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Scratch cards have been popular since their inception in 1970s America, and continue to please the masses to this day. The draw of the instant win makes scratch cards a preferable option compared with lotteries, which are invariably drawn at a later date. They are often far cheaper than other forms of gambling too, opening them up to a broader range of customers. Since 2010, it has been possible to play with virtual scratch cards online, with prizes and cash available to winners.

Best Deal Casinos work to find you the top mobile scratch card games from the most reputable online casinos in the UK; from classic scratch cards to innovative new twists on the formula, we can help you discover dozens of the most entertaining games on the market.

Mobile scratch cards

More recently, mobile scratch cards have taken off, with many available on applications that can be downloaded on to phones and tablets, both via iOS and Android. These are popular games due to their portability; they can be played anywhere with an internet connection. Best Deal Casinos can find you huge numbers of mobile scratch card games to play, via a number of online casinos. Whether playing for cash or just for fun, we offer unbeatable access to a large number of exciting instant win games, many of which have large cash prizes to be won.

How to use mobile scratch cards

As the name suggests, mobile scratch card games are online forms of the traditional instant win game cards, specifically played on tablets and mobile phones. They have been around for several years, but have only fairly recently gathered momentum in the popularity stakes. Mobile scratch cards were some of the first games introduced on to mobile casino apps due to their user-friendly simplicity and their ability to be created using low-tech graphics. These early examples of mobile scratch card games have since, of course, been transformed into high tech gaming heaven with incredible graphics and touch screen capability. These factors combined make for easy, tactile, and interactive game play at its very best.

The games themselves are easy to navigate and understand (though it is important to always check the rules, just to be on the safe side); you will usually find nine boxes to scratch off, underneath which are hidden symbols. Match three identical symbols and you are a winner – you can scratch the boxes off individually, or reveal them all in one go for a more fast-paced experience.

Mobile scratch cards – smartphones v tablets

The most frequently used device for mobile scratch cards is the smartphone; as such, many casinos have tailored their games to suit the smartphone screen. This method of play is often popular due to its ease of use as well as its portability – mobile casino applications can be accessed and utilised any time, day or night, and in any place that has an internet connection. The games are basic in their outlay, though this has the advantage of leaving the gameplay screen free from other distractions.

Conversely, versions of mobile scratch cards that are available on tablet devices are rather more advanced. Due to their larger screens, tablet gaming is able to offer more features for your money. Mobile casino applications have invested a lot of time, effort, and money in creating mobile scratch cards for tablets that incorporate greater visuals. Of course, the premise of the games are the same as those played on smartphones. Tablets are also a very portable way to enjoy gaming, though they do not offer quite the same level of discretion as a smartphone, due to their increased size.

Playing online scratch card games for free

Many online casinos offer a free play mode that is invariably used to get a feel for the game that you are interested in playing before betting real money. Mobile scratch cards may be one of the more basic forms of gambling, but it is still useful to play a few games in free play mode. You may even decide that the game is not for you, which is better to learn before betting a stake in a cash game! In order to play for free, you will most likely still be required to set up an account. While this may seem inconvenient for the privilege of playing for free, it saves time in the long run as, if you later decide to play for cash, you only need to log in, rather than sign up. For the most part, any online casino that can be accessed via a PC or laptop will have a mobile counterpart and you will only need one account to access either application. If you’ve previously signed up online, you will only need to log in once you have downloaded the mobile application on to your preferred device.

Playing online scratch card games for real money

Once you’ve signed up and familiarised yourself with your mobile scratch card game of choice, you may decide to start playing for real money. This option requires you to first make a deposit into your account using your bank card. This deposit then becomes credit that you can use to bet stakes on scratch card games. Any winnings will be banked into the same credit account. You will be able to request a withdrawal from your credit balance at any time, which will be transferred back to your card once approved. The amounts you bet are entirely up to you, though it is worth starting off with smaller amounts and it is important to only bet within your means.

