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BetVictor Casino Reviews of Promotions & Bonuses

One qualm out BetVictor Reviews team had was a lack of no-deposit bonuses is the only real criticism of BetVictor offers and the company’s promotions structure. The welcome offer currently stands at a whopping 200% deposit bonus up to £200, making sure punters are likely to get off to a very good start with their bankroll. In addition, BetVictor have a variety of daily and weekly promotions for their regular customers, featuring everything from free spins and prize draws to loyalty bonuses. The promotions are often spread around different games, however, so if you’re planning on sticking to just one or two games you won’t profit as much from the regular bonuses.


Overall though our Betvictor casino review was suprised, with such a generous welcome offer, and the assurance that regular customers won’t be left behind in favour of chasing new sign-ups, there’s plenty to recommend about the bonuses here. A common criticism of the site had previously been that too many of the bonuses were aimed at players with high bankrolls who spent plenty of money in the casino, but that mostly seems to have been rectified with the new daily and weekly promotions. There are, however, a lack of no-deposit offers, and many of the offers are game-specific, so if (like most players) you prefer to stick to the games you know best, there’s a reasonable chance you could miss out on some of the better deals.

BetVictor Casino Reviews Best Games To Play

The BetVictor Casino Review found their site has a huge variety of games on offer, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the one that suits you best. The BetVictor Poker section has also taken a huge boost lately, with that one game alone now offering 27 different Video Poker variants for you to try out, all with a variety of different ways of winning and taking home huge prizes. Elsewhere, all the classics are well represented. With 17 Roulette games and 28 Blackjack games, you’ll be well-catered for if you’re a fan of the more popular pursuits on online casinos. There are also a wide array of less common table games like three-card brag if you’re so inclined.

Betvictor casino reviews know the site certainly haven’t neglected other games, either – there are literally hundreds of BetVictor Slots to choose from, on all manner of themes and offering all sorts of payout systems. You can also check the rules of each game without having to click through to the page, which is invaluable for finding exactly the right game you want to play, rather than risking wasting money on games when you prefer the rules of others. When it comes to choice, it’s hard to criticise BetVictor’s array of games. From the casual to the hardcore casino punter, you’re sure to find something that matches both your tastes and your bankroll here.

BetVictor Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

Betvictor casino reviews know that BetVictor not only offers quantity with its games, but also quality – a large array of software providers power their games, and pretty much all of them are of a standard as high as you’ll find anywhere else on the internet. The software is fluent, efficient, and has minimal problems. The website itself is also clean, easy to navigate, and very helpful in providing all the information you need without requiring you to click through hundreds of pages for every game – you can always see everything at a glance, which is hugely useful.

One gripe our Betvictor reviews had was that the mobile support is not quite up to the highest standards in the industry. While there is a mobile app, it’s definitively oriented towards the sports market, with the casino feeling a bit tacked-on in comparison. The app still functions, and you can still get your casino fix, but for the most part your best bet is to use the casino through the main site. It’s not a serious problem, because the main site functions well and is designed to work on a variety of different platforms, but if you do most of your gaming on Android or iPhone, it might be a consideration for you to make.

BetVictor Casino Review of Online Support

As befits their status as one of the largest and most popular online casinos around, BetVictor have an excellent customer support service which provides everything you need. A 24/7 live chat is by far the most useful of these, with waiting times exceptionally low and the staff generally helpful in sorting out any problems that users have had, even with more complex problems such as compatibility issues, the website not working, or with slow or delayed cashouts. The website is usually pretty reliable, but it’s a big relief to know that if anything does go wrong, it can be sorted out quickly and smoothly.

While 24/7 online chat is standard for the biggest casinos now, it does remain the most useful way of sorting out any problems, and the ability to instantly talk to a human should not be underestimated. Any problems that users have had have generally been responded to pretty quickly, and there aren’t too many complaints around about the quality of the service offered. In general, the customer support seems to be at a high level – BetVictor want to make the customer feel at home and valued, which is always a great thing to have in an online casino. As an established, thoroughly professional operation, you can be confident that you won’t have anything go wrong outside your luck at the games.

