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21 Nova Casino Reviews of Promotions & Bonuses

Our 21 Nova Casino reviews finds that all their promotions & bonuses are designed to appeal to all players of different skill levels, as seen by their two-tiered welcome bonus program. Newcomers to the site are asked to review and choose between two options when signing up. First, there’s the option of placing a low wager deposit of £10 where you’ll get a 25% match bonus; second, there’s a high-roller deposit of up to 320% on up to £320 – a staggering bonus to be sure. This theme of massive bonuses is one that you will see right across the 21 Nova site if you were to do a review on 21 nova casino – there are more 21 Nova Casino reviews, promotions and bonuses than you can shake a stick at. Just be aware that the exact amount that you have to deposit in order to reach these two tiers will depend on your local currency. The same goes for your wagering requirements – there are different requirements to hit the different bonuses based on the currency you use, which means that some countries will naturally get a better deal than others.

As you might have guessed, after writing this 21 Nova Casino review, it doesn’t just offer a simple welcome bonus. 21 Nova online casino also has a full loyalty program aimed at earning and keeping its favourite patrons’ loyalty, known as CLUB21. This club is simply 21 Nova’s version of the comp point system. Comp (complimentary) points are a fairly common feature with online casinos these days, and in this case every £1 you bet at 21 Nova online casinos will earn you 4 comp points back. The caveat to this is that the given value of a comp point depends on your VIP level on the site – the higher your VIP level the better your rate on comp points: local currency.

When making this 21 Nova Casino review we found whatever the rate, you can spend your comp points at 21 Nova online casino as if they were cold hard cash. On top of this, there’s a reload bonus for players who have already made a deposit before. This reload bonus can offer you up to 60% extra free on your next deposit, up to £500. What this means in the long run is that if you top up £500, you will get an extra £300 free to play with – if you spend all of that you will be left with 200 comp points which can go towards further wagers on the 21 Nova site. That’s a fair amount of mileage on a single deposit.

But wait there’s more! 21 Nova Casino’s promotions & bonuses can even be passed onto friends in the form a Refer A Friend bonus. Like most bonuses of this kind, referring a friend who makes a deposit of at least £50 will earn you a referral bonus of £50. Just be aware that the bonus has a x18 turn requirement.

21 Nova Casino Reviews Of The Best Games To Play

21 Nova reviews are always impressive since it’s now powered by Playtech Software, 21 Nova casino online has no shortage of impressive games in its repertoire. With such a huge game library at your fingertips it can be difficult knowing which ones are the best games to play at 21 Nova Casino online . This is where we come in.

Playtech is one of the most popular online casino game designers in the world – if you’ve spent any real time playing online casino games, the chances are fairly high that you’ve played a Playtech game. On the same vein of thought, anyone who has spent time playing online casino games will know that Playtech is best known for their online slot machines – particularly when it comes to progressive slots with massive jackpots. Between these and their video poker games, your choice of ways to wager your money are pretty impressive indeed.

Another big part of Playtech’s popularity, putting their long history of impressive games to one side for a moment, is their partnership with Marvel. Themed slot machines have always had a certain level of success in the industry, with several famous examples being the infamous The Dark Knight slot machine which helped one lucky gambler in the UK win £5.8 million overnight. Of course, that was DC and this is Marvel, but given the recent success of the Marvel Cinematic Universes’ blockbuster hits such as Iron Man and Avengers Assemble, being affiliated with Marvel isn’t going to hurt anyone. Indeed, The Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man online slot machines are two of the most popular games at 21 Nova Casino.

For those of you not into playing the slots, 21 Nova online casino has plenty of other games you can play. Their casino games page boasts a selection of blackjack, roulette (both American and British versions), a selection of other arcade games and live games played face to face with a real dealer. Of course, Playtech’s selection of video poker games is enough that you won’t be bored on 21 Nova casino online if you’re looking for Aces and Faces, 10’s or Better or a game of Deuces Wild.

21 Nova Casino Review Of Software & Gaming Graphics

21 Nova online casino has done pretty well when it comes to online casino software. Not only are they partnered with the world’s most popular online gambling software provider, Playtech, they’ve made their service incredibly easy to use on a PC or laptop. Unfortunately their offerings on mobile and Mac are a little wanting.

Gamers looking to get started on 21 Nova online casino have the choice of either playing the game through their internet browser of choice or downloading an application which means that they can access any of 21 Nova’s 350 games straight from their desktop. The best thing about 21 Nova’s software library is that this game selection is surprisingly robust – the catalogue of games available is varied enough that the games don’t feel samey or repetitive. The worse thing about 21 Nova’s software library is that if you play in-browser, you’re playing a Flash based game. With many companies such as Apple turning away from Flash, there probably isn’t much longevity in their browser-based offerings.

