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Ace Kingdom Casino Review of Promotions & Bonuses

Like most casino sites,  Ace Kingdom shows they have some great promotions and bonuses, especially for new users, and this Ace Kingdom report will make sure you know about them all. Their main and most popular promotion is the 200% bonus. A first time deposit of £50 or more will be met with 200% worth of extra credits, with a ceiling of £300.

But for some, £50 may just be a little bit too much for a deposit, especially on a new site, and Ace Kingdom have addressed this issue with a less publicised offer. First time depositors can deposit a minimum of £20 and receive a 150% bonus. This is applicable to all deposits up to and including £49.99. The deposit bonuses don’t stop there – your second deposit made on Ace Kingdom will get you a 50% bonus. This has same ceiling as the first deposit of £300, but the minimum deposit is a lot lower at £20.

Ace Kingdom reward loyalty; their third deposit bonus increases to 75%, with the ceiling remaining at £300, but most importantly, the minimum deposit stays at £20.

Promotions and bonues don’t stop at deposits, as Ace Kingdom offer a promotion called Sunday Spinback. This allows you to spin again on many popular games including Spider Man, Iron Man and the Hulk Game. There is one drawback: you only get 20 free spins and 72 hours to use them, and so if you get them you better use them fast.

Ace Kingdom Casino Reviews Best Games To Play

All Ace Kingdom casino reviews are looking at variety and Ace Kingdom deliver with over 200 Playtech and Quickspin games, there isn’t a shortage of excellent and fun Ace Kingdom casino games to choose from. There are some big name brands too, from Marvel’s Iron Man to Monty Python.


One of our favourites is the Iron Man themed slot, which adds a cool twist to a popular online casino game, as do many of the other themed slot games which feature big names, such as Marilyn Monroe, Pink Panther and X Men. Even the popular trading card game Top Trumps slots games can be played in Ace Kingdom – a great bit of nostalgia added to your online casino experience.

But if you get bored of slots, there are so many other great games to play on Ace Kingdom; of course, some of the more popular types of games are the table games.

Ace Kingdom features a wide variety of brilliant table games, from British and American blackjack to Caribbean Poker, but our favourites have got to be the roulettes. Ace Kingdom features a great variety of roulette games, including French roulette, but if you get bored of the normal roulette games, Marvel offer a roulette alternative to spice things up.


If you’re looking for something a bit different, Ace Kingdom host a collection of top notch scratch cards featuring some cool characters such as Rocky, Pink Panther, Iron Man, King Kong and Monty Python. It’s a great way to take a break from the traditional casino games.

Ace Kingdom Casino Review of Software & Gaming Graphics

As well as Ace Kingdom reviews being mostly positive being a Ladbrokes brand has some good advantages for Ace Kingdom; it has access to the world’s leading casino software providers in Playtech and Quickspin, which means the library of games is quite extensive and broad. Even more importantly, Playtech have a deal with Marvel, which means most games will have a Marvel version, which is great if you’re a fan. But even if you’re not, there is a wide range of alternatives.

You can access Ace Kingdom on most devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet, giving you a great portable casino experience, if you want it. However, there aren’t any mobile apps available for Ace Kingdom just yet, which means the mobile casino experience is lacking a bit in that front, but the website is good enough and smooth enough to adapt to most mobile devices quickly, which means that this isn’t really a huge problem.

The graphics don’t falter from one device to another either, which is a huge bonus for casino fans who don’t want to fire up their computer every time they want to play an online casino game. The graphics are sleek, responsive and clear throughout all the games on Ace Kingdom, ensuring you have a great experience no matter what game you’re playing.

Ace Kingdom Casino Online Support

  • This Ace Kingdom review finds that the site has some great online support, from the basic frequently asked questions section, to an email support and even a live chat messenger. These are very easy ways to get your questions and queries answered by an Ace Kingdom expert.
  • The online chat is very responsive – as soon as you’re on the site someone will be at your beck and call should you have a query, which is great to see. It’s so important for companies of any type to be able to quickly answer any query, especially in today’s highly connected world, and Ace Kingdom have addressed that with their excellent online chat system, which is live and accessible at any time of the day.
  • If your question is that urgent then you can easily send an email and a representative will get back to you.
  • Of course, the Ace Kingdom FAQ section is well stocked with answers to just about everything you need to know, with a great ‘Getting Started’ section that walks you through everything before you start gambling with Ace Kingdom. Game rules, balance descriptions, your safety, and deposits and withdrawals are all explained in the FAQ section.
  • But it if all else fails you won’t be out of luck as you can easily find helpline numbers for the UK, Germany and Sweden.