BetVictor Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

BetVictor again offers a great range of choice when it comes to deposits and withdrawals as it does with its variety of games. Almost everything is accepted here, with payments taken from a huge range of sources. Debit and credit cards take up to six working days to process withdrawals, which is fairly standard, although of course deposits are instantly credited, as with almost all online casinos.

One big advantage to BetVictor is that, unlike many online casinos, they have an option to allow you to deposit and withdraw from a PayPal account. The main advantage to this is that it’s generally much quicker than a bank account, although there are some things to take note of here – firstly, it takes between one to three days to get your money, which can be longer than some other casinos offering PayPal. Secondly, the money will have to be converted to GBP, so if you’re using another currency, it can take away some of your winnings in the conversion process. Lastly, PayPal is only available to residents of certain countries. These are Austria, Finland, Denmark, UK, Australia, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Sweden and Greece – international restrictions mean that it’s not for everyone, but if you’re in one of the listed countries and want to get your money quicker it’s a great option to have.

BetVictor Casino Payout Policy

The BetVictor Casino Payout Policy is generally in line with most online casinos. There have been isolated reports of some problems withdrawing money, but these seem to have been sorted rapidly by the customer support team on the site. The wide range of options also helps if you don’t want to use your credit or debit card, with PayPal a very useful option to have. In general, six working days will be the limit to get your money out, which is shorter than many other casinos out there but still longer than by using some other methods like PayPal.

There are some restrictions on which country you can use certain methods with, so be sure to check that out before you make any plans. You can also use a BACS transfer if you have a UK bank account, which is quicker than a credit or debit card and comes at no charge – the payment policy is definitely better if you’re in the UK, but there’s still enough there to support people from other countries too. In general you can usually find a way to do what you need to do, regardless of where you live, even if it’s not the most efficient. With most of the restrictions due to international laws, there aren’t very many places offering better arrangements, since most of it is out of the control of the individual companies.

BetVictor Reviews of Pros & Cons


  • Staggering variety of games available, featuring hundreds of slots, and plenty of varieties of blackjack, video poker and roulette to keep you occupied.
  • A very generous welcome bonus of a 200% deposit boost, allowing you to triple your initial bankroll and get off to a great start.
  • Weekly and daily bonuses to ensure that long-term customers aren’t left behind in favour of new sign-ups as with some other sites.
  • Offers a wide variety of payment options, including PayPal, to withdraw money faster and get your hands on your winnings.
  • Excellent customer support with 24/7 live chat and helpful staff with a good record of sorting out user problems.
  • Excellent quality of games backed up by first-rate software and clients.
  • An easy-to-navigate website that should be able to give you all the information you need at a glance, without having to click through endless pages to find out things like odds and winnings structures.
  • Great variety of low-odds and high-odds games and bonuses for each, ensuring that both casual players and high rollers are well catered for – BetVictor offers something for everyone and you’ll not go far wrong choosing to play on here.


  • Limited app support for casino, mostly focused on sports gambling.
  • Can be restrictive for players living in certain countries with regards to payment options.
  • Many bonuses game-specific, disadvantaging players who like to stick to a limited number of games.
  • A lack of no-deposit bonuses.

BetVictor Reviews In Summary

In summary of this Betvictor review, with BetVictor’s staggering array of choice and professional development, it’s hard to find too many problems and you won’t go far wrong if you sign up here. The casino features something for everyone, but also manages to excel in many fields too. The software is of a high calibre and the website is smooth and easy to use, while the bonuses are frequent and can be very generous, especially the sign-up offer which allows you to instantly triple your bankroll – a huge incentive for anyone looking to make a big deposit on a new casino site.

This Betvictor review think you may find a specialist online casino that does certain things better, or has good specific games but you’re unlikely to find too many places that have as good an overall experience as BetVictor, or anywhere with such a wide choice in almost every department. As an established, professional outfit, you can rest assured that the customer support and software won’t let you down, and while you may take advantage of other websites, if you’re looking for a site to use regularly, you can’t really go wrong with BetVictor. The option to use PayPal and BACS can also be a huge advantage for people who like to get hold of their money quicker.

