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BetSafe Casino Reviews of Promotions & Bonuses

BetSafe Casino Reviews show that this site offers you some of the very top promotions and bonuses available anywhere on the web. No matter what your favourite game is, you can be sure at BetSafe you are getting some of the best bonuses possible, as well as security.



Our BetSafe Casino Review found the site operates fully within the stringent requirements of the law and is proudly transparent on providing licence and registration document numbers on its website.After clicking through to the BetSafe casino, using our links above and to the right, you will know for sure you are getting the absolute best payout for your money – assuming lady luck is with you of course!

You’ll be hard pushed to find odds like this on any other site, and even if you did, they would not compare to the advantages of sticking with BetSafe where you know you are in good hands and being treated fairly at every step.They have more than 400 games to select from, with new titles released each month with major promotions you won’t believe.

On offer right now to new joiners are an amazing three bonuses to welcome you to the BetSafe casino. These three welcome bonuses are hard to beat and will add an edge to the game when you win.With over £1,000 in BetSafe Casino bonuses alone for new members, you could not be in safer hands with BetSafe. On top of all that they offer three reloads, free spins as well as other incentives. Who knows how long these exciting offers will be available – what are you waiting for?

BetSafe Casino Review of The Best Games To Play

From slots to blackjack, the daily freebies at the BetSafe casino are hard to beat. Every day brings a new enticing offer so it is hard to select the best games to play with such a wide and inviting choice.

BetSafe Casino Reviews all show that BetSafe has an interesting way for you to try your chances at getting a 50% bonus. Instead of giving you cashback on losses, if you win the computer game, they will give you a 50% bonus on your net winnings.Another special offer by the BetSafe casino is the brighten up Tuesday Tournament. It combines two of the most popular games – blackjack and slot, offering big prize pool tournaments every Tuesday. If you play the games in the tournaments and beat the other players, you win – it’s as simple as that!

BetSafe are also currently offering a £25 cashback bonus when you play live blackjack or roulette in their Live BetSafe casino on Sundays. The £25 cashback bonus offered on your live casino includes losses up to £75. The cashback bonus will be credited to you the very next day.From this info, it seems clear that the best game to play for the highest chance to win big is either slots or roulette. Click the BetSafe link and turn a routine Sunday into Funday!

BetSafe Review of Software & Gaming Graphics

All online casinos obtain a licence to use a games platform already developed by a third party. It is this software developer who designs the games and graphics – although their primary consideration is to make sure that they are fair to everyone.

It is true to say that the top casino software and gaming graphics providers are very selective about which online casinos they allow use of their online gaming platforms. Casinos like to host the most popular games from respected online gaming and graphics providers. You will notice that many websites offer the same games as each other. Most online casinos will simply disguise a branded product in its own ‘skin’, some of whose graphics are well below standard.

In spite of this, not all providers of gaming graphics offer the same service. Some have many more games, some specialise in newer games while others feature older games popular with older players. This has caused many online gamers to have a favourite software provider and this can influence them so much that they only play in their selected casinos which offer games from this particular software provider. As a guide, the gaming graphics and online software providers listed below are all known to be honest and creditable, making sure that players enjoy a highly secure online gaming experience with excellent graphics. Here are just a few who meet this criteria most of which are used by BetSafe online gaming: Cryptologic, Betsoft, Microgaming, IGT, NetEnt and Playtech.

BetSafe Reviews of Online Support

The BetSafe review found their online Casino Support team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there is always someone there to help with your enquiries or questions. This is such an important part of online gaming, giving both experienced and inexperienced players great peace of mind in knowing that there is always someone there to help with their question, whatever that may be.

They have three ways you can access their help at any time.

  • If you are happy to contact them by email, then that is option one. They aim to reply within 24 hours but it is often faster than that.
  • Secondly, there is an online ‘live chat’ option, where you can chat in real time with a Customer Support Representative. They are responsive and fast, and often you will get your query answered faster than contacting them by email.
  • If it is something you would rather discuss with them personally, then of course you have the option of telephoning them.