Ace Kingdom Reviews of Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

As Ace Kingdom Casino review finds this is mostly a pay-to-play online casino website, you’ll need to deposit funds into your account. Although some games are free to play, most will require you to bet.

There are many easy ways to deposit money into your Ace Kingdom account. Simply go to the ‘I Want’ section of their website, and click on the deposit section. Follow the instructions and you’re done – it’s as simple as that.

You can deposit money using all the major and well known brands which include Visa, Mastercard, and of course PayPal, a must for online casino sites. The withdrawing method is essentially the same as the deposit system, but just the opposite. You can simply withdraw your winnings through your preferred method, which would be the way you deposited the funds.

There is also a very helpful view history feature, which gives you a quick and easy overview of your account transactions. It is a great feature that allows you to keep track of when you’ve deposited funds and when you have withdrawn them, which is a great tool to make sure you stay on top.

Ace Kingdom Casino Payout Policy

This Ace Kingdom review found that there are two key things you need to know about the Ace Kingdom payout policy. Withdrawing funds from your Ace Kingdom casino account is pretty simple, but it can be a frustrating experience as it’s not a quick service.

The Ace Kingdom casino review found that the website says it can take between three to six business days to process a withdraw transaction, so if you’re looking for a quick payout then Ace Kingdom probably isn’t going to be the best online casino site for you to use. A customer service representative on the live chat service quoted 24-72 hours processing time, which is much better than what’s currently advertised. Although during the period in which they hold on to your withdrawal, you can request to cancel it, which is a bonus if you get a big payout and want to withdraw a larger amount, although that would start the process all over again.

Of course, like most online betting and gambling sites, deposit bonuses do not count towards your real cash, and must be used for betting, so you can’t get a quick buck by depositing £50 and expecting to withdraw more back. This is normal practise for most online casino sites, as they would quickly lose money otherwise.

Ace Kingdom Casino Pros & Cons

  • The are quite a lot of pros for Ace Kingdom; it has a wide variety of games to choose from including many themed games, which not only make it interesting but keep the experience from becoming stale and boring.
  • With a wide range of deposit bonuses, you get a lot of bang for your buck when you first sign up, and of course there are reoccurring deals to grab once you’ve signed up to their mailing list.
  • Their chat support is great, it’s very responsive and you can find out everything you need to do in mere minutes, which is great when you haven’t got a lot of time and you encounter a problem.
  • But there are some cons to Ace Kingdom. First of all, while you can use it on mobile and tablet, it doesn’t have specific apps available for any device, which can be a bit of hassle for mobile and tablet users.
  • Their biggest drawback is definitely the withdrawal process; they quote up to six business days, which is quite long, and not the best for user experience.
  • One concerning issue is that you can’t seem to restrict all text notifications, which can be frustrating. It doesn’t tell you the frequency of the texts you will receive and you have to give them your mobile number to sign up. Although it does say you will only receive “critical” account information, but it’s hard to guess what they will define as critical.

Ace Kingdom Reviews In Summary

Our Ace Kingdom reviews show this casino is a great online casino site, boasting a sleek and simple user experience. With a wide range of games, it’s got anything and everything you could possibly want to play, and when you get bored of a certain game, there are usually loads of different versions which can add a new twist to it; perfect for the avid online casino gambler.

The welcome deals are excellent value, and Ace Kingdom offer a wide range of entry deposits. This means you don’t have to spend big to get a good deal when you’re starting out, which is quite useful when you’re deciding if the site is for you. There are a few games on the site that are free to play, and this is a great feature as it will allow you to get a feel for the site before you commit and deposit your hard earned cash. Although, the site does have a few negatives: the lack of a mobile app can be frustrating for mobile and tablet users. In addition to that, there’s a lot of different information concerning the withdrawal process, which can be quite confusing.

