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CasinoCruise Reviews Of Promotions & Bonuses

Casino Cruise Casino reviews always not enticing bonuses abound aboard the CasinoCruise online casino experience, starting with the new member joining bonuses.

Our Casino Cruise Casino review found that new members benefit from a sliding scale of bonuses, depending upon how much your deposits are. With a 100% bonus (on deposits up to £200) they also give you an amazing 100 free spins on their ‘Starburst’ game with your first deposit. But the bonuses for signing up don’t stop there. Welcome Offer English USD


Our casino cruise reviews found that our second deposit with CasinoCruise will earn you 50% extra, up to a limit of £200 and for your third deposit you get 25% extra up to £300. But there is more. Your fourth deposit will earn you a 25% bonus up to £300.

To find out more about these super CasinoCruise deals, click the link above and see for yourself.

You select the bonus when making your deposit, so keep your eyes open when you deposit and ensure you don’t miss out on these great welcome bonus offers.

As well as all these bonuses, new members have the chance to earn an extra £100 with the weekly ‘reload’ bonus. Our Casino Cruise Casino review found that on Tuesdays, CasinoCruise will add 25% of your deposit (up to £100) to your balance. In keeping with the nautical theme, this all happens around the Tuesday ‘Poolparty’.

On top of this, one of the most interesting promotions ever must be the opportunity to win the holiday of a lifetime aboard a real cruise liner every month. To benefit from this you have to opt in as a new member, and start collecting prize draw tickets for every £50 deposit you make at CasinoCruise online.

CasinoCruise Casino Reviews Of Best Games To Play

Casino Cruise Casino reviews say you really will be spoilt for choice when trying to figure out which games to try out first. CasinoCruise online offers everything from the ever popular video slots to table games, video poker, classic slots, jackpot games and much more.

For slot fiends, new games to try include the popular ‘Drive – Multiplier Mayhem’, while table games, which seem to be favoured by classic players, include many types of roulette, including one specifically designed for High Rollers.

If poker is your favourite game, there are at least eight different types of video poker for your continued enjoyment.

Classic slots offer the ever popular ‘Rock the Boat’ as well as ‘Lucky Diamonds’. To see for yourself, click the link at the top to check it out.

Jackpot games offered include ‘Treasure Nile’ and ‘Megafortune’. These have to be many peoples’ favourite for they offer the chance to win massive payouts and prize jackpots.

The ever popular ‘Super Bonus Bingo’ is offered under the ‘other games’ category, but must be one of the best games to play, and is certainly one of the most popular ever. That, along with ‘Bonus Keno’, pull in a huge number of members alone. If you want to see these games yourself, just click the link for CasinoCruise above.

This online casino also offers two games which are customisable. They are both from the well known NetEnt and are ‘Demolition Squad and ‘Devils Delight’ and are sure to be a welcome treat for all players.

CasinoCruise Software & Gaming Graphics

CasinoCruise is a multi-vendor platform which offers you more than a thousand games all of high quality, from the best suppliers and software developers on the planet. It is a hard to beat package for gamers everywhere.

The very best casino games are brought together here at CasinoCruise for your gaming pleasure. Providers include NetEnt, Microgaming, Nyx, Play’nGo and Evolution.

There are other top game engines on top of ‘la crème de la crème’, all brought together in this one unique online casino experience.

Graphics are so important to online gaming casinos, so the providers of the top games are highly sought after. Superb graphics pull you into the game and create a much more real experience for the gamer, whether the gamer is new to online gaming casinos or a well-established player.

CasinoCruise certainly have worked hard and put a lot of finance behind this venture, to ensure that gamers of all types are catered to with the highest of standards. But seeing is believing, so click the link at the top for CasinoCruise to make up your own mind.

CasinoCruise Online Support

If, after reading this CasinoCruise review, and clicking the link to check it out yourself, you decide to join the online CasinoCruise, you should be well aware of the help they offer you if you have any query you would like answered.

This is where online support comes in, and is an important part of deciding which online casino is best for your requirements.

Online support for players who are members as well as those considering membership at CasinoCruise include a live chat option. This takes the novel form of an anchor, which scrolls down the screen as you view the site.

The Representatives are helpful and polite, although sometimes have to go off and ask a manager if the enquiry is complex.

Interestingly, there are helpline telephone numbers provided for many parts of the world, including Austria, Canada, Malta and Australia for anyone who has a question about the CasinoCruse online casino. This reflects the many different nationalities you will meet while gaming on board.

Of course, in this day and age, they offer email support for those who prefer to contact them in this way. Usually, email is likely to be slower than the online live help option.