This full-time support system is exemplary – it is one of the most useful tools to have, putting BetSafe Casino very high on the list of first-rate online gaming platforms.

BetSafe Reviews of Deposits & Withdrawals

Gaming online with your own money is straightforward enough, as you would expect. But if you want to ‘up the ante’ and accept bonuses and promotions, which are hugely attractive, and make the game much more exciting, especially at BetSafe Casino, then Deposits and Withdrawals become slightly different. The same is true of most online casinos.

Going up a level is when the game gets really exciting, whether it is BetSafe slots, poker, blackjack or roulette. You should always be aware of the point at which you are using Bonus and Competition monies as with all other online gaming platforms, BetSafe Casino Deposits & Withdrawals vary slightly on this point. They also vary according to which bonuses you accept. Some are valid for a particular game only, others are transferable to other games. Make sure you keep on top of this side of things to ensure you are a responsible gamer.

BetSafe reviews all find once you have signed up, then at the top of every page you will see a ‘withdrawal’ button, which is how you get your winnings. Next to that button is one which says ‘deposit’ and this is self-explanatory.

Both of these functions come under the BetSafe Terms & Conditions which can be found in the FAQ section of the website.

Most top online casinos like BetSafe have conditions attached to any bonuses accepted. So make sure you read the Terms & Conditions so you are fully aware of your obligations.

You are well covered as BetSafe casino technology is provided by Net Entertainment, which is the market leader and award winning vendor of safe gaming software.

BetSafe casino uses a highly complex RNG (Random Number Generator) which guarantees that the outcome of your game is strictly fair.

BetSafe Casino Payout Policy

Our BetSafe reviews find most reputable online casinos, BetSafe included, operate in a similar manner. As soon as you have legally won any game, winnings will be made available to you on Your Account. You may withdraw them according to the terms of play. There is no limit on Payouts, so, as long as the win has been verified by BetSafe, you can be sure of getting your money.

Most people nominate their winnings be directly deposited into their bank accounts, the details of which are securely stored by BetSafe. If a mistake has been made and your account credited in error for any reason, the money will be withdrawn from your account and you may not use it. This is exceedingly unlikely, but the rules are in place just in case, as with all major casinos.

When playing, you will see that you have an “Available to Bet” balance showing in Your Account. You may withdraw any amount up to this balance by creating a valid Notice of Withdrawal. These Notices are prepared on the BetSafe online site and are fast and easy. If you decide you want to withdraw all your funds, you are obliged to make sure that you have cancelled any outstanding bets. If you win really big, BetSafe may ask you to give them legal identification of, for example, your passport, before releasing such a large amount.

At the present time, BetSafe will only allow you to withdraw the maximum of 50,000 euros in any 24 hour time frame. This only comes into play unless a larger amount has been pre-agreed for release by BetSafe by prior arrangement. Withdrawals must be achieved via the same method you used to pay your deposit, unless alternate arrangements have been previously agreed with BetSafe.

Should you have deposited funds for gaming via many methods, then BetSafe may split your payout across your various payment methods as they must, as a mandatory precaution against money laundering.

BetSafe Casino Pros & Cons


  • BetSafe are totally transparent in everything they do, and the gamer is fully protected legally as well as being guided when necessary through areas with which they may not be familiar.
  • 24 hour a day, seven days a week online help is available and there are not many other online gaming platforms that can say that!
  • Choice – as well as providing some of the more traditional games, BetSafe also host up to 400 new online games, with superior graphics, available whenever you feel like ‘having a flutter.’


  • Not as much choice in terms of welcome bonuses as some of its rivals.

BetSafe Casino In Summary

To summarise from our  BetSafe casino reviews, it is clear that this company is no lightweight. They have been in business many years and have safeguards and checks in place to make sure that every one of their clients is tended to as a dear friend.

From the world class customer service, to the amazing bonuses they offer which cumulatively must add up to thousands, they deliver. It is well worth having a look around as this could be the ideal online casino for you. Just click the BetSafe link to see for yourself.

But a Betsafe review cannot be complete without mention of the first class online gaming facilities which BetSafe provide. From the old favourites of roulette, baccarat, and slots, to the most modern online gaming software games. And with over four hundred new games coming online monthly, it would be difficult to play every one.