Top tips for playing scratch card games online

Here are our top five tips for playing mobile scratch card games:

1. Bet within your means

Never be tempted to spend more money than you can afford to lose; scratch cards are entirely a game of chance and there is no way of guaranteeing a win, so money can just as easily be lost as won.

2. Play with friends

Playing in company is likely to encourage more sensible gameplay than gambling alone. It is, of course, also a fun pastime, particularly if you are all using the same online casino at the same time.

3. Never mix intoxicants with gambling

Indulging in alcohol impairs your judgment, so it is important not to gamble while under the influence.

4. Always check the rules before you play

Rules can vary between one casino (or indeed one game) and another, so it is always wise to check out the terms before you play a specific game. This way there can be no nasty surprises.

5. Enjoy yourself!

The whole point of playing games like scratch cards is to have fun; if it stops being fun, stop playing, particularly if you are playing for cash, rather than in free play mode.

Key terms to remember

Before you play any online gambling game, it is important to familiarise yourself with some of the words and phrases that you are likely to encounter during gameplay. Scratch card games may not be very complicated, but it is still worthwhile to take the time to learn the following terms to avoid any mistakes or misunderstanding while you play.

  • Freeplay

Freeplay is as it sounds – you are able to try out the game without having to bet any real money. These are played just for fun and do not offer any real prizes of cash value. Free games may also referred to as ‘demo play’ on some scratch card sites. Most online casino sites will still require that you create an account and log in before you play a free game, but you should not be asked to make any cash deposit.

  • Real money games

Another self-explanatory term, real money games are those that can only be played once a cash bet has been placed. Real money games provide the opportunity to win cash prizes. Prior to playing, an account must be created and a cash deposit made. Real money games can only be played for as long as credit is available.

  • Cashier

The cashier is where you manage your account, make deposits and withdraw money.

  • Max bet

The max (maximum) bet option allows you to set the highest possible stake according to your available credit.

  • Credit

Credit is the amount of money you have left in your account. You can add more credit by making additional deposits. Your winnings will be added to your credit balance.

  • Autoplay

Autoplay is a feature that allows you to automatically make duplicate bets until your credit runs out. You may return to manual betting at any time.

About Best Deal Casinos

We have an extensive directory of casinos which feature online scratch card games and are able to help you to quickly and conveniently access sites that offer the sort of games you would like to play. This assistance is available any time of day or night. We are forever updating our listings to reflect the very best in British casinos at any given moment.

Our listings contain overviews of the key features for each particular casino with secure links that you can trust to take you directly to the games. We can save you cash by helping you to take advantage of any available introductory offers and online bonuses with our useful comparison tool that also highlights the best value casinos in the UK. Additionally, we provide listings of all the latest games available to play, as well as old favourites; these are all regularly updated to maintain our reputation as a fresh and exciting company to use.

Finding the best casino

When choosing which casino to play mobile scratch card games with, it is important to look for reputable sites. Searching via Best Deal Casinos guarantees safe UK-only casinos, taking the stress out of finding a secure site. Another thing to remember when searching for your ideal casino is that some offer more high quality and high tech gameplay than others. If in doubt, spent some time playing games for free before making any decisions that cost money.

Scratch Cards In The News

Sales of national lottery scratchcards now account for a quarter of all Camelot’s revenue. The lottery operator published biannual figures showing total sales of £3.26bn, up almost 20% despite the intense pressure on consumer spending elsewhere.

Scratchcards are the most popular form of gambling in Britain after lottery draws, according to a three-yearly survey carried out last year. The survey also suggested that the appeal of scratchcards was strongest among younger customers.

A Word On Responsible Gambling

Scratch cards, whether physical or virtual, are a form of gambling. Whilst they may appear harmless to begin with they can, as with any form of gambling, create problems if users are unable to stop. Despite being a relatively cheap form of gambling, amounts can add up if users are not careful and you are always advised not to get into any debt for the sake of gambling.