CasinoCruise online have a specific email dedicated to the receipt of documents. This is used when someone decides to become a new member of the CasinoCruise, to facilitate validation of your documents. So their admin seems to be very well organised, a big bonus for players no matter what their status. You want them to be on the ball when it comes to questions about bonuses, as well as fast on the payouts of your winnings.

CasinoCruise Deposits & Withdrawals

CasinoCruise online casino prides itself on giving you the safest online gaming experience. They are proud of putting your account security first.

The Gaming Authority has jurisdiction over deposits, withdrawals and your account, so you can always be sure your deposits and withdrawals are handled in a professional and safe manner.

They achieve this by using SSL connections, which ensure that all information is encrypted so only the intended recipient can read it.

Payment methods of accepting your deposits and delivering your winnings to you conform to all legal requirements. This ensures that your personal information and your card details will be handled safely and professionally at all times.

When you have checked through the CasinoCruise Casino reviews we have provided by clicking the links at the top of the page, and decided on the online casino which best suits your needs you need to sign up.

You will be asked to go through the signing up process, which includes giving your bank account details, along with any cards you wish to use while gaming.

You will also be asked for a deposit, and on CasinoCruise online the amount you deposit depends upon how much of a bonus you will receive, so make sure you read the details first to get the maximum return on your deposit.

Withdrawals are simply handled by clicking the link at the top of the page, assessing how much you would like to withdraw and clicking. Once a big win is verified you will have immediate access to it.

CasinoCruise Payout Policy

This particular online casino, CasinoCruise, offers a unique Loyalty Program which means that they never take your continued use of their services for granted.

They have many levels of expressing their gratitude, most of which add up to cold hard cash. CasinoCruise has a good reputation for fast payouts once the win is verified, which usually happens within a minute or so. If you have won mega-big this may take a little longer, but, as soon as the win is verified, they put the winnings in your account and you may withdraw it.

Money laundering regulations stipulate that if you win massively, then by law the casino must spread the payout among all the methods you used in the past to make deposits. This is a legal requirement that should not cause you any need for concern.

If the win is huge, they may split it between your bank account and your credit card, depending on which methods you used to make your deposits. This is not their decision to make, but is required under UK legislation.

CasinoCruise Pros & Cons

The novel theme of being a casino based on a cruise ship adds interest, and the huge variety of games from the very best providers has to be a massive positive to joining, as does the offer of winning a real life cruise every month. This is a rare and unusual offer and it is not a one-off – you can enter every month! Should lady luck be smiling on you, you may even win with your first try!

There are many more pros than cons with CasinoCruise, and after creating our own Casino Cruise Review of their site thoroughly, the only thing which could remotely be called a slight downside, or con, is the time it sometimes takes for the online help to find the information being requested.

But that could have been simply a one off, so even now, we’re not sure that this is sufficient to give this exciting and innovative online casino even one negative remark.

Our casino cruise review says this online casino has a huge amount of pros for all levels of players, from the new member to the seasoned expert. The best way for you to see if you agree is to click the link above and have a look around yourself.

CasinoCruise Review In Summary

This CasinoCruise Casino review found that this site has the best games with top class graphics from well-known high-end providers and they do this for those who enjoy the more traditional games, as well as newer members who appreciate the advanced graphics. Welcome 100% up to 200 + 100 FS ENG ALLWhen gaming online, security is of the utmost importance. CasinoCruise online casino offers this to you right across the board. They are fully registered and compliant with all relative regulators and you can be sure that you and your money are in safe hands.

Unusually, they have selected a theme which is all encompassing when you are gaming on their site. The graphics are first class, the language and the scenery are all totally in keeping with the theme, enveloping the player in the feeling that they are truly playing on board a CasinoCruise liner. This was obviously the intention of the creators of this gaming site, and they have achieved it over and above expectations. Go look for yourself and be blown away by the generous bonuses and graphics by clicking the link to CasinoCruise above.

casino cruise reviews say this site and it’s bonuses and promotions must be in the top three of the very best offered, with the chance to win a real cruise every month you are a member. If that isn’t a massive incentive, what is?

Rate & Comment
  • If you want fast fun and big bonuses then Casino Cruise is the place to go. If you’re a member they offer you the chance to win a real cruise every month! The only problem is that the withdrawal process is so slow, because verification can take ages. Other than that it’s pretty good.

  • This site is really modern and easy to play. There is an awesome selection of games and there are so many deposit methods which just makes things so much easier. The site has a really simple design but I think this really helps them to stand out. The games load up really quickly which is brilliant.