This also means that since there is no 21 Nova app for the iPhone or Mac, Apple aficionados will not be able to make the most of online casino 21 Nova. Similarly there is no mobile app on Google Play or any of the other mobile app stores. Given how popular mobile gaming is, it wouldn’t be surprising if this changes in the future – for now though, mobile gaming on 21 Nova simply isn’t an option.

As far as graphics go, 21 Nova review showed it is a clean, modern looking site which doesn’t throw flashy ads or pop-ups all over your screen – the site is rather minimalist in this nature which only adds to the site’s appeal. The in-game graphics are fairly average, which is fine considering the smoothness with which the animations run (assuming of course that you have a solid internet connection). The Live Casino, on the other hand, features some truly impressive HD graphics with a decent framerate, helping add to the atmosphere and deepen the level of immersion. As it goes, this is about as close as you will get to feeling like you’re in a real casino without leaving your desk.

21 Nova Reviews of Online Support

As part of the William Hill Group, 21 Nova review showed that customer support is exemplary. William Hill is without a doubt one of the most respected gambling companies in the UK – a country with some of the tightest gambling regulations around. While there is little doubt that 32 Vegas was plagued with its fair share of problems, these are well and truly a thing of the past. 21 Nova casino online is both fully registered with and regulated by the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS), meaning that if you’re making a deposit with 21 Nova, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you will be treated fairly every step of the ways.

Anyone looking for customer support can find help in several different ways. 21 Nova Casino’s online support exists in the form of both a Live Chat client and an email service for out of hours complaints – the Live Chat is not staffed 24/7. That being said, not all casinos offer Live Chat as a service, so the fact that they do so is commendable and should be taken as a seal of quality.

If you prefer to talk to someone verbally when you have a problem, the 21 Nova online casino customer support team answers telephone calls 24/7. You can contact them on a toll-free number in the UK, and if you’re looking to go the whole hog with your customer service, you even fax your complaint to the 21 Nova online customer support team. This being said, Live Chat and the 24 hour telephone line are probably your best options for fast and friendly customer support.

21 Nova Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

All 21 Nova reviews know that of course one of your biggest concerns when trying out a new online casino is always going to be your options when it comes to paying out your winnings. 21 Nova Casino’s deposits & withdrawals system, fortunately, is both transparent and incredibly robust.

We have already reviewed 21 Nova’s multiple deposit bonuses (see 21 Nova Casino Promotions & Bonuses) so we won’t cover that again. Instead, let’s look at your options for depositing funds into your account.

First of all it’s worth noting that you don’t have to deposit funds to play the games – you can test the games on offer simply by signing up to the site. If and when you do decide to deposit your hard earned cash into your 21 Nova casino games wallet, you’ll realise that there are multiple was to do so. Neteller, Ukash and Paypal all work as prepay options, but be aware that since you’re hopefully going to be cashing out, you’re going to want to link your account to something that accept funds as well as donating them. You can also make deposits in the form of credit cards, though because of the administrative hassle this causes you’re incentivised not to do this. Unlike many casino sites, online casino 21 Nova offers payment method bonuses to everyone – people who pay by credit card simply get a much smaller bonus than those using pretty much anything else.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, you should be aware that there is a 4 day pending period on any withdrawal. After that there is a period when your withdrawal will be processed according to the 21 Nova Casino payout policy.

21 Nova Casino Payout Policy

Once your 4 day pending period is complete, you can claim you payout in a huge number of ways. The method you choose will affect how quickly you receive your winnings, with the fastest and slowest options varying between a day and almost a month. On top of this, the time it will take to receive your funds will also will vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to whether or not you have VIP status on the site.

Here are a list of your payout options according to the 21 Nova Casino payout policy, along with their approximate payout time:

  • Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, ClickAndBuy, InstaDebit, ECO Account. There is a processing time of 24 hours for prepaid accounts
  • Visa or EntroPay with a. There is a processing time of 4 to 7 business days with credit cards
  • Web Money, Local Bank Transfer, Bank Draft Express. There is a processing time of 2 or more business days for bank transfers
  • Bank Draft. There is a processing time of 14 and 21 days for bank drafts

Fortunately there is no limit on the amount which can be withdrawn – the only condition here is that there is a maximum withdrawal size of £9,000. If you win the jackpot and wish to withdraw the lot, your statement will simply show a number of £9,000 transactions.

21 Nova Casino Online Review Pros & Cons

As with any casino, there are several pros and cons to using 21 Nova Casino. In order to keep things as simple as possible, we’ve separated this as simple as possible, we’ve separated this out into two easy lists for you to follow.


