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£50 Welcome Bonus

Average rating 4.5 out of 5 from 34 reviews

Coral Casino Reviews Of Promotions & Bonuses

Our Coral Casino Review shows that like most online casinos, has a multitude of offers and bonuses to entice new custom. In Coral’s case, it is a particularly large one – they offer a £50 bonus for first time users who deposit £10 or more. This is obviously a great deal, although it does come with a range of terms and conditions including clauses against ‘low risk betting’ and other popular strategies. Coral also follows a strategy common to many online casino operators in that they require a ‘wagering requirement’ of 24x the bonus amount before any profits can be withdrawn. This is actually fairly low compared to some other casinos we could name. The industry standard is 40x or 50x although not many offer as hefty a bonus as £50 either! Be aware that some games contribute more towards the wagering requirement than others, a full list of which can be found at the bottom of this page:



Coral Casino runs a generous loyalty programme that rewards customers for frequent betting. Each bet gains reward points which can be exchanged for real cash. At the end of the month users are ranked by how many points they have accumulated over this time and are then assigned different rewards, which can be pretty impressive for the highest (platinum and diamond) level customers.

Our Coral Casino Reviews find that Coral regularly updates their offers and promotions, so check back on their main website often to see the latest deals.

Coral Casino Reviews Of The Best Games to Play

This Coral Review realised all this site’s online games are provided by Playtech, one of the industry leaders in immersive 3D virtual casino technology. With over 300 games on offer, covering everything from casino classics like blackjack, roulette and craps to literally hundreds of variations of slot machines (with their own dedicated subsection, Coral Slots) in a wide range of styles. Coral Casino is also unique in that it offers a (relatively) small selection of arcade style games that users can bet on, including a penalty shoot-out simulation and virtual horse racing.

Should you get tired of the casino, Coral also operates a wider site where users can bet all manner of sports and social events, just like you would at one of their traditional bookmakers. We also recommend Coral customers check out the 3D roulette tables, which have impressive high definition graphics and even a live dealer option that really brings the Casino experience to life. Roulette players can also simulate multiple tables at once which allows the canny gambler to maximise their chances of a big payout!

Coral Reviews find that Blackjack players are not left out either, with a ridiculous amount of variations on the casino classic to peruse and master. All Coral’s games are playable for chips only in a simulated mode that allows customers to learn the game, practice and then refine their strategy for the big leagues. Coral also offers a poker section to their site, called Coral Poker.

Coral Casino Reviews Of Software & Gaming Graphics

With gaming tech provided by the industry respected Playtech, Coral Reviews show that their site offers a virtual casino experience unlike any other. Users in their live dealer blackjack, roulette or poker games can experience real time conversation with their table opponents and the dealer, fully immersing themselves into the game. Although this game isn’t available in practice mode, for those of us who can’t get to a real casino floor, for whatever reason, this might just be the closest experience to it – and all from the comfort of your home. Users can also download a standalone casino desktop application that can be accessed without circumnavigating the main site, letting returning customers jump straight into the action with no hassle.

However our Coral Casino Review finds that home is not the only place customers can enjoy playing Coral Casino games. With a dedicated application available for all Apple and Android tablets or smartphones, although the Live Dealer options are quite graphically intense and so might not work on older devices. With this innovative app, Coral customers can practice and enjoy all their favourite games on the move, no matter where they are in the world.

Our Coral Casino Reviews find that it also seamlessly links into their sports betting site so you can manage all your gambling prospects in one, perfectly streamlined and convenient place. Many of Coral’s slot machine games are officially licensed with popular characters including a Marvel themed version with Captain America and Thor characters, among others. Even if you’re not a fan of slot machine games, these certainly deserve considering a look in if only for the impressive graphics that really evoke the epic feel of the Marvel universe that many of us know and love.

Coral Casino Reviews Of Online Support

Our Coral Review finds that Coral Casino offers an extensive and thorough FAQ (frequently asked questions) style help centre where they run through various options like a flowchart. Should these not satisfactorily answer your question, you can live chat with a rep, email or call their customer service centre. Live online text chat with customer service reps is an innovative and relatively new technology that has recently seen increased uptake in many markets, so it’s good to see Coral has their finger on the pulse and has adopted this.

