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£10 No Deposit + 10 Free Spins + Up To €555 Welcome Bonus

Average rating 4 out of 5 from 28 reviews

Amsterdams Casino Promotions & Bonuses

This Amsterdams casino review found the site has a comprehensive bonus scheme and a range of promotions that change on a regular basis, ensuring there’s always something new to get involved with. First up is the current welcome bonus. You’ll get a 100% bonus of your first deposit up to a maximum amount of €555 which is huge and definitely worth signing up for. It’s not all sign up bonuses, though: loyal customers are looked after, too. You’ll earn 10,000 Loyalty Points on your first deposit only and 50 times each amount you deposit after that with 2,500 points to spend.

Once you’ve taken advantage of your welcome bonus, Amsterdams Casino offers a monthly promotion schedule with different offers occurring throughout the month. One of these is the Happy Hour bonus every Friday where you get a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to €25 between 20:00 and 21:00. Scattered through the week there are also the Saturday Special, Ladies Day, Midnight Madness and Champions Bonus offers where you’ll get a 30% bonus of an initial deposit up to €250. This could get you up to €75 if you were to deposit the full amount! There’s a fantastic, clear timetable of promotions on Amsterdams Casino’s website which is great to refer to so you can make sure you’re depositing at the right times.

Our Amsterdams casino review found that in addition to the bonus schemes, Amsterdams Casino also runs giveaways such as the current ‘March Madness’ promotion. There are over 30 prizes to be given away including stunt flying trips, Go Pro cameras, sky diving days, hot air balloon rides and Vespa scooters. You’re automatically entered into the raffle once for every accumulated €25 you deposit, meaning you could rack up quite a few entries if you’re playing regularly.

Amsterdams Casino Best Games To Play

All Amsterdams casino reviews note that one of Amsterdams Casinos big draws is the top of the range game providers it gives you access to. One of the most progressive software suppliers on the market is NetEnt and their ever popular game Starburst is well worth spending some time playing. It’s a colourful, fun game with lots of unique features and you begin play with 5-reel, 10-bet lines. Extra reels appear during the game at no extra cost to the player, giving you lots of opportunities to win.

For the music fans among you, Guns n Roses (also by NetEnt) is another great game to try. The epic hard rock sounds track makes this a truly entertaining games, with each player being given five games to choose from. You’ll really feel the tension when the guitar solos strike mid-reel and there are lots of different options to choose from, including bonus gams, encores, legend spins, solos and crowd pleasers. Guns n Roses is one of NetEnt’s most special games and we’d highly recommend you give it a try.

You also have the option to virtually explore new lands with some of Amsterdams Casino’s most popular games, such as Gonzo’s Quest, Merlin’s Millions and even Jack and the Beanstalk, for a bit of fun. We especially love the five reel, 25 playline game Witch Pickings. Witch Pickings uniquely allows you to customise your game choosing from 9 different bonus features including cash multipliers and instantways. You can change the game you’re playing every single time!

Amsterdams Casino Software & Gaming Graphics

As mentioned above and in many other Amsterdams casino reviews, Amsterdams Casino operates with games from top class providers and developers such as NetEnt. As well as NetEnt, Amsterdams Casino uses software from Nyx Interactive, NextGen Gaming, 1×2 Gaming, Aristocrat, Leander Games, Quickspin, Ezugi, 2 By 2 Gaming and Elk Studios. There are a huge range of games which is fantastic and means you can play for hours without any risk of getting bored. The content on the website is largely good and really helpful, with clear user guides.

However, we found that the ease of play itself wasn’t as good as some other online casinos. When you click to play, the game opens in a new window. We tried this on a couple of different computers and it seems to only work properly on fully up to date browsers, which is something to bear in mind if you’re a little lazy when it comes to updating. Something else to note is that, at present, Amsterdams Casino doesn’t have a mobile app. However, we gave it a try and the games do load well on the web browser of mobile/tablet devices.

It does have to be said that Amsterdams Casino’s interface uses a pretty simple design. However, while it perhaps doesn’t look quite as slick as some other gaming sites might, it is easy to use. Games run smoothly and work well, providing you’re using the right browser.