  • 21 Nova Casino is owned by the highly reputable William Hill Group
  • There are multiple tiers of welcome bonuses, there are return deposit bonuses and bonuses for referring a friend
  • All payment methods come with deposit bonuses – even credit cards
  • There is a comp point loyalty scheme known as CLUB21
  • There are enough payment and withdrawal options to keep everyone happy
  • There is a 24 hour toll-free support line and a Live Chat client available for customer support


  • There is no mobile app
  • The browser version of 21 Nova online is Flash based, which means that it won’t run on an iPhone and probably won’t be supported for much longer.
  • Withdrawing funds can take quite some time if you’re not a VIP member
  • There are different wagering requirements for bonuses based on your local currency

21 Nova Reviews In Summary

All in all, A review of 21 Nova Casino shows that it comes with a hearty recommendation. This is a casino which knows what it’s good at, and plays to its strengths. With a watertight games library from Playtech Software and enough bonuses to incentivise almost any gambler, 21 Nova casino is certainly an attractive looking platform. The fact that it’s owned, operated and fully supported by William Hill only adds to the appeal.

As impressive as the loyalty (and other) bonuses are, the biggest downside to using 21 Nova online as your casino of choice is their considerable lack of mobile offerings – something which really holds the casino back in a time when app based gambling is becoming more and more popular. Were William Hill Group to remedy this, either by releasing a mobile app or by moving away from Flash based gaming, the 21 Nova’s rating would be considerably higher. Make no mistake though – 21 Nova already comes very highly rated. If you’re looking for a casino brand that you can trust, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your desktop PC, 21 Nova is well worth a look – since you can try their games without depositing any cash, you can even try before you buy into 21 Nova.

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Rate & Comment
  • 21 Nova is really great to look at. Whenever I play I am instantly drawn in to how attractive it is. I really like the loyalty scheme CLUB21 with which you can get comp points. This is a really fun way to play. I really like 21 Nova and although it is a little different to the big sites that I’ve played before I really think I could get used to it.

  • I’m not a VIP member which means that it can take quite a while for my funds to be withdrawn. There is however loads of different ways you can deposit and withdraw which is really helpful as a lot of other sites only use ways that I’ve never heard of rather than via Paypal or Skrill. There are so many great games on the site too which is always a good thing.

  • 21 Nova really isn’t great for those of us who have iPhones. I can’t play a lot of the games on my mobile because of the flash player which is really disappointing. This and the fact that there is no mobile app really make the whole thing go downhill in my books. I don’t want to just play on my desktop, I want to be able to play on the go and so 21 Nova just isn’t quite the site for me.

  • I really love playing on 21 Nova on my desktop. The site is super easy to use and there’s a load of games to suit everyone’s tastes. This is easily one of my favourite sites to play on. The only problem I have with it is the fact that I can’t play on my iPhone and my husband can’t play on his Mac. Soon as that changes, it’ll easily be a 5/5.

  • I absolutely adore playing comic book themed games – I’m a little bit of a Marvel & DC geek. The fact that 21 Nova has so many of these themed slot machines is amazing. I can feed my comic book addiction with my love of slot machines, and be in with a chance of winning money. What could be better?!

  • Loads of payment and withdrawal options, owned by a company that I know that I can trust and rely on, and CLUB21 is just great – I can get so many loyalty points from just playing the games I love. It’s a shame that I can’t play on my mobile, but honestly I’m pretty busy during the day so having to use my desktop really isn’t an issue for me. I had a couple of issues which the friendly customer service team sorted really quickly – the fact that they are available 24/7 is so great. There are so many sites where this isn’t a possibility and they’ve really let me down before. I’ve been with 21 Nova for a while and definitely plan on sticking with it.

  • I love sites that aren’t overcrowded and in your face, and 21 Nova’s minimalist look was exactly what I was after. I’m not a slots player by nature, I’m more of a blackjack and roulette kinda gal, and it certainly caters for everything I could want. The fact that there are so many varied versions of roulette is brilliant and the live casino really caters for everything I need. Really happy with 21 Nova, and I’m considering joining the loyalty scheme.

  • I think that’s Nova 21 casino is a really good casino, has a great selection of games, and they provide a great service. When had problem with depositing my money and I contacted them they answered automatically and couldn’t be more helpful.

    Very impressed with their level of customer service I only wished that more online casinos were like Nova 21 casino.

  • 21 Nova casino is a great online casino and I wouldn’t want to play my games on any other site. As a big fan of online blackjack games I am very impressed with the different options that they provide from those who are beginners at blackjack to even offering a multi-player version of blackjack. And when I get bored of those games I can happily play some of the arcade game they offer my favourite is bingo as it’s so simple and fun.