Rate & Comment
  • There are some great jackpots to win on this game, but I wish there were more offers as you go along. I’m a pretty casual player, but I’d like to have a few more bonuses available for me to try and win as I only play a small variety of games and there just doesn’t seem to be much about them. Other than that though I think the site is great.

  • The first thing that I look at on a site is how it is laid out and my first impression of the site is key in whether I stay to try it out or not. I’m a pretty experienced online casino player, so I’ve seen my fair share of websites, but Betvictor really impressed me when I first opened the webpage. Everything is laid out great, and it looks professional. There are a lot of sites that just look as though they contain kids’ games rather than poker and slots, but this Betvictor is looks like a proper casino site. The Live Table Games are really engaging and make you feel like you’re actually sitting in a casino playing! 110% every experienced player should come to Betvictor. There are huge jackpots to win on some of the games, and the quality of them is just exceptional.

  • A 200% deposit boost is the best welcome offer I have ever seen! This is a brilliant site and I would always recommend it to everyone. I love both slots and table games so to have a large variety of both on offer is absolutely ideal. I use PayPal and the fact that they cater for this is also a huge bonus as a lot of sites I have used before don’t.

  • Some of the games on the site have such a small stake that you can put on which is great for casual players like me who don’t want to gamble everything away. I’ve had a little bit of luck and won a fair amount on the slots and on the table games, which is a great incentive to keep me coming back. Hopefully this lucky streak will carry on!

  • The site is so smart to look at and everything is so easy to find, I love it. The live table games are a huge highlight as there are so many variations to choose from. I love playing all the different roulette tables with all the live dealers. I’ve never had a problem with this site at all.

  • i think the guys at Betvictor have got it bang on, i play on the bet victor casino site a few times a week to levitate boredom and it certainly does that. Sometimes i do win some decent returns too. Betvictor online casino is 100% an online casino that i would recommend.

  • The mobile casino is my favourite part of this site. I love being able to play on the go and the fact that the site runs just as smoothly on my phone as it does on my mobile makes me a really happy customer. There are such a huge number of games on here and the BetVictor Poker section is definitely my favourite. There are so many different variations of the one game to play that I love it!

  • I have to say that the customer service on this site is second to none. I had a few withdrawal problems which were entirely my own fault and instead of being shirty with me, every single member of staff I spoke to were really helpful and managed to solve my problems really quickly. It’s always helpful when they’re available 24/7 and this customer service is by far the main reason why I am going to continue playing here.

  • My main problem with this site is the simple fact that there is a no-deposit bonus which I find a little irritating as I like being able to gain something from nothing from some sites. However the bonuses that they do offer on BetVictor are really generous, particularly the welcome bonus of 200% which got me off to really great start. It appears that lady luck might be on my side on this site so I’m going to stick at it and see where it leads.

  • With such high RTP rates and Bet Victor casino being such a good website it is difficult not to be impressed with their services. From the great range in games to the variety of promotions, there is nothing that I don’t like about BetVictor casino and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about signing up to them.

  • I love BetVictor because there is a huge range of games on the site. There’s absolutely everything ranging from slots to video poker (which is my personal favourite). There’s a really great deposit bonus too which I think is a great thing for players that are just starting out. Personally, I think BetVictor is great for both beginners and for experienced players.

  • Betvictor casinos is a NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution gaming which means all their games are of a really high quality. Their reputation is amazing to the games selection to their customer service.

    If you like poker like I do you will be impressed; as they offer an exclusive Betvictor club poker league which is free to join and you get loads of promotions on a monthly basis. Five stars from me.

  • This casino has a solid reputation backing it up which I love so I decided to try it out. They have been in the industry for 20ish years which is massive! They’ve seen how the internet has grown, and so have adapted their site to the new movements which is awesome. The scenarios on the different games are really fun and I deposited straight away. Everything has run smoothly since I started.