To be honest, Coral’s customer service section didn’t look anywhere near as slick and professionally produced as the rest of their site, but it was perfectly usable and I imagine they would be able to swiftly answer any query users might have regardless. There was no information on the charges for calling their customer service number from a mobile though, so interested parties might consider calling from a landline or investigating a different method of contact if this isn’t possible. Coral is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission (where their parent company’s offices are based) and is one of the most recognised gambling outfits in the UK, so customers can game their time away safe in the knowledge everything is being operated on a fair and level basis.

Coral Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

Coral Casino offers the following deposit methods:

  • VISA/MAESTRO debit cards
  • VISA/MasterCard credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • ECO
  • Paysafe

They also offer their own cash based service Coral Connect, where customers can deposit cash and at any traditional Coral betting store and then use those funds in their online account. Funds can also be withdrawn in the same manner. All deposit methods have a minimum transfer of £5, except PayPal which is £10. All deposits are instantly processed.

Coral Connect is definitely one of the more interesting ways of depositing in an online casino out there on the market at the moment, and fully makes use of Coral’s position as a market leader in traditional book making. This option allows users to manage their deposits and withdrawals to and from Coral without an intermediary bank taking up time processing payments and the like. Although not available outside of the UK and Ireland, this is certainly something worth thinking about for anyone who frequently visits real life Coral shops or simply has one nearby.

Withdrawals can be completed through all of the previously listed methods, with the addition of a bank transfer, although these can be lengthy to set up without online banking. All online wallet (PayPal etc.) transfers take 24 hours and card based transactions take 3-5 days. Coral Connect is instant, although this seems to require some additional set up for withdrawals.

Coral Casino Payout Policy

Coral Casino has a detailed and somewhat confusing terms and conditions page that outlines the various forms of gambling they consider to be rigging, cheating or fixing the system to give the customer an unfair advantage. Any user wishing to experiment with a questionable strategy would be wise to check this page beforehand to ensure that what they try is not covered – otherwise it might result in a loss of winnings.

For example, ‘low risk betting’ (such as evenly betting red/black every time on roulette) may result in termination of your account. Coral seemingly doesn’t publish their payout figures online either, although it would be reasonable to expect them to be in line with other industry leaders. Remember, if you claimed the £50 welcome bonus you have to bed 24 times that amount before you can receive your first payout.

Coral Review Of Pros & Cons

Pros: Coral Casino has a slick and streamlined user interface with many ways for users to access their favourite games, be that at home or the move. As a well-known bookmaker in the UK, with an established industry presence, you can be safe and secure in the knowledge Coral are looking after your deposits and won’t unfairly cheat you out of any hard earned winnings. Their fully 3D graphic, live dealer immersive casino games honestly have to be seen to be believed and offer a virtual casino experience unlike any other on the web – it’s worth signing up just to check them out, really.

Coral also run several well designed and interesting features that make them unique in the online casino market, including Coral Connect payment that links up to their traditional real life stores, licenced character based slot games and hybrid sports/arcade betting games that offer a great distraction, should the traditional casino ever prove boring. The ability to try out almost all the games (minus the live dealer mode, but hey, no-one can have everything) without using money is also a great boon that allows gamblers to practice their strategies for implantation when the moneys on the line.

Cons: Coral’s customer service section, while user friendly and extensive, is not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the site, although this is a relatively minor gripe. The large signup bonus offered is great but the wagering requirement can prove a bit of hassle, although compared to many other online casino’s offerings it isn’t much at all. Coral’s rules and regulations are also more comprehensive than many of its competitors, definitely excluding some gambling methods that might slip through the net elsewhere.

Coral Reviews in Summary

Overall, Coral Casino’s benefits far outweigh the cons. With a large welcome bonus and a streamlined, attractive and modern website that puts users right into the action with minimal fuss, and interesting overlap with their traditional stores, there are plenty of reasons for the discerning gambler to choose Coral Casino as their online destination of choice.

A well-known and respected brand throughout the United Kingdom with book making pedigree (their first branch opened in 1926) that is hard to come by in a crowded market, you could definitely do worse than Coral. With a plethora of games available on a range of platforms to suit all needs and tastes, their will certainly be something for the gambler of all persuasions available on Coral – from the high tech shiny gloss of the virtual roulette table to the simple pleasures of a classic slot machine or blackjack game, Coral has the online casino game just about stitched up. And if all that still hasn’t convinced you, well you can practice play most of their games for free – so why not give Coral gambling a try today? Just click on the links above to find out more.