  • 21 Nova casino is one of the few rare online casinos that offer their customers more than just the average slots and classic table games. They offer their customers a much wider choice of games including craps, casino hold’em, sic bo and even pai gow. I haven’t tried all the games yet but they are definitely on my list to play. I first joined 21 Nova casino as they were offering the best promotions as well as free spins on slots games and I am glad that I choose them. Very happy and loyal customer.

  • There’s a really big selection of slots games on the site which are really fun to play. The only thing I wish was that the withdrawal process was a little bit quicker as it took 5 days to get my withdrawal, although this isn’t unbearable. There’s a decent amount of live gaming options too which are equally as fun to play.

  • With 21 Nova you don’t just get an initial promotional bonus but get a second one too, then the bonuses are still carried out and they are far more generous than other online casino.
    They have a great range and selection of games and their site is very clearly laid out. They are also very prompt when answering any problems or queries.

  • 21Nova is a great site with really fun software (Playtech). I was really happy when I started playing this casino. The site is really easy to operate and navigate around too, with a really nice menu design. This is a really impressive site to look at and to play on too.

  • I love this site, they have such a good welcome bonus and the software that they use is so much fun to play on how could I ever have a complaint?! The games are great and the Playtech stuff they have is amazing too. Super happy that I joined this site.

  • 21 Nova casino is casino with only Playtech software, but I was pretty happy to get on board for this casino, because they have very decent welcome bonus and they have a great selection of games, very impressed.

  • I often find myself on 21 Nova during my downtime. The interface is friendly and easy regardless of whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. I’m particularly fond of the marvel and star wars themed games, they keep me coming back for more. 21 Nova is a great website that rewards the loyalty of their customers.

  • 21 nova casino is casino with only Playtech software, but I was pretty happy to get on board for this casino, because they have very decent welcome bonus.

  • I joined this site because it is highly reputable and it has to be said that I haven’t found an awful review about it anywhere. 21 Nova is a really fun site to play on and the comp loyalty scheme is absolutely brilliant! I can get so many comp points from all of the games that I love to play so I really have no complaints.

  • 21 Nova Casino is such a fantastic site. It really is a casino that you can trust, and I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a problem, whether it’s technical or customer based. It’s run by a Playtech Software and is part of the William Hill Group which means that you can truly rely on it. Fantastic site that I would recommend to all of my friends.

  • I feel safe knowing that 21 Nova Casino is owned by a big established company. It also has loads of different payment and withdrawal methods and a 24 hour live chat. The huge range of games keeps me busy for way to long and I can’t seem to stop playing. As you can probably tell by my review, this is my new favourite online casino.

  • 21 Nova have provided an online casino catering for both new and experienced players of all levels. With an abundance of bonuses and promotions you are thoroughly spoilt. I also like the fact that 21 Nova is linked to William Hill so I feel a lot more comfortable depositing larger amounts if I’m feeling lucky. Altogether my review for 21 Nova is that it is a friendly, well thought out online casino perfect for everyone.

  • 21 Nova Casino is visually stunning and when I play I am instantly drawn into how attractive it is. I love 21 Nova’s loyalty scheme CLUB21 with which you can get comp points. I love 21 Nova Casino and although it is a little different to the big sites that I’ve played before I really think I could get used to it.

  • Having read all of the 21 nova reviews i thought i’d give the slots ago, found that there wasn’t much choice and was very male orientated although i did enjoy playing Sunset Beach so will definitely use the site again.

  • I really love playing on 21 Nova casino on my desktop. I absolutely adore playing comic book themed games and I’m glad that 21 Nova has so many of these themed slot machines.

  • Not too keen on 21 Nova casino as i love to play whilst out and about. The games on offer are okay but to be honest i think you can get better from other online casinos.

  • Really good! I get bored kind of easily so the amount of games definitely kept me coming back and I really like the deposit options. I get nervous using my credit card when I’m playing games so I used paypal, which just saves me a ton of stress. Plus, I finally learned how to play poker! Definitely one of the best sites I’ve used.

  • I should have known 21 Nova Casino was owned by William Hill as I use both and have never had any issues with their service. If you refer your friends you also get a bonus so why not get all your mates involved? I love 21 Nova Casino for allowing me to play safely too.

  • I’ve played a whole host of games and I would say some of my favourite ones can be found on 21 Nova. If you refer people you get bonuses as Jumbo Jimmy has mentioned before me, so it’s a great place to play communally. I won’t be going anywhere else!

  • Upon playing 21 Nova i just had to make a review about how impressed I was with the welcome bonus of 320% up to £320 minimum deposit of £10. 21 Nova is really nice colourful good graphics, a great variety of games, om loving the new Cat in Vegas. Overall review 21 Nova offers a VIP Club treatment to those who deserve being the most loyal customers so expect to be look after with red carpet treatment. With 24/7 support and friendly staff to chat with should you ever need help or assistance.

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