Amsterdams Casino Online Support

Our Amsterdams review team found that Amsterdams Casino are specifically working to ensure full compatibility on the variety of browsers players may be using. Their website details various troubleshooting options, such as simply refreshing the page which is all too easily overlooked, and also links to various online guides on how to clear cookies on your browser should that look to be an issue. If you continue to have any issues, Amsterdams Casino will happily look into these, providing you send a screenshot over to them detailing the exact problem. We haven’t tested this service out yet, but think it’s fantastic how clear it is and hope the support itself will match!

There isn’t a contact phone number for support, as is pretty common with online businesses now, but you do have the live chat feature. We tested this and it was super fast with a support agent coming back to us within seconds to offer support and ask how they can help. You can also see the status of your message, e.g ‘read’, which was really helpful and a nice feature. At the end of your chat, you can also rate the support agent with a thumbs up or down and mark them out of 10. This feature demonstrates that Amsterdams Casino are actively seeking feedback, hopefully to improve their service, which can only be a positive.

With any service, there will occasionally be glitches, but it is how those are dealt with that really sets the service provider apart. From what we have seen, Amsterdams Casino has a robust support system in place and we do think that this is one of its standout positive features. The only real downside is the lack of online support on weekend daytimes, when the support lines are only open 18:00 to 00:00. Monday to Friday Amsterdams Casino can be reached 10:00 to 00:00.

Amsterdams Casino Payout Policy

When thinking about using any online gambling site, at the forefront of your mind is of course going to be the payout policy! We hope you’ll be winning too and, if you do, Amsterdams Casino’s withdrawals policy is outlined clearly in the site’s Terms and Conditions, rather than being hidden among jargon. It is, of course, recommended that you take a look at these prior to signing up or beginning play. The procedures are pretty standard among online gambling sites though, and we can’t find any nasty surprises lurking in the small print.

Our Amsterdams review foun that the minimum withdrawal amount is £30 and their policy is to return any funds via the same means they were paid in. Again, this is standard across online retailers. In order to make a withdrawal, the player needs to have made at least one purchase with Amsterdams Casino. You can deposit and withdrawal money using your Visa or Mastercard or using third party payment sites such as Skrill, Neteller, Trustly and Dotpay to name a few. There is a 48 hour pending period on any withdrawals as standard.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Amsterdams Casino does reserve the right to limit the sum you can withdraw per day, if they deem it necessary to do so for reasons of fraud protection or social responsibility. You can check with the online support team should you have any queries about withdrawal limits, getting in touch with them via the means outlined above.

Amsterdams Casino Pros & Cons

To keep things nice and simple, we’ve given you a quickfire list of the things we found in Amsterdams reviews that we think they do well and what they could improve on.


  • Online support is simple, quick and attentive and actively seeks feedback
  • Game selection is really fun with lots to choose from and get involved with
  • Interesting bonus and promotions structure with a lot of variety from month to month plus giveaways
  • Simple payout structure with ability to withdraw via numerous payment providers
  • Clear and concise Terms and Conditions
  • Site layout is easy to follow
  • Games are fully optimised to work on mobile devices


  • Lack of mobile specific app is an issue, despite responsive website
  • Games do not appear to always load, depending on your browser
  • Simplistic design – not the most contemporary looking
  • No daytime support on weekends
  • Bonuses are often limited to x amount, regardless of whether currency is pounds sterling, US dollars or euros
  • Lack of information about Amsterdams Casino itself on the website, e.g. history and background

On the whole, we think that the pros outweigh the cons. The negatives are largely related to a lack of sophistication but if you want a relatively straightforward gaming site and casino experience, that isn’t necessarily going to be an issue. The only major drawback is the game loading issue, but this does only appear to be a problem on older titles, so potentially isn’t something we can penalise Amsterdams Casino for too heavily.

Amsterdams Casino In Summary

Overall, we were impressed with Amsterdams reviews. Sure, there are things it could work on (mostly relating to the ‘cons’ list above) but for a simple, straightforward, no-fuss site, you can’t go too wrong. You can sign up and be playing in seconds. We think that the selection of games is great for anybody looking just to have a bit of fun. You’ve got all of the classics on there, such as roulette, blackjack and poker, but also lots of novelty options to explore and, just in case we haven’t quite brought the point home yet, we really love NetEnt’s range.