Overall Ace Kingdom casino reviews are amazing and we think this is a good site, with great games and lots of good bonuses and deals. We definitely recommend you check it out, just click the link above to find out more.

Rate & Comment
  • There are so many games to play which I really enjoy about the site. There’s also a load of bonuses starting from as soon as you sign up and available for the rest of your playing time. The only downside to this site (which is a pretty big one) is the fact that withdrawals seem to take so long! The website states that it takes 6 business days, which to me is a rather long time to wait for the money that you’ve won.

  • This site is a pretty new venture and for how new it is, it does pretty well in terms of what it offers. The site itself is slick and the low wagering requirements are a really good feature on the site. Ace Kingdom stands out from the crowd in my opinion because of the way it looks. The loading page itself is so smart and the whole site is really easy to navigate around. To me, this is one of the best new sites around and I think it is going to really well in the future. With great welcome bonuses and other offers are you go on, the games they offer and their promotions will be hard for their competitors to beat.

  • It’s a real big shame that there is no mobile app. And the fact that they text me really frequently which can get annoying, but you have to give them your phone number when you sign up. It can be pretty intrusive which is really irritating. The best part about this site is the amount of Marvel games they have on there, but then these can also be found on most other sites too which doesn’t make it very unique.

  • Ace Kingdom is good because it offers such a variety of games that it’s really hard to get bored. It’s really easy to use and to navigate around which is always helpful for casual gamblers like me. I’ve found that there are quite often different twists on certain games which keeps things fresh and exciting for players like me who don’t have the longest attention span ever.

  • The only problem I’ve ever had with Ace Kingdom is that I’m used to really fast payouts so the fact it can take more than a week for my withdrawals to come through is pretty annoying. Other than that it’s really good. There are loads of games, the bonuses are pretty good as you go through and the first welcome bonus is also great. I think the site might need a little fine tuning to make it stand up against the big known brands, but it’s doing pretty good so far.

  • I like Ace Kingdom but I think it needs a little bit of a tidy up. As you go through the site there are a lot of grammatical errors and typos which just make it seem a little bit unprofessional. The fact that they only use one gaming provider means that there’s not that much variety and a lot of the games all seem to run the same. On the bright side though the table games are quite extensive and the bonuses are quite regular and relatively large.

  • Ace Kingdom is by far my favourite casino to play on, as they don’t just have some of the highest quality slots games but a great range of table games. As a huge blackjack player like myself I am always looking at other games that I can play that are just as interesting which is why I was delighted they do games like Pai Gow poker and Sic Bo as well. All the times I have won at this online casino I have had made some pretty big winnings and there withdrawal system is always easy as well as fast.

  • As a VIP player at AceKingdom casino I couldn’t be more impressed with their services. As not only do you get the chance to play exclusive games but also get bigger and better rewards. When I had a problem with withdrawing my winnings I contacted their support staff who were very friendly and helpful.

    Being a VIP at AceKingdom makes me feel like they really value me as a customer and I will always choose their online casino over any other ones.

  • I really enjoy Playtech casinos and Ace Kingdom is no exception their website has a sleek and easy to use design. The best part about Ace Kingdom is their variety in games they even have a whole section for Marvel games, so those who like their superheroes will be thoroughly impressed, just as I am.

  • I really like ace kingdom because everything seems to be so streamlined and work really well. There’s a huge variety of really brilliant games from different versions of blackjack all the way to Caribbean poker. There are also some really cool scratch cards too which I am finding a little bit addictive, I love them so much! Everything runs smoothly and there’s loads of ways to withdraw and deposit funds.

  • I think Ace Kingdom is a very interesting online casino, since I have joined the VIP loyalty programme I have been very impressed with their services, as you get bigger rewards and a higher standard of service. For me it made perfect sense to join the loyalty programme as I was already playing on Ace Kingdom casino a lot more than any others I have joined.

  • I really enjoy this site and because it’s a sister site to Ladbrokes and I’ve used them successfully before, so I think this is the perfect site. Because a lot of people don’t know that Ladbrokes runs them it’s not overcome with people not knowing what they’re doing and putting up silly reviews because they don’t understand how to use online gambling sites. I’ve played on this site many times and one of my favourite slots is Easter surprise. I won a decent amount on this site so I’m really happy.