  • The variety of different games is incredible there’s literally hundreds to choose from, from slots, to poker, to video slots/poker too!! There’s a load of payment options and they even use PayPal too which I think is really important. The quality of games is incredible and there’s a great variety of low odds and high odds games too.

  • This is officially one of the biggest casinos ever came in existence and they have a very good and reputed name in the online market. Betvictor casino is also my favourite site to play on, great design, lots of games and fast withdrawals.

  • I was really impressed with the reviews BetVictor had so thought I would try it for myself. The website was easy and clear to use and BetVictor offer a ton of different games to stop players from getting bored. The welcome bonus offers a great incentive to sign up, as does the weekly promotions. Altogether BetVictor looks like the casino experience for me!

  • Weekly promotions, a sign-up/joining bonus, fun games, easy to withdraw, the list goes on and on and on at BetVictor. So many games to choose from but even if you did nothing but play poker or the slots you’d never be bored. Speaking of poker, did you know that their poker league is free to join? I bet you didn’t. Plus tons of promotions every month. Seriously, more offers than you can shake a stick at.

  • I love BetVictor, it has a staggering array of games, with the huge range of slots. The navigation on the site is so easy and their welcome bonus is also really great. I love this site and will definitely recommend it to all of my friends and relatives.

  • BetVictor casino have a staggering variety of games available. So staggering that I legitimately fell out of my chair. Their many games feature hundreds of slots, and plenty of varieties of blackjack, video poker and roulette to keep you more occupied than David Cameron’s removal men. BetVictor casino review offer a very generous welcome bonus of a 200% deposit boost, allowing you to triple your initial bankroll and get yourself off, to a great start. BetVictor review weekly and daily bonuses to ensure that long-term customers aren’t left behind in favour of new sign-ups as with some other sites and they offer a wide variety of payment options, including PayPal, to withdraw money faster and get your hands on your winnings. BetVictor have excellent customer support with 24/7 live chat and helpful staff with a good record of sorting out user problems. BetVictor Casino have an easy-to-navigate website with excellent quality of games backed up by first-rate software and clients, that should be able to give you all the information you need at a glance, without having to click through endless pages to find out things like odds and winnings structures. Plus a great variety of low-odds and high-odds games and bonuses for each, ensuring that both casual players and high rollers are well catered for – BetVictor offers something for everyone and you’ll not go far wrong choosing to play on here.

  • Featuring hundreds of slots I didn’t know where to start and I was very happy to find out the welcome bonus was 200%, which is more generous than most other online casinos. I’ve have never had any problems with the site but it is nice knowing that a 24/7 live chat is available if I ever have any issues. As you can tell by this review I have found a new favourite online casino.

  • BetVictor because there is a huge range of games on the site from slots to video poker. BetVictor casino review is great for both beginners and for experienced players.

  • BetVictor Casino has got it bang on. I love to play on BetVictor casino many times a week to levitate boredom on my commute to work. Sometimes I win some decent returns too. BetVictor Casino is 100% a site that I highly recommend.

  • Really love playing on the BetVictor casino site, the site is clear well laid out, great games on offer and a great welcome bonus. The fact that you can play both high and minimum stakes (10p on some games) makes it even more appealing to me. The only thing i would like is the mobile site to be more casino orientated rather than just sport.

  • No complaints from me for BetVictor online casino, whole operation is sleek and smooth, lots of variety with games and stakes. This is a really professional site but nothing has been taken away from the fun factor and this is reason why us players play and go back for more!!!

  • There are so many great games to choose from! I’m honestly spoilt for choice. The customer support was also really great. Everyone was so nice and helpful. The deals are a bit tricky to find. You have to do a bit of game surfing, but they’re so worth it when you find them. Betvictor have some really great bonuses up for grabs.

  • BetVictor Casino is one of my favourite casinos. The really take care of their customers and they offer a lot of free spins even without putting down a deposit! The games are really smooth and the site is very simple and easy to use. It is really important to me that gaming graphics are good and sharp and BetVictor Casino really delivers. It really is a casino for everyone.

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