Rate & Comment
  • Wow. Coral is such a large company which is why it is so trusted, and it doesn’t disappoint. There is something for everyone in terms of what games they offer. My favourites are the classics such as blackjack, but I’ve given the really high tech tables a go such as the roulette and they are also incredible.

  • I really enjoy playing with Coral. I know that everything I do is safe and secure because of the name of the brand which is an extra relief when it comes to gambling online. The virtual casino is one of the greatest I’ve ever seen. It really does feel like you are right there in a real life casino which is one of the best feelings when you’re playing online. You’re completely drawn in.

  • Don’t be fooled by the big welcome bonus offer. The wagering requirements are so harsh that there’s just no point in getting excited about it. It is a really strict website, which I suppose it has to be because of the name of the company, so be careful if you’re doing anything you shouldn’t that you might get away with on other sites because Coral will definitely catch you out.

  • My friend recommended playing on the corals online casino as they said the corals site had some good online casino games. I signed up about 2 months ago and think its good, but not my favourite. overall though still a good online casino site.

  • I’m quite new to Coral Casino but my experience with them so far has been good. My friend recommended them to me mentioning the £10 no deposit bonus for new players back in 2014 but that’s not quite the case anymore. On top of this there is the 500% bonus which is really great too. There’s a load of games available from a lot of different software providers which is always really great.

  • I can’t say I’ve ever had trouble with Coral. I play their poker many times a week and I can confirm that I have never had any trouble or problems with the poker clients they use. I’ve also played blackjack and I’ve made quite a few good winning hands. It’s crazy but I really think that lady luck is always on my side when I play with Coral.

  • Registration is really easy, although it took a little bit longer than I thought it would. I only signed up a few weeks ago and it has already become one of my favourite casinos to play. My profile was verified really quickly and I decided to stick to my gamblers intuition and played the slots and won quite a bit of money. Withdrawal to my Skrill took only a couple of hours! Really happy with this site.

  • I use Coral casino for blackjack, and think the live blackjack tables are great! However I mostly use the coral website for the sports betting side of things. I find it better than most of the other sports betting sites, and they offer an easy to use cash out process.

  • im going to leave a coral online casino review as i have been playing there for quite some time now, and im finding it a better platform in terms of usability to the other sites i have played on. I like the good variety of games they ahve, and also the fact that its easy to navigate the site too.

  • Fantastic online casino experience, and also a wide choice of online casino games to choose from. After playing a few of the other big named brands versions of online casino, Coral certainly has the best performance in my honest opinion.

  • Coral Casino offers a really great site and it has the greatest performance of any site I’ve ever played. I feel extremely safe when I use this site because of its brand name and they offer a really great range of different games. They’re also quite good at cracking down on people trying to cheat the system which is great.

  • I am fairly new to Coral Casino and online casinos in general, but my experience with them so far has been world class. My friend who recommended them to me told me they had a £10 no deposit bonus for new players, but when I checked out their site it turned out you now need to make a £5 deposit in order to receive this bonus. I’ve no problem with this, and it’s worth sticking with as I made my money back and more!

  • I’ve been a long time player at Corals and it is one of the first places that I have ever made a deposit on. The games come from a bunch of providers and there is a wide selection of games on the site which is really great. For me, this is one of the best sites in the world and I absolutely adore playing on here.

  • The casino is really great. It’s a big brand name and that comes with a lot of responsibility. The games are really great and the interface is really easy to navigate, as well as being really nice to look at. The live dealer casino is easily the best part about this whole site and I will never go anywhere else.

  • In my personal opinion I think that Coral caisno is a top online casino. They have all the best games, and sometimes i can have access to my winnings within a few hours which is exactly what you want. I have had a very good experience with Coral casino, so I would definitely recommend it.

  • The Coral website is easy to use both on the go and at home on my computer. It’s user friendly and aesthetically pleasing as well as providing a great range of games. It feels safe to use Coral since it’s a well-known and respected brand throughout the UK. I’m very pleased with my gaming experience with Coral which I hope came across in my review.