The bonuses and promotions schemes also make Amsterdams Casino stands out. It’s interesting and varied and changes regularly, meaning things aren’t going to get stagnant. We also really like the fact that there are product and experience giveaways on top of the financial bonuses. Again, these are laid out clearly and it’s easy to see when you should be playing to get the most out of your deposits.

There’s no point pretending that Amsterdams Casino is something that it isn’t. It’s simple. It isn’t the slickest operation out there and it doesn’t have the have whistles and bells that some other operations can offer. It does what it says it does and, actually, that’s enough.

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Rate & Comment
  • I really dislike Amsterdams casino site, I think it’s awful. The design is really simple looking and offers nothing special to a big gambler like myself. They have a pretty decent games selection if you can get passed the lack of promotions and silly site. It’s not a bad online casino, but it isn’t my first choice either.

  • Although Amsterdams Casino’s site design isn’t the best around, they do offer a good range of games which can be quite fun to play when you’re bored on your lunch break at work. It is really easy to sign up too and their site is really simple to use, so it’s great for passing time, overall not a bad site at all, it just lacks that something special.

  • Amsterdams Casino really isn’t that bad. The site is bright, colourful and bucket loads of fun. They offer quite a few decent promotions to their loyal customers so you can rack up some winnings fairly quickly if you play on their site as much as I do. When it comes to withdrawing winnings it’s a really simple system and I have never had any problems.

  • Although their site may not be the best looking they are seriously underrated. They have a great selection of games and when I had a problem with withdrawing my winnings they were so helpful. I used the live chat option to get support and the staff couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. My issue was instantly resolved and they couldn’t have been more apologetic. Very impressed with Amsterdams casino.

  • I quite like Amsterdams casino simplistic site it makes it easy to use and to navigate. It is brightly and fun without being flashy and in your face. They also have a great variety of games from fun slots games to plenty of live casino games to choose for.

    The only thing that annoys me about Amsterdam Casino is that they aren’t that flexible when it comes to withdrawals. If it weren’t for that they would definitely get top marks from me.

  • Amsterdamn casino is just not for me. I think that their withdrawal system is too restrictive. I have won that money fair and square and the fact that I can’t do multiple withdrawals a day really frustrates me. I also think that their site is really basic and simple, and I’m bored of their games so I will be taking my customs elsewhere from now on.

  • I think the name of the casino is pretty clever. Amsterdam is known for lighting up at night and while most places will think to look to Vegas, Amsterdam is quite often overlooked. Naming a casino after Amsterdam is quite original which is what drew me to it. It’s a really colourful site which I like, and it’s quite easy to manoeuvre around. There are a load of giveaways too which include things like stunt flying, Go Pro cameras, Vespa scooters and so many more which is awesome. I’m really enjoying the site.

  • It’s not the prettiest online casino there is, but it suits me just fine. There’s a nice game selection with all NetEnt games and a lot of table games and slots there’s loads for everybody. All games work perfectly, the graphics are good and there are even some really low bets. The only thing that I don’t like is the wagering requirements.

  • I was really happy that this site offers Irish Eyes 2 and when I found out I joined Amsterdams Casino immediately. I got a few decent wins before I moved onto Medusa which was also really fun, but unfortunately I didn’t get a big enough win. It’s my fault for not withdrawing earlier!

  • Since I first started playing on this site I feel like Amsterdams casino has greatly improved. I also like the way they have set out the promotions as there is a massive list and you can see which ones you want to take advantage of. Although it may not look like much it is a really good site that is constantly improving.

  • I think the welcome bonus on this site is really good. It has some of the best games I have found on any online casino site. I also really like the fact they have a promotions calendar which we can all take advantage of every month. I think that it’s really important to reward your loyal players and that’s something Amsterdam does well.

  • A few weeks ago I was looking for a new online casino to sign up too, as I was getting bored of some of the others I play on. I managed to come across Amsterdams Casino, so far I am really impressed with this online casino as it has plenty of promotions and a wide selection of slots games.

