proves a major obstacle.

Overall, you might think the bonuses justify the downsides, and that wouldn’t be too crazy an opinion – they really are that good. But you should definitely be aware of some of the issues around EuroGrand Casino before you dive in.

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Rate & Comment
  • The quality of the games that are on Eurogrand is great. I really enjoy regularly playing some of the slots with Eurogrand, and the Live Roulette is my absolute favourite. Although you have to download the software in order to use the casino, it is worth it with its excellent graphics. For a more interactive experience with a downloadable casino that makes the gaming seem slightly more personal, I would recommend Eurogrand.

  • The welcoming bonus wasn’t good enough to draw me in. In fact, compared to other sites it’s pretty mediocre. Although there is a huge change to win big on progressive slot machine games the initial welcoming package just wasn’t enough for me to want to bother when there are other sites that offer a lot more.

  • There looks like there are a lot of fun games to play, but in reality when you start playing there’s just not the range that you would expect from a good online casino. That,plus a four day pending period for withdrawals is just a complete let down to customers.

  • The fact that Eurogrand has its roots from William Hill made me interested to try it out. I always wonder why such big sites end up having daughter and sister sites when their site is already quite good. I quite like the layout of Eurogrand but I’m not keen on downloading software just to play but I gave it a go anyway. There is a decent selection of games on the site, and it is definitely the place for people who love slots like me. There are a lot of favourite titles on the site Fountain of Youth and there’s a really good chance of winning! Overall I quite like the site and think it is a good and classy alternative to William Hill’s main site.

  • The VIP part of Eurogrand seems to be really good as do some of the bonuses and promotions. I’ve had a great time playing on this site and everything so far has run quite smoothly. The withdrawals are faster and there’s a higher comp pointy conversion rate when you’re a VIP which is amazing. I’ve been a loyal player with Eurogrand for a few years now and plan on remaining to get the five star treatment.

  • EuroGrand has some of the best promotions I think I have ever seen on an online casino site. The games run really well and there’s a decent selection too. I love playing on Playtech software which makes EuroGrand the perfect site for me. I think there could be a few improvements to the site, but overall I’m pretty happy and look forward to watching it evolve.

  • State of the art technology must be being used on this site because all of the games run incredibly smoothly and are of a really high quality. The VIP section is also really great, and it has some really amazing benefits when it comes to being a VIP and a high roller. super happy with the site.

  • Euro Grand is one of the grand casinos that has long been installed on my computer as a desktop casino client, and the way things are for a long time will remain so. I can safely say that in my opinion Euro Grand casino have one of the best bonuses to offer their players on the net.

  • Eurogrand is a casino that plays with Playtech software and I can say that I’m really happy with how this casino plays. The deposit bonuses are really good and it only has a 12 times wager which is actually quite hard to believe considering the outrageous wagering requirements that most of the sites these days have. So far so good with this site, will keep you updated if anything changes!!

  • Eurogrand easily has some of the best promotions that I have ever seen on any site and for me this is more than enough to keep me there. There are low wagering requirements, and you get a bonus on EVERY single deposit that you make! It’s absolutely unbelievable how Eurogrand put their customers first. Absolutely love love love this site.

  • Customer support at Eurogrand casino is great. Verification of my account take for them only 3 hours, it is probably one of the fastest verification I ever had. Live chat is always online, and their support team is amazing, very fast withdrawal process too.

  • Eurogrand is a really fun site to play on due to the large number of games and an excessive range of promotions that the site gives. This makes it feel like it is definitely worth it, and there’s a great selection of bonuses when you sign up too, which makes everything even better.

  • Eurogrand casino is a place with Playtech software, and I can say that I played at this casino couple of times, and I am pretty happy with what I have experienced on this casino.

  • When it comes to Eurogrand casino review i can honestly say the customer support at Eurogrand casino is good, and I talked with them couple of times. From everything I can say that I am just happy with them, and I never had any bad experience. They always polite, friendly, and what is the most important thing – they are always fast.