  • I don’t have flash so some of the games that use this I couldn’t load which was really disappointing. You’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing games, but for me there is a little too much variety. The site does look really good though so maybe I’ll give it a try. I had to get in touch with customer services who were really helpful when it came to me sorting out my account. They are pretty available between 8am-midnight but it’s a shame they’re not 24/7.

  • I heard good things about this casino so decided to give it a try. The site is really simple to use which is always a great help when you’re not very good at computers like me. I haven’t tried out many of the games yet but so far so good. I also haven’t won anything yet so I can’t say much about the withdrawals, but I have had quite a few free spins which I like a lot.

  • I like how important security is to Casino Cruise. The internet is so easy to get access to and unfortunately for hackers to get into, that I really worry when I play online that someone is going to get into my account. However, I feel safe and secure with Casino Cruise and it has become one of the last things on my mind that someone will their hands on my money!

  • I absolutely love playing on Casino Cruise. I am absolutely spoilt for choice with all of the games that are on there. There’s just a little bit of everything which I really enjoy as I can flick around on all the different types of games. My favourite game is ‘Drive – Multiplier Mayhem’ and ‘Rock the Boat’ these are both really fun games.

  • There are so many deposit and withdrawal methods with Casino Cruise which I think is really good. You’ll be surprised how difficult is to find sites that use this amount of methods, and I’m very picky with what I use so this is really incredible. There is a huge variety of games on the site which makes it even better. I love the idea that I can flick through a huge number of games and not have to stay on one type.

  • I adore the special games like super bonus bingo and bonus keno because you can absolutely immerse yourselves in them. It’s so much more fun when you can play a game and completely forget about everything else. I like the different types of games too. The fact that they use different software for their games really makes it more interesting as a site.

  • CasinoCruise has a really good reputation when it comes to payouts and they didn’t let me down at all. It doesn’t take too long to get verified and once it is the winnings are put straight into your account for withdrawal which is great. I won quite big and was sceptical about whether they’d actually pay me – I’ve been messed around by some sites before, but CasinoCruise are really are true to their word.

  • Casino Cruise is an amazing sites, the site has a great layout and isn’t too in your face. The pay-pout rate is just as good too; I often play on this site and have noticed that it has become increasingly popular. It also has a great list of promotions and I often take advantage of the free spins. Five out of five from me!

  • The instant access games are by far one of the best things about casino cruise. I really like the unique theme of the site. I’ve always wanted to go on a casino cruise but I can’t afford it, so this gives me the opportunity to play out my dream without even leaving the house! I also like the fact that you have the chance of winning a cruise every month – yes please!!!

  • Casino Cruise is fantastic online casino! The site loads very fast and the payout rate is amazing, I somehow managed to win quite a few bit on some of the slots. I play here often and I’ve noticed that this casino website is always ranked high. provides amazing games and flawless customer service.

  • I really looked into their ts&cs to check for withdrawal time frames and whatnots before I signed up and from what I saw I liked the look of. I have taken up all of their welcome bonus offers which was really good and played on all of my favourite games which was even better. I can’t say I’ve had a problem. It’s an EveryMatrix group casino and although it’s not quite as good as some of the others I’ve played it certainly has a lot of potential.

  • The cruise ship casino style is amazing. There’s such a huge variety of games and you can even win a real life cruise once a month! What an incentive to play, I love cruises!! The site offers games from a huge range of providers which is also really great!

  • I am a VIP player at Casino cruise and I think it is an amazing site. They have all the best games on their site, as well as many different promotions. IN some cases I have had my winnings within hours, very happy indeed.

  • I was first intrigued by Casino Cruise because of their new member joining bonus. The unique theme of being a casino based on a cruise ship kept me interested. Casino Cruise has a huge variety of games from great providers. They offer everything from popular video slots to classic slots, jackpot games and table games. Therefore I have nothing negative to say in my review.

  • Casino Cruise has a very smart and interactive web design. Although I am not the biggest slots fan I am very happy that I have discovered this place as they have so many fun table games to play! Previously blackjack was my game of choice, but now I play mini baccarat on Casino Cruise as I always seem to win!

  • In my personal opinion I feel like Casino Cruise is a great online site, they have a great range of games; including my favourite Starburst. Every time I have made a withdrawal the process has been very fast and smooth.

  • This site is fan-bloody-tastic! It has absolutely everything that I love about online casinos from the bonuses, schemes, theme and all of the fantastic games!

  • There are many great things about this site and I absolutely love playing on it! The theme of the casino is based on a cruise which I think is super interesting and the fact that you can even win a cruise ship prize is fantastic!

  • Casino Cruise has a huge variety of games that are suitable for a wide range of players. I love Casino Cruise and their games are really fun to play on and run exceptionally well. I also like the fact that I can play on the go and even have the potential to win a cruise!!

