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ComeOn! Casino Reviews Of Promotions & Bonuses

Our ComeOn! Casino Review found that welcome bonuses and promotions are common among online casinos, and our ComeOn! review shows this site is no different. Yet in comparison to its competitors, ComeOn!’s bonus isn’t the best out there. Most online casinos offer a bonus with a ceiling of £200 minimum; some even offer a ceiling of £500. However, ComeOn! only offer a 100% bonus up to £25, although you can use it in both the sports and casino sections of their website. The minimum deposit required to participate in this promotion is £10, which is usually the lowest deposit amount you will find for online casino promotions.

Our ComeOn! Casino Reviews think it is hard to understand why ComeOn! don’t have separate welcome bonuses for separate parts of their website; they would benefit by having one welcome bonus for their sports section, and a different one for their casino section. The bonus isn’t as generous and competitive as perhaps what is offered by other casinos are out there.

However, our ComeOn! Casino Reviews finds player points can easily be earned by logging in, playing and withdrawing, so players know that every visit to ComeOn! means they never come away empty handed. These points can be exchanged for a ‘free gift’ of the player’s choice, including free spins, free money bonuses or reload deposit bonuses.

ComeOn! Casino Review Of Best Games To Play

ComeOn! Reviews find that this casino have a considerable number of casino games available, from table games to slot machines to roulette. However, the site doesn’t offer the amount of choice that is available at some other online casinos. Nevertheless, they have over 300 types of video slot games, including Starburst, Jackhammer, Fruitshop and Bloodsuckers, so if they’re your favourite type of game you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

There is a wide catalogue of NetEnt and CTXM games available on ComeOn!’s site. Having NetEnt powering their games means they have access to some great brands, which allows them to offer some exciting games to players. These include a Dark Knight slots game, a Scarface slots game, a Game of Thrones slots game, and two South Park themed games: the South Park slots game and the South Park: Reel Chaos slots game. The original South Park slots game is cool enough, but the Reel Chaos version adds a twist to the NetEnt classic.

However, if you get bored of the many slots games that ComeOn! casino has to offer then we recommend you take a look at their live casino games, which are filmed in the sunny country of Malta. Evolution LIVE roulette and Evolution LIVE blackjack are great games to spend your time playing, and add an authentic experience to your gaming, all from the comfort of your home.

ComeoOn Casino Review Software & Gaming Graphics

Our ComeOn! Reviews all show despite the fact the number of games may be far fewer than on other sites, those offered are up there with the best in terms of graphics, which only serves to enhance players’ experience. A lot of ComeOn!’s casino games offer graphics and sound effects of outstanding clarity, qualities which are lacking elsewhere at other casinos, because they are powered by big names NetEnt and CTXM.

Although some online casinos don’t offer mobile apps, ComeOn! has an app for both iOS and Android devices, enabling players to quickly and easily access the site on the move. This sets ComeOn! apart from other online casinos, because those that do have a mobile site sometimes don’t have an app, and if they do it’s usually only limited to one type of platform.

However, our ComeOn! Casino Review found that the ComeOn! website can sometimes be a little bit slow, which is incredibly frustrating when you’re looking for some quick action from your online casino. This problem is quite noticeable in the slots section of the website, because of the amount of video slots they offer.

ComeOn Review Of Online Support

Our ComeOn! Review find that a lot of reputable online casinos have a live chat system, which means that their valued customers can reach them anytime at the touch of the button, and ComeOn! casino is no different. They offer a chat service that enables players to contact them should they have any issues, and they provide a quick response during operating hours.

However, the chat system is only available between 10am and 6pm, immediately limiting the support available for those who play outside of operating hours. Therefore, if you have a question or query outside of these hours, you will have to email ComeOn! casino instead, and the response may not be as immediate. Also, you will only receive a reply between the hours of 9am and 10pm. Even though this option is available for evening players requiring support, anyone playing into the night or early morning will have to wait longer.

Furthermore, ComeOn! don’t have an FAQ section on their site, which can be frustrating if a player has a simple query, and the answer can’t be found without contacting support. They also don’t have a customer telephone line.

ComeOn Reviews Of Deposits & Withdrawals

There are various ways for you to deposit your cash into your ComeOn! casino account, which include Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, Entropay, and online bank transfer by Skrill, Neteller, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, and Paysafe card. However, not all of these service are available on mobile, which can be frustrating.