  • My review for EuroGrand is definitely a positive one. Their game graphics are of the highest quality I’ve seen compared to other online casinos and really add to the whole user experience. Even though EuroGrand doesn’t offer the vast amount of games offered by other casinos, you can still find the most popular games which I normally only play anyway. Altogether EuroGrand provide a fun, high quality platform for online gaming.

  • Eurogrand casino has some of the best promotions for regular customers anywhere in the online casino world, featuring bonuses on every single deposit you make with low wagering requirements, a good referral system, a loyalty system and more. Eurogrand casino review benefits for high rollers with an additional welcome bonus and a VIP section where you can gain access to a personal account manager, faster withdrawals, new promotions and a variety of other bonuses.

  • I really appreciate nice design and I was not disappointed by EuroGrand. The website looks professional, modern and it’s very easy to use. I have not been able to find any issues with the website. The huge variety of games makes it difficult to choose what to play sometimes, which is a good problem to have. As you can tell by this review, I’m really happy with EuroGrand Casino.

  • EuroGrand casino has some of the best promotions I think I have ever seen on an online casino site. EuroGrand review games run really well and there’s a decent selection too. EuroGrand casino review is the perfect site for me.

  • EuroGrand casino has some of the best promotions I think I have ever seen on an online casino site. EuroGrand casino has online games that all run really well with a wide selection too. I love playing on Playtech software which makes EuroGrand casino the perfect site for me.

  • Having been a loyal member of the EuroGrand casino for a while now, i was finally offered to become a VIP member, this has enhanced my gaming experience no end with EuroGrand as the privileges i now get are fantastic. This is my favourite site to play progressive slots on and they have many of the big name games. Without doubt this the best online casino site i have found.

  • I don’t think EuroGrand casino have the same range of choice offered by other casino, particularly when it comes to slots. Also they don’t offer huge bonuses and offer when you first sign up. I’ll give 3/5.

  • I enjoy the games on Eurogrand. I have to give it to them, there are some interesting ones to choose from and you can try them out before getting your money involved. However, I’m disappointed in other ways. The design of Eurogrand is quite bland and my money always takes time to come through. Sometimes, it doesn’t come through until the following week. I hope they improve this.

  • The quality of Eurogrand casino is excellent. They have great games showing up all the time, excellent loyalty rewards and promotions and jaw dropping jackpots up for grabs! If you want to win big, Eurogrand Casino is the place to visit.

  • Eurogrand casino is an engaging sight, they have a lot of games to offer in addition to some tempting rewards and promotions and the jackpot… well, you hit that, let’s just say you won’t be using any casino sights for a while. My Eurogrand review is 5*, get on it now.

  • Eurogrand is so great when it comes to giving out bonuses for committed players and I should know because I’m one of them! They offer a great selection of lost games and I’ve won some sizable amounts at time- you’re sure to be a winner with Eurogrand.

  • Eurogrand is so great!!! I’ve tried many of their games and they are so interesting I just can’t get enough. I was introduced to Eurogrand by my friends and let me tell you, they have fabulous taste! Eurogrand is so bright and colourful; it is a joy to use!

  • Eurogrand Casino is one of my favourite gaming sites as they offer great bonuses and it’s really easy to withdraw your winnings. Why not give it a try-see you on there!

  • EuroGrand has changed my life with regards to its ability to welcome high-rollers such as myself. I prefer to invest a whole bunch of money to begin with and then play with the additional welcome bonus. This ensures that I always get the maximum amount possible to spend on game play and makes me a VIP customer too!

  • Eurogrand is a professional and modern online casino gaming site that is easy to use and has all the games you could possibly wish for! I think they have some of the very best promotions of all casino sites and really take care of their customers which is why we keep coming back.

  • If you love high quality graphics and are looking for a modern online casino layout then Eurogrand is the way to go. There is a sufficient amount of games (including live ones) so you never get bored. I also love coming back to my favourite ones as I find them far more interesting on Eurogrand in comparison to elsewhere.

  • I think EuroGrand Casino have a good range of games to play, especially when it comes to betting if you love a good bet whether it be on the Horses, Boxing, Football, there is something for every sports fan. Bet with £10 and play with £40 with a world of betting at your fingertips what more could you want!!!! Overall review a fantastic betting experience for the sports fanatic.

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