  • Ace kingdom is really great because there are laods of games such as themed games and there are a load of welcome bonuses to choose from too.

  • Ace Kingdom casino is probably not only one of the newest but is also one of the bets online casinos i have ever experienced. This online caisno has so me of the bets quality and range of games. On top of that they have very quick and safe withdrawal and deposits. very impressed.

  • I was first enticed onto Ace Kingdom casino by their amazing welcome promotions and I have not been disappointed. Ace Kingdom offers a wide range of games with a variety of themes to attract all. My favourites are definitely the roulette tables, but I like that there are also slot and scratch card games if I fancy something different. Ace Kingdom definitely deserves this review as this is now my favourite casino website.

  • If you like to gamble Ace Kingdom is your man. This site has a wide variety of games to keep you interested. Some casino sites you might play a couple of games, get bored and log out. But not with Ace Kingdom. They have plenty of different games for different moods and you’re guaranteed to find something that suits you.

  • The themed games are really fun on this site and I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a glitch or a problem on the way Ace Kingdom is run. There is a huge selection of deposit bonuses on the site, and Ace Kingdom really do give you more for your money which I love. Great site, really fun to play on, and fantastic selection of bonuses too.

  • Ace Kingdom casino has a wide variety of games to choose from including many themed games, which not only make it interesting but keep the experience from becoming stale and boring. Ace Kingdom review has a wide range of deposit bonuses, you get a lot of bang for your buck when you first sign up, and of course there are reoccurring deals to grab once you’ve signed up to their mailing list. Ace Kingdom casino review have a great chat support is very responsive and you can find out everything you need to do in mere minutes, which is great when you haven’t got a lot of time and you encounter a problem.

  • Ace Kingdom is a really good online casino website, I just had to write a review. They’ve got a huge range of different kind of games to play. I love that I can live chat with the online support. I always tend to get a quick, good reply when doing that. It’s awesome that there are some free games for when I don’t feel like betting.

  • Ace Kingdom Casino is good because it offers such a variety of games that it’s really hard to get bored. My Ace Kingdom review is that it’s really easy to use and navigate around which is always helpful for casual gamers. At Ace Kingdom Casino I’ve found that there are many different twists on certain games which keeps things fresh and exciting for players.

  • Ace Kingdome Casino- Ace Kingdome casino is one of my favourite sites to go on. They offer such a huge amount of offers and bonuses, for example is if your first time deposit of £50 or more you will get 200% worth of extra credit, with a ceiling of £300.

  • Regrettably I didn’t read the ‘Best Deal’ review before I made my first deposit, but it’s not a big deal. It’s a really good casino. I am a big fan of the deposit features. I can get a bit carried away sometimes and keeping track of my bets is a great help. The withdrawing process took a bit longer than I thought, but the staff were happy to keep me updated on what was going on and I got my deposit four days later. One of the best casinos I’ve tried and I’m loving the games.

  • I am going to be cheesy here and say that my Ace-Kingdom review is… Ace! Sorry I couldn’t resist, but the site is brilliant and offers a huge amount bonuses and odds to keep you playing for ages! Their customer service is rather pleasant which was a surprise- you don’t really encounter a pleasant service in relation to these sites, But Ace-Kingdom casino is well worth a visit and you will not be disappointed.

  • Ace Kingdom is brilliant, the online casino has a large variety of games and the layout it really easy and simple. For beginners this online casino is perfect and for the more advanced players, you will be well looked after and never disappointed. A fantastic site that should be recommended to all. 5 stars.

  • I wish Ace-Kingdom had an app as well as their website because it would literally make my life so much better! I love playing my casino games and would find it so much easier. It has to be said that they have a great deal of games that always keep me entertained.

  • Ace Kingdom is one of my fave game sites by far, has a large variety of games to play with hours of fun. A first deposit of £50 maybe to much for first time users but that is met with 200% up to £300 + 25 free spins, although you can make the lowest of deposit of £20 so not all bad. Overall review i love Sunday Spinback as you can spin again on my fave games like Spider Man and Iron Man, only downfall you get 20 free spins for 72 hours so better use them fast!!!!!

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