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Rate & Comment
  • Betsafe casino does exactly what it says. It lets you gamble safely and securely. Although their site isn’t very interesting and exciting, I know I can trust them so I am quite happy to continue using their services. They also offer a great selection of live casino games which I couldn’t be happier about because most online casinos very rarely cater to live games.

  • World class service from BetSafe casino. I can’t fault this online casino, they have been around for years and they know how to reward loyal customers. I’m a regular on BetSafe casino I think they give away great promotions and I’m always winning big on their site. As I’m more of a traditional gambler I like the fact they have a wide selection of poker games and live casino games. One of the best sites there is, If you ask me.

  • Although some may like Betsafe I’m not a fan. I think their site is boring and a bit dated. I think they need to add a bit more colour, gambling is meant to be a bit of fun but on their site it feels more like a chore. The main reasons I keep playing on their site is I know its trusted and they offer over 300 different slots games, so they do have a good variety I’ll give them that.

  • As an avid gambler I’m really impressed with betsafe their site looks really professional and classic. I’m not a fan of sites that are flashy and brightly coloured. They offer a next level gambling experienced for the more advanced gambler. Their variety of live games always keeps me entertained and I couldn’t be happier using their site.

  • Betsafe is the online casino I have been waiting for. A few of my friends recommended Betsafe to me and now I wouldn’t turn to any other online casino. They have over 300 different video slots to choose for which is great for me as I’m a big fan. I had trouble initially setting up my account but they have a customer support system available 24/7 so my problem was resolved almost instantly, all in all I am very impressed.

  • With Betsafe being such a big brand within the gambling industry you really can play games safely and securely. For me they have a great range of all different types of games. I’m a massive fan of playing blackjack and I’m so happy they have a live version of the game as it completes the ultimate online game experience in my opinion.

  • The odds on Betsafe are just excellent and lady luck has been on my side ever since I joined. I won a big jackpot and it’s great that there aren’t any withdrawal limits. I’ve recommended this site to all of my friends because of this, and the amount of really great games there are to play.

  • I had a couple of issues with BetSafe but all of these were sorted out so quickly. Everyone I spoke to was really friendly and because I’m not massively confident with talking on the phone, I found the live chat option was really great. I’ve also previously used the email option (before I discovered the live chat) and they replied really quickly – I was expecting to have to wait days, instead it was just a matter of a few hours, if that! Really happy with the customer service and despite my rocky start with setting up my account I’m sure to be staying here to try out all of the really amazing games, just because they were so great at sorting out my issues!

  • My favourite thing about BetSafe is that they don’t just use one developer. The simple fact that they have games from all different software developers and game designers means that everything is so much better to play. This means that there is a huge range of games to suit all types of players. For me, I quite like NetEnt games that I’m comfortable with and know how to play, but just being able to try out other games made by different people is a pretty good experience.

  • Reputations of casinos is very important and I know that Betsafe isn’t just reliable but incredibly safe and I feel at complete ease when it comes to depositing my money. The casino also has a great deal of variety with over 300 different video slots, the biggest pay-out I have had has been on starburst and I was pretty chuffed. Especially when the withdrawal system was so easy. Very happy customer.

  • I genuinely think that BetSafe have the best offers and promotions that I have ever seen on an online casino. I think they’re really good at what they do and they’re a really transparent company, one that I’ve never had any problems with. There’s such a huge range of games on the site and I really like the blackjack that they have on offer.

  • Betsafe is an awesome casino I made a deposit of £100 and they matched it, and when I started playing I was able to make my money back three times over so very I am now a very happy customer. When I came to withdraw my money the process was incredibly quick and I had my winning in my account within a day or two.

  • I have played more than enough casinos to tell the good from the bad. There was such a nie selection of games and they are balanced well between the different types of games. The payouts are pretty good too and the customer service has always been excellent whenever I’ve used it. The payout was really quick and whenever they’ve had to verify my documents it’s always been great.