  • I love how Casino Cruise is actually based on a cruise ship and that had me hooked straight away. They have a huge variety of games from the very best providers has to be a massive positive to joining. They have the offer of winning a real life cruise every month. That takes a while to sink in so I’ll say it again. They have the offer of winning a real life cruise every month. I enter every month. Lady luck’s got to be smiling on me at some point.

  • Casino Cruise casino has novel theme of being the only online casino based on a cruise ship, take that to the bank. The huge variety of games at Casino Cruise review are from the very best providers and that is a massive positive to joining. Plus there is the amazing offer of winning a real life cruise every month. This is a rare and exclusive offer to Casino cruise and it is not a one-off, you can enter every month! My friend Cletus won on his very first try! Although I was a little miffed to find out he chose to take his wife instead of me. Pfft. The fool. Casino cruise review online casino has a huge amount of pros for all levels of players, from the new member to the seasoned expert. The best way for you to see if you agree is to click the link above and have a look around yourself.

  • Besides the fact that you have the opportunity to win a real life cruise every month, which amazing in itself, Casino Cruise offer the best of the best. There is an enormous choice of games to play from slots, table games, jackpots and more! The graphics are also top of the range from the best suppliers out there. Casino Cruise deserves the 5 stars given in my review.

  • CasinoCruise is really modern and easy to play with an awesome selection of games and many deposit methods which just makes things so much easier. The casinocruise site has a really simple design but I think this really helps them to stand out.

  • CasinoCruise live gaming is a sure way to have fun. Really enjoy playing with a live dealer as it adds a bit of authenticity to the gaming experience. Also like the online chat support so that any issues or questions i have are dealt with there and then as opposed to having to wait for a response like with some other online casinos i have played on.

  • CasinoCruise experience has been great. Love, Love, Love the games and the design and graphics of the games and the interaction you get from them. Whether you’re a top line player or new to the casino world there is something for all levels.

  • I love fun and big bonuses which means that Casino Cruise is the place for me. If you’re a member they offer you the chance to win a real cruise every month! The only problem is that the withdrawal process is slow, because verification can take ages. Other than that it’s pretty good.

  • My review for this Casino Cruise is amazing! I played I everywhere I go on my phone on my way back from work, I guess is other great way to relax you is to enjoy yourself. Is quite an easy game to play, easy to win the money, I am definitely recommended.

  • In my Casino Cruise casino review you can be sure that I’m not going to say anything negative, so if you’re looking for a quick answer. I’m 5* all the way! I’m not normally a fan of themed casinos, but there’s something abut Casino Cruise that I just can’t get enough of. I can’t say I’ve ever really been to a real casino cruise, but this site really does make me want to. There’s something a little more interesting and fun about Casino Cruise that you can’t find anywhere else. There’s plenty of games to enjoy, a few promotions that will tickle your fancy and the whole site is just exceptionally smooth. Customer support I’ve also found has been quite good too which is a bonus.

  • My favourite thing about Cruise Casino is the lengths they went to to keep up the nautical theme. It’s one of those rare casinos that actually has character and a fun, quirkiness to it. But, other than that, the games come second on my list. There are a great deal to choose from and so far I haven’t found any that aren’t brilliant. You can tell a lot of love went into this casino and anyone would have a lot of fun playing here.

  • I’m not normally a fan of online casinos, but there’s something about Casino Cruise that really caught my eye which is why I felt like I had to write this Casino cruise review. The whole experience is so smooth, from the deposits and withdrawals, to the gameplay action itself. There’s so much that you can choose from on this site, and it has some of the best games by some of the best providers too. I can’t think of any other site that I would rather play on.

  • It was hard to do a Casino Cruise review because I feel like I’d be here all day. However, Casino Cruise is a fantastic sight with a lot to choose from, it’s actually quite surprising how quickly I got hooked. Please check this sight out, you wont be disappointed.

  • If you’re like me and like more traditional casino games, then CasinoCruise if perfect for you. I think CasinoCruise has better graphics than a few of the other sites I’ve tried too, which is perfect if you want to feel instantly sucked into a game. I will keep coming back to CasinoCruise as one of my favourites!

  • Casino Cruise offer a whopping generous £1000 welcome bonus + 20 free spins, if that is not enough to entice abroad the Casino Cruise then how about enter the dream cruise draw for your chance to win a cruise around the Mediterranean. As other fantastic promotions on offer i love Casino Cruise i must admit it has to be one of the best casino sites out there. With a great variety of games to choose from slot games to live games, Blackjack and online roulette. Overall review a great gaming experience and great graphics i just want to get aboard that Cruise Ship!!!!

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