The minimum deposit amounts are probably one of the lowest around for online casinos. To deposit cash into your ComeOn! casino account using the listed methods above, you only need £7. This is very cheap in comparison to other online casino sites, as most require a minimum deposit amount of £10-20. The maximum amount varies between services and also depends on the exchange rate, so you need to check out the ComeOn! casino website for a breakdown of the figures.

You can set a daily or weekly deposit limit when using ComeOn! casino; however, this can only be done by accessing the desktop site. Therefore, if you play on your mobile you will have to log into your account on a desktop, which can prove rather irritating for the regular mobile user.

ComeOn Casino Reviews Payout Policy

If you want to make a withdrawal from your ComeOn Casino account, you will need to have minimum of £14 in your account, which is double the minimum deposit amount. This is rather low, considering the requirements of some other online casinos in the United Kingdom.

However, the method you choose to deposit cash into your ComeOn! account may be different from the one you will use when withdrawing your money, simply because some services aren’t supported. However, it shouldn’t be a problem as Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, EntroPay, bank wire transfer, Neteller, and Skrill are all supported. Like a lot of other online casinos, using the popular PayPal to withdraw money isn’t an option with ComeOn!

The waiting times also depend on which service you are using; using Neteller and Skrill will let you make withdrawals in the quickest amount of time by far, as players are able to transfer their money from their ComeOn! account into their online wallet within 24 hours. This is incredibly fast in comparison to a lot of other online casino websites that support Skrill and Neteller. However, if you aren’t using Neteller or Skrill, then every other service requires a wait of two to seven business days.

The amount you can withdraw varies between services. The highest amount you can withdraw is just over £7000, but that’s limited to bank transfer, Neteller, and Skrill. By using any of the other methods, you are able to withdraw just under £3000. You will need to regularly refer back to the ComeOn! website, as the exact figures will change due to exchange rates.

ComeOn Reviews Of The Pros & Cons

Just like with all other casinos, ComeOn! has its own unique set of pros and cons, which every player thinking of signing up should be aware of.


  • ComeOn! casinos games have fantastic graphics courtesy of NetEnt and CTXM, which greatly enhance the player’s experience
  • The casino has an app for both Android and iOS devices, something that other online casinos can’t offer
  • The minimum deposit is quite low in comparison to a lot of other online casinos, which also means the withdrawal minimum is one of the lowest. This is really beneficial for players who don’t want to commit too much money to their online gambling experience
  • It’s a good website if you want your sports betting and your online casino to be easily accessible and all in one place


  • The biggest con about the ComeOn! casino website is probably the lack of promotions and bonuses they offer compared to other casino sites, and the fact they only offer a 100% bonus up to £25
  • The online live chat support system from ComeOn! casino is only available for six hours of the day during office hours. This disadvantages players who prefer to access their accounts outside of this time
  •  There is no FAQ section on the site to solve quick queries, meaning customers have to contact support with every question they may have. There is also no telephone number
  •  There isn’t a wide selection of games in comparison to other casino sites

ComeOn Casino In Summary

Despite launching in 2010, ComeOn! casino aren’t as big a player in the online casino scene as some of their newer, more established competitors are. This may be due to a few reasons.

Firstly, their promotional offers are really lacking in comparison to what’s on offer on some other sites; there really aren’t enough, and any they do have appear to be geared towards the sports section of the website and not the casino section. Therefore, the site could benefit from a revision of their casino welcoming package. Nevertheless, they do reward customer loyalty, providing points for players to spend on gifts such as free spins and other bonuses.

Their support system isn’t as strong as what is offered by some other sites, either. Having 24 hour support and a telephone number for customers to call would help to improve what is already in place, so gamers who play around the clock can have instant access to support should they need it. However, the fact ComeOn! offer online chat at all is a bonus, as some sites have yet to take advantage of this.

Despite this, they do have a good selection of games on offer, including a host of great branded games from NetEnt as well as live casino games, all with fantastic graphics. The fact they offer both an Android and iOS app is also a step in the right direction, and one which some of their competitors could benefit from. Click the links above to find out more about ComeOn!

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Rate & Comment
  • Come On Casino is a simple site which isn’t the most attractive to the eye but is actually a hidden gem. The Live Casino games are probably the best part about the site, and although there isn’t a huge collection of games, Come On Casino features all of the best, like different poker games, blackjack and video slots. There is also a special game – Bonus Keno. Come On Casino is not the biggest online casino or the best, but it’s fun and easy to play once you get started. There is even an app for my Android phone which is really rare to find! It runs smoothly and so far, I’ve not had a technical issue.