  • Coral casino is absolutely fantastic. To me, it’s always nice to see a selection of payment options as I like to chop and choose between which payment method I use. Personally, Coral is a fantastic site, it’s streamlined, sleek and modern, looks exceptional, runs very well and I’ve never had an issue.

  • My Coral casino review is that this is one of the best casinos in the world and it has been supported by various platforms and some of them are cryptologic, play tech etc. The reason they are so popular and successful is because of the wide selection of games they have.

  • Coral casino run several well designed and interesting features that make their website unique in the online market. Coral casino review connect payment links to their traditional real life stores. All of their licensed character based slot games and sports betting games that offer a great distraction when I’m surrounded by smelly people on the train to Aberdeen. The ability to try out almost all the games without spending any of your real money first is also a great perk that allowed me to practice for when the money is on the line.

  • After trying a few online casinos, personally I found that Coral was the best. The fact that Coral is such a well-known and trusted company, I feel a lot more confident depositing bigger sums than I might do elsewhere. The 3D graphics and live dealer options are top class and definitely something than sets them apart from other online casino’s. I’m not surprised by the hugely positive reviews posted for Coral Casino.

  • My favourite thing featured on Coral Casino has got to be the 3D virtual casino technology. I love being able play my favourite games at home with the feel of being in an actual casino, and to top it off there are loads of different games to play. I posted this review as I’d highly recommend Coral casino to all!

  • Coral Casino offers a really great site and it has the greatest performance of any site I’ve played on. I feel extremely safe when I play on Coral review and they offer a really great range of different games.

  • As a bit of a newbie to online casino’s I felt reassured depositing my money on Coral Casino. Not only because of their well-known name and trustworthy reputation, but also because the website itself is really easy to use and the helpful customer service team were a great bonus. Coral deserve the positive reviews I’ve read on best deal casinos.

  • Whenever I play Coral Casino I know that everything I do is safe and secure because of the name of the brand. Coral’s virtual casino is among the greatest I’ve ever seen. At Coral Casino it really feels like you are right there in a real life casino which is one of the best feelings when you’re playing online.

  • As a regular Coral goer i thought i would sign up to the Coral casino site and like its land based shops the casino is really nicely set up, easy to use and just generally really nice site to play on.

  • My rcoral casino review is I think the best one! For a new customer like me they offer a generous welcome whether I’m prefer to roulette, blackjack live dealers or slots. coral have a welcome offer that suits me. This is amazing!

  • I didn’t think Coral had it in them to make a good online Casino, but they proved me wrong. Everything about it is great. I love that they linked up their stores to their site. I can jump back and forth from live games to online games whenever I want and never get bored of them. Despite a rocky start when I signed up the bonuses they gave out later on kept me coming back. Coral Casino is really great.

  • My Coral casino review simply represents the enjoyment I had using this site. It was fun, friendly and easy to use for a new customer. You could literally spend hours on this site and there’s enough games and activities to keep you entertained for hours, you may even strike lucky. Coral Casino is must!

  • Coral offers casino lovers a fun place to play with loads of deposit options and a wide range of games. They are easy to contact should you ever have any issues or problems, so I feel they are a really safe online casino site to use.

  • Coral is a wonderful gaming site- I can’t really pick a fault in it really! It has every game you could ever wish to have and it’s such a respected brand that you know you are in good hands- I’ve been on other sites where you can tell their customers were not at the heart of what they do, but Coral is completely the opposite.

  • I really like playing on Coral as I find their online casino games easy to use and you have a wide range of games to take advantage of too. They have some great promotions for both new and existing customers on Coral so you really can’t go wrong!

  • Coral is one of my favourite online casinos, their games are easy to use, their online and mobile account is efficient and rarely occurs any technical difficulties and they also offer great promotions for both new and current customers. I don’t see why this online casino gets below a 5 star

  • I agree with everyone on here that says that the site is so easy to use, its positively impressive and I love to tell all my friends about it. I have a lot of respect for Coral as they have been around for ages and have always delivered a safe and reliable service. They’re also really easy to get hold of and have never disappointed me when it comes to special offers.

  • My first review on Coral it does not have one of the greatest of offers as some other sites by only depositing £10 and get £50 free bonus but i guess we have all got start somewhere for first time users. Overall review a really great site and has the best performance very easy to navigate. So much better than other sports betting sites i have played.

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