  • I love the fact that this site is so reliable and up to date too. I feel extremely safe when it comes to putting my money into this site which I think is probably the most important thing when it comes to casinos. The choice of the games is also absolutely fantastic!

  • Almost every game is offered. Loads of different bonuses and now there is challenges that benefits huge players. Still one of the better casinos but used to be the best.

  • I have been a member of Betsafe for the past three months and in that time I have been on here pretty much every day. I only wish I could get on here more often. I live a pretty hectic lifestyle and the wife has recently ‘blessed’ me with a newborn so the only chance I really get to come on here is during my lunchbreak. Imagine me if you will, turkey sandwich in one hand, smartphone in the other playing hand after hand of blackjack. Thanks Betsafe. A very happy customer here.

  • When you play on Betsafe casino the customer service is good as well as them offering almost every game. Still one of the better casinos that I have played on.

  • There is such a huge choice when it comes to playing on Betsafe, from the games you to play to the way you deposit and withdraw. I really enjoy playing on the site, and no matter what I play everything runs exceptionally smoothly without a hitch. It’s the best site I’ve played on and I will continue to recommend it to all of my family and friends.

  • Betsafe is a fun casino to play on, and is both reliable and modern. It has both the traditional gaming experience for your classic casino games, as well as new games which offer exceptional graphics too! Betsafe is almost flawless both in design and in action.

  • After receiving such outstanding customer service from Betsafe casinos online support I had to leave a review! They were extremely friendly and considerate when dealing with my issues, I didn’t feel like a bother at all. Betsafe also offer a huge collection of games to keep you entertained.

  • BetSafe Casino lets you gamble safely and securely. I’m really impressed with BetSafe their site looks really professional and classic. BetSafe offer a next level gambling experienced for the more advanced gambler and the variety of live games always keeps me entertained and I couldn’t be happier using their site.

  • Really enjoy playing on Betsafe, lots of promotions, huge variety of games and most importantly great fun!!! Isn’t as much of the bright lights and sounds as some of the other big online casinos but this is a bonus for me as i concentrate more on the game i am playing rather than being distracted. Definitely one of my favourites!!!

  • Betsafe lives up to its name, you can bet and play games here with the added benefits of secure betting. Didn’t put me off not having the welcome bonus some casinos online offer as i just wanted to have safe, secure fun. Lots of games for you to try that all work without techy glitches.

  • I was soooo close to winning the Tuesday tournament! It was so frustrating! I’m definitely going back next week to win the jackpot. Betsafe is a really cool casino. It’s hard to keep track of the promos and bonuses because there are just so many of them (not that I’m complaining) The withdrawal policy is brilliant too. I know some places put a cap on how much you can take out, but Betsafe don’t which is why i trust them. Definitely recommend this site!

  • BetSafe is one of the best online casino sites out at the moment as although they don’t offer loads of bonuses, they are easy to deal with and offer a direct and easy to use service. As their name states, they are super safe to use and you can be reassured to know you are protected legally. I would always recommend this to casino loving folk!

  • Everything on BetSafe is laid out great, and it looks professional. There are a lot of sites that just look as though they contain kids’ games rather than poker and slots, but this BetSafe is looks like a proper casino site. The Live Table Games are really engaging and make you feel like you’re actually sitting in a casino playing! 110% every experienced player should come to BetSafe.

  • Betsafe is perfect if you love live casino games, mobile casino games and sports betting too. The variety on BetSafe is something that is very appealing as it means that you get an exciting feel for the games every time. As a leading online casino game provider, you know you’re safe playing on BetSafe!

  • Betsafe is very professorial with a great variety of games from sport to poker. and at the moment have some really enticing promotions, going on. The live casino games are like are actually at the casino so that brings all the fun to your living room. Overall review one of the best on line casino sites that are safe to use i guess that is why the site is called BetSafe.

  • Upon review of Bet Safe site i must say is one of the best out there with some really great promotions on offer some exclusive to specific games. Bet Safe has something for everyone to play with Virtual Sports to place bets to real Live Casino games and Poker games. A sports book page where you can keep track of your plays and bets. Overall review a gaming site if your lover of sports and the odd bets.

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