  • I’ve had nothing but good experience on this site. I only started with a small deposit because I don’t like giving all my money to a site I’ve never played before. But I had fun on it so deposited again bigger and bigger every time. The Gonzo Quest slot is possibly my favourite and I’ve won a decent amount on it too which has been fun.

  • The game selection on this site is fantastic. All of the games are really fun to play and run really well too which is great. On top of this the customer support is really quick and they’re extremely attentive and ready to wait on all of your needs which I think every site should be like.

  • i was looking for a new casino to join, and I am really glad that i choose Amsterdams casino it is one of the best I have played on. Would recommend this to anyone.

  • The Amsterdam’s Casino simple website makes it very easy to navigate around. I’m impressed with the site and the wide range of games. I’m enjoying the popular games by NetEnt, especially Guns n Roses which I recommend everyone to give a try. It’s a straightforward site that beats most other sites I’ve tried and I will give it five stars in my review.

  • It was actually someone else’s review of Amsterdams casino that convinced me to sign up in the first place, so I thought its only fair that I return the favour. I’d heard good things about the Guns n Roses game on this site and once I’d given it a go I was not disappointed. There’s plenty of other fun games that are just as fun. I’d particularly recommend the Gonzo’s Quest slot for any beginners/newcomers to the site.

  • Game selection on this site is really great and every game I’ve ever played on Amsterdams casino has been exceptionally fun. I’ve only signed up recently so I can’t comment on the withdrawal process or anything like that, but overall I’ve had a really great experience.

  • In this review I wanted to highlight how Amsterdam Casino not only provided great incentives for new players, but also look after their loyal customers. Amsterdam Casino’s monthly promotion schedule and specials throughout the week offer more incentives to play with even bigger rewards!

  • Amsterdams casino is a really fun site, that is pretty straightforward to play on. There’s a great selection of games to choose from on the site, and lots of promotions too, just to top it all off. I really like this site, and if you’re looking to play it, you should expect colourful simplicity, and some cool live chats too!

  • The welcome bonus was what drew me to Amsterdams and even now their promotions and bonuses change all the time so it never gets boring! I am really impressed with Amsterdams which is why I chose to give them a 5 star review

  • Amsterdams Casino is a delightful simplistic site that easy to use and to navigate. It is brightly and fun without being flashy and too full on. Ace Kingdom also have a great variety of games from fun slots games to plenty of live casino games to choose from.

  • I just had to write a review on Amsterdams because it is amazing! The website is bright and lively and I had no problems accessing the games on there. I like that here are so many popular brands and well-known games that are available to play even if you are on the go due to a really good mobile interface. I think it’s great that you can earn 10,000 Loyalty Points on your first deposit only and 50 times each amount you deposit after that with 2,500 points to spend. I’ve only had good experiences with Amsterdams casino.

  • Some of the games on Amsterdams are so much fun! Starburst is my ultimate favourite, I can’t stop playing it! They also offer serveral promotions throughout the month which are pretty good! I like Happy Hour bonus on a Friday. Something I find frustrating is how long some of the games take to load, it’s not as quick as other sites, but the creative games make up for it!

  • I am a HUGE fan of the guns n roses game. I play it just so I can listen to the sweet music most of the time. Although, Starburst is pretty cool, too. The site’s layout is really cool, everything’s easy to find and all the staff I’ve chatted with all deserved a thumbs up. I like that extra feature. It’s my favourite online casino.

  • Amsterdams Casino got me interested after I went to Amsterdam and went to a great casino as this site always brings back happy memories! The best thing about this site is that they are always asking for us to contribute our feedback to make the whole thing better and better- I love that as it shows they really do care about their customers.

  • Whether you’re a fan of classic games of prefer to try new ones, there is everything you could ever want here at Amsterdams casino. Sign up so easy that you will be on your way to enjoying yourself in no time. Also, I love playing on my mobile and I think it’s so easy to play Amsterdams on mine. Why not give it a go

  • My review for Amsterdams Slot Planet im loving it at the moment with all the Christmas promotions, and you can check the schedule list of days and times when each special promotion is happening throughout December!! With something for everyone to enjoy from Live Casino to Video Slots to Jackpot Slots, even Bingo and Scratch Cards. So Jingle all the way!!!

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