  • ComeOn Casino really isn’t for me. The support system which I had to use multiple times was hard to get a reply from – the live chat is only open during working hours which isn’t helpful when I like to play in the evenings after work. Also, it’s hard to search for your own answers on the site to try and solve any navigational problems yourself. There’s barely any promotional offers on the site which makes it a little difficult to get motivated to play there. I’ve played on better sites which offer a lot more for your money.

  • This site is pretty difficult to get started on in terms of navigation, especially for someone like me who isn’t the most tech savvy. There’s not that many games available compared to other sites BUT the games they do have such as Texas Hold’Em, Pontoon and the slot machines play smoothly and are fun once you get into them. They only offer a bonus of £25 when you join but this is a 100% guarantee. There are still huge jackpots that you can win however, and there is also a list of all the winners and how much they have won to get you motivated to play. The Live Casino games are probably the best part of Come On Casino.

  • This online Casino is interesting in the way sports betting is also easily accessible via the site. I discovered Come On Casino whilst looking for an alternative betting site other than the big names, and started playing some Texas Hold-Em. I enjoy going to casinos but never really thought about playing online, but Come On Casino has changed my mind.

    The small minimum deposit of £7 is ideal for people like me who don’t want to commit a lot of money for something they are trying for the first time. You have to have at least £14 to withdraw from your account which is an incentive to play and try and double your money if you only put in the minimum amount, but that’s what makes it fun. The site is really small and I might start venturing into bigger sites in the future, but for now Come On Casino is a great example of a first timers online casino.

  • If you love football then you’ll surely love Come on casino, I on the other hand am not a fan. Their site may have a simple lay out but I just find it so stereotypical and very unimpressive. What drew me to the site initially was the mass selection of games as they have over 350 different video slots to play from. Their wide selection of video slots and their decent promotions is what keeps me coming back to their site.

  • I don’t mind common casino as they have a great selection of games from slots to live casino games. I have noticed they have a poor selection of promotions which really frustrates me as I have been such a loyal customer.

    When I first signed up I was pleasantly surprised by some very generous welcome bonuses now I am just disappointed. I have also had continuous problems when it comes to withdrawing my winnings, very frustrated and bitterly disappointed.

  • ComeOn Casino is one of my favourite casinos. The really take care of their customers and they offer a lot of free spins even without putting down a deposit! The games are really smooth and the site is very simple and easy to use. It is really important to me that gaming graphics are good and sharp and ComeOn Casino really delivers. It really is a casino for everyone.

  • There is a nice welcome offer, of 100% which is really reasonable. I was reading about them and saw that they are said to pay you in less than 24 hours which is great. You even get free spins when you sign up, before you even put down a deposit which is always great. They have a really nice website and a large selection of deposit methods to choose from which is always great.

  • The best part about ComeOn Casino I think is the shop points. When you log in, deposit or even withdraw you can earn lots of points and replace them for free spins and bonuses which is a really quirky and fun feature that I’ve never seen before. The cash out is pretty fast and there are a wide choice of slot games (at least over 300 I think) which kept me playing for hours. Only thing is that it says you only have to wait six seconds for a reply on the live chat when I actually waited around 15 minutes.

  • ComeOn is good because there’s a decent amount of deposit and withdrawal methods. On top of this there’s a load of bonuses and free spins that you can earn through the site. I like the uniqueness of the points system, it makes the site feel really fresh and exciting. The app plays equally as well on my android phone as it does on my husband’s iPad which to me is amazing. Really great site.

  • ComeOn Casino has in its offer games that come from NetEnt, Microgaming and a few other software providers. In my opinion it is a very interesting combination of games. I heard about this casino for the first time from a friend of mine. He was very amazed with it and off course he recommended ComeOn Casino to me and I am Justas impressed as he was.

  • I am really liking this casino, it has everything I need and has so many features that I absolutely adore. My favourite is the instant play and the fact that the games have a good RTP ratio too. On top of this the live dealer casino is also really good and the fact that the minimum deposit is lower than other sites is even better.

  • This site is really great and you can play it on your mobile which plays really well too on an app or mobile site which is perfect for me. I really like the sports betting on this site as well as the casino games themselves, as they offer plenty of graphics in a different world to other casinos I’ve played.

  • In my personal opinion Comeon casino has the best games, they are of a very high quality as well as there being so many different game options. All in all I am very impressed with my experience at this casino.

  • I love the fact that ComeOn has some of the best graphics. I’m a proper gaming nut so graphics and gameplay are really important to me and ComeOn totally bang the nail on the head. On top of this the sports betting that they offer is really good too, with some really good betting rates.

  • Overall i feel like ComeOn Casino is a very good casino. They have great games, friendly support staff, and when it comes to getting your winnings the entire process is very smooth and really fast! Couldn’t be happier with my gaming experience.

  • After playing on ComeON Casino for a while i thought it was apt to Write a ComeOn reviews, they have so many different great games. On top of that the support team are incredibly helpful!

  • The entire range of ComeOn! casinos games have fantastic graphics and they greatly enhance enjoyment, every single time I log on. ComeOn! Review have an app for both Android and iOS devices, something that other online casinos just don’t seem to match up to. The minimum deposit is quite low in comparison to a lot of other online casinos, which also means the withdrawal minimum is one of the lowest. This is really beneficial for players who don’t want to commit too much money to their online gambling experience and for me it’s a good website if you want your sports betting and your online casino to be easily accessible and all in one place

  • ComeOn! Casino is perfect for me because of the small minimum deposit of 7£ since I really wouldn’t count myself to the high rollers out there and don’t like to commit too much money to a game so ComeOn! Casino is perfect for me. I was also impressed by the quick and easy withdrawal process and I hope that other players who don’t like to spend too much money like me find this review helpful!

  • ComeOn! Casino is perfect for me because of the small minimum deposit of 7£ since I really wouldn’t count myself to the high rollers out there and don’t like to commit too much money to a game so ComeOn! Casino is perfect for me. I was also impressed by the quick and easy withdrawal process and I hope that other players who don’t like to spend too much money like me find this review helpful!

  • Although the number of games on the ComeOn website might be fewer than other sites, the games I’ve played so far have been of amazing quality. They always run smoothly and have fantastic graphics. I love to play on the go and the app they have for that is just as good as playing on my computer. I don’t have anything negative to say in this review.

  • ComeOn Casino is my favourite online website. The really take care of me and they offer a number of free spins. The ComeOn review games are really smooth and the site is very simple and easy to use.

  • ComeOn Casino is one of my favourite online sites. ComeOn take good care of their customers and offer a number of free spins. ComeOn Casino offers games that are really smooth and the site is very simple and easy to use. ComeOn Casino’s gaming graphics are good and sharp to show that it really is a casino for everyone.

  • The site is really sleek, clean and modern as well as providing easy navigation. Comeon! offers a 100% bonus of up to £25, although you can use it in both the sports and casino sections of their website, which I think is good. There is a minimum deposit required so you will need to make a £10 deposit in order to receive this bonus. I have no problem with this and it’s worth sticking to as you can make your money back and lots more in no time!

  • As with all the review, Comeon Casino is not really appealing to me, there is not a lot of offer on this site and I’ve found the games on comeon is really hard to understand

  • The graphics on ComeOn casino are amazing! Even on mobile they look great. Right off the bat, this is definitely an impressive casino site. It’s nice and easy to use, good games, and it isn’t that expensive to sign up either. Despite the lack of choices, everything is great quality and I’m expecting that ComeOn Casino are just going to keep adding great games in the future.

  • As its name suggests, ComeOn! is a really exciting online casino site and comes in an app for both Android and iOS devices so it’s very versatile. If you like to mix and match between sports betting and casino games, ComeOn! is your bag! I like to also only play small bets and it’s handy for that too. Try it!

  • ComOn is very fun and portable device, its app is designed for both Android and iOS, so you can play this wherever and whenever. If you’re a sort of person who is always on the move, ComeOn Casino is perfect for you.

  • I’m a pretty experienced online casino player, so I’ve seen my fair share of websites, but ComeOn really impressed me when I first opened the webpage. Everything is laid out great, and it looks professional. There are a lot of sites that just look as though they contain kids’ games rather than poker and slots, but ComeOn is looks like a proper casino site. The Live Table Games are really engaging and make you feel like you’re actually sitting in a casino playing! 110% every experienced player should come to ComeOn.

  • My review for Come on casino only offers a 100% bonus of up to £22, although you can use it in both sports and casino sections of the website but the minimum deposit is required to participate in this promotion in which £10 would be the lowest deposit. The bonus is is not of great as other sites out there but its a good start for the first time player. Overall review a great gaming experience and app is available for those on the go, so Come On and have a play!!!!!

  • Tis the season to be jolly, so Come on down and play ComeOn, get 20 free spins + 25 Casino bonus & £10 free bet, A really great variety of games to play to have lots of fun with. Overall review Come on casino is very well laid out site and easy to navigate way around and find all your fave games and the ones you have played recently. Merry